‘The Woman In The Wall’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Lorna’s Daughter?


The first two episodes of The Woman In The Wall made us privy to what had happened in the town of Kilkinure back in the day and how the flag bearers of religion and faith had ruined the lives of so many innocent women. The convent had turned into a laundry, and it was wreaking havoc on the lives of these young mothers, torturing them and telling them they had sinned. The worst part was that nobody could even lift a finger against them. After Detective Akande was given the case of the death of Father Percy he had realized that things were not as simple as it seemed and there were a lot of different angles in this mystery. Akande was a determined man, and he knew that he wouldn’t stop unless he found the truth. So let’s find out what happened in the third episode and if Detective Akande is able to get closer to the truth. 

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What Had Aoife Told Clemence?

At the end of the previous episode, we saw that Clemence had fallen in her bedroom, and David had rushed to check on his sister. Clemence died, leaving Lorna Brady stranded in the dark. She had told Lorna that they would meet, and she would tell her what information Aoife Cassidy had given her. Now, Lorna didn’t know what to do or where to look for her baby. Lorna went to David to express her condolences when he revealed to her that Clemence’s daughter was still alive. He showed her the picture that Aoife had given to Clemence to prove that she was not lying about that fact.

Seeing Clemence’s daughter in the photograph once again, Lorna’s hopes were raised. She speculated that maybe Aoife knew about each and every child, and she was trying to reach out to every mother who was there in the convent and give them information about the whereabouts of their babies. Aoife was a nun at the convent, but she didn’t align with the the ideologies of the fathers and nuns working there and she saw that whatever was happening was not right. She must have seen what kind of demon Father Percy was, but still, she couldn’t help the poor women because she herself was too scared. Maybe she tried to convince Father Percy after all these years to at least inform the mothers if their babies were alive or not, and probably that meeting didn’t go too well, and they ended up having an altercation of sorts. Aoife was still scared of an adoption organization called the House of the Holy Shepherd.

When Akande checked the records, he found out that the organization had shut down even before Aoife had gotten enlisted in the convent as a nun back in the mid-eighties. But apparently, according to Dara, Aoife’s husband, they were still operating from behind the curtains, and they had such power that people were scared to speak against them. Detective Akande knew that he would have to find out who these perpetrators were and if they had any role to play in Father Percy’s death.

What Happened To Lorna’s Daughter?

Olivia, Aoife’s daughter, came to Lorna to ask her if she knew anything about her mother. Lorna was a bit taken aback, as she was not prepared to face the daughter of the woman she had killed. Olivia and Lorna figured out that it could have been possible that Aoife was storing all the evidence, like the photograph she gave to Clemence, in one place. Lorna had an intuition that Aoife could have hidden evidence in that same abandoned house where she had taken Michael in the previous episode of The Woman In The Wall. She went there, and she found out that she was right.

Aoife had kept envelopes with the names of her mothers written on them. She would have planned that one by one, she would approach each and every woman and tell them about what had happened to her baby and, in a way, get salvation from her sins. Lorna opened her envelope and found a death certificate inside it. Agnes Brady had succumbed to her illness, and Lorna was shattered to know that her daughter wasn’t alive. The poor soul had died due to shivering, and Lorna realized that she was better off not knowing the truth. For years, Lorna wanted to know where her daughter was, and she always imagined that one day, she would come back to her and be happy again. All those dreams shattered in front of Lorna’s eyes, and we don’t know how she would be able to cope with that trauma henceforth. Probably now, Lorna would go after the perpetrators and make sure that the murderers of her daughter did not go unpunished.

What Did Akande Find Out About Lorna?

Akande had seen the CCTV camera footage in The Woman In The Wall Episode 2, and though he could not conclusively prove it, he knew that it was Lorna Brady. He needed others to testify because Sergeant Aiden was just not cooperating with him, and he was just trying to protect every woman living in that town. Aiden was a generous man, and he knew what those women had gone through back in the day. Akande got mad at him for getting in the way of the investigation, but he said that those women had already gone through hell, and now that he didn’t want to traumatize them even more. But Akande was resolute, and he knew that he was not going to stop unless and until he knew the truth. Akande got a breakthrough when, after a fight with Lorna, Amy came and told him that she had seen Lorna put Father Percy’s car on fire. Akande now had a witness, which meant that he could open a formal inquiry against Lorna and interrogate her.

A man named Seamus had seen Aoife getting into a taxi on the night she was murdered. There was only one taxi service in Kilkinure owned by a man named John Farrell. Detective Akande went to talk to him, and John told him that he had dropped both Aoife and Lorna off at the latter’s place that night. Akande believed maybe after killing Father Percy, Aoife came to town and asked Lorna to help her hide for a few days. But what he wasn’t able to decipher was why Lorna would help her when she was also a part of the organization that had put the women through torture. It didn’t cross Akande’s mind that Lorna could have killed Aoife, and so, to get to the truth of the matter, he decided to go to Lorna’s house in the hope of finding some evidence there. Lorna was not home, and Akande broke the lock and went inside.

Lorna came back to her house, and she realized that Akande was there. She didn’t act surprised, and Akande felt a bit strange at how casually she was reacting. Lorna showed Akande the death certificate of her daughter and finally confessed to him that she had killed Aoife. Lorna has been hallucinating and all of a sudden she started to feel like someone was knocking from behind the walls. She became paranoid and confessed in front of Akande that Aoife’s dead body was behind the walls. She brought her axe and broke the wall, and that’s where another twist came into the scheme of things.

In The Woman In The Wall Episode 3’s ending, we saw that Aoife’s body was not there, as Lorna stood there in disbelief, not being able to comprehend what had happened. There could be a myriad of possibilities for what would have happened with Aoife, and probably, Lorna was just hallucinating and hadn’t really killed her. It is to be taken into account that we never saw Lorna killing Aoife, and she had just woken up to find her in one of her bedrooms, and presumed that she had killed her. Maybe it was the house of the sacred shepherd who got to her and killed her because they knew that Aoife was going to uncover the truth. With the disappearance of Aoife’s body, the mystery had become even more convoluted, and in the upcoming episodes, Detective Akande is going to have a hard time connecting the dots and finding out what was really happening in the town of Kilkinure.

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