‘The Woman In The Wall’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Eileen Lie To Akande?


In the first episode of The Woman in the Wall, we saw that Father Percy had been killed by someone, and there was a dead body of a woman that had appeared out of nowhere in Lorna’s house. Lorna had no recollection of what had happened to her after she got drunk in that bar. She had woken up in her house and found a woman lying in one of the rooms. Let’s find out if Lorna is able to find out who the woman was and if detective Akande gets any closer to solving the mystery of Father Percy’s death.

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Who Was The Dead Woman At Lorna’s House? 

Lorna Brady didn’t know who that woman was whose dead body she had hidden behind her walls. She took the woman’s mobile, and she saw a message from a person named Dara on it. Lorna started talking to the man, and she came to know that the dead woman’s name was Aoife. Lorna didn’t let the man know that she was not Aoife, and she asked him to meet her so that she could tell him everything in person. But before Dara could send her the time and place, the mobile got discharged, and she realized that she didn’t have a charger for it at home. Lorna rushed to a nearby store, where she bumped into Sergeant Aiden and Detective Akande, who had come to the shop to take a look at the CCTV footage so that they could find the person who had set Father Sheehan’s car on fire.

Lorna got paranoid as she knew that she would have been captured by the camera, and if the police officers saw the footage, it wouldn’t take them time to connect the dots. Also, Lorna had a dead body lying inside her house, and she couldn’t let the police officers get suspicious of her. Lorna, seeing that nobody was looking at her, spilled something on the machine, and the screen stopped working. Though Akande and Aiden were not able to go through the footage, it was just a matter of time until the shopkeeper got his machine repaired and showed them everything. Lorna went to meet Dara at a bar, and there she came to know that the man was Aoife’s husband, and he was searching for his missing wife. Dara also gave Lorna a vital piece of information when he told her that his wife was searching for a woman named Clemence.

Now, Clemence was the woman who was in the Kilkinure convent with Lorna, and even her baby had been taken away from her. Lorna realized that it was possible that the letter she had received from Aoife was for Clemence and not her. Before Lorna could ask anything else from Dara, Aiden and Akande arrived at the scene to take him under arrest, as they had found CCTV camera footage in which Dara was seen driving Father Percy’s car, which made him a prime suspect in the murder case. Lorna didn’t tell Dara that the dead body of his wife was lying behind the walls in her house, though after talking to Lorna for a few minutes, Dara realized that there was something extremely fishy in the way she was behaving. Had the police officers not arrived there, Dara would have definitely not let Lorna escape before getting to know where his wife was.

What Had Happened Between Lorna And Clemence At The Convent?

The Woman in the Wall episode 2, made us privy to what had happened between Lorna and Clemence back in the day when they were together in that god-forsaken convent where they were being subjected to all sorts of mental and physical torture. The “fallen women” (the term used to address women like Lorna in such laundries) were told repetitively that they had sinned, and if they followed the orders and did as they were told, then maybe one day they would attain salvation and they would be allowed to go back home with their babies. Lorna and Clemence had planned to escape from the convent with their babies, but Lorna told everything to the Mother Superior. Fear was an instrument that was often put to good use by the nuns and fathers in the convent. Oppression is the term that is generally used to define the things the mothers were made to go through in the name of God. Lorna probably got scared at the last moment, and she must have been brainwashed by the nuns, who were quite persuasive in their approach.

Lorna was told that she would get to be with her baby if she told them the truth, and obviously, it was merely a ploy to know what Clemence was up to. But as soon as Lorna betrayed Clemence, she realized that she had committed the biggest mistake of her life. Lorna was given a medal as she had apparently taken the righteous path and told the nuns about Clemence, but even after that, the authorities made sure that she never met her baby.

Lorna met Clemence once again, and this time, she apologized to her and told her that, to this day, she felt guilty for what she had done. Clemence was not in a state to talk, but she told Lorna that she had met Aoife and that she would tell her whatever she had been told. Lorna’s eyes glistened with hope, and she told Clemence to meet her the day after. At the end of The Woman in the Wall Episode 2, David, Clemence’s brother, heard a loud thud from upstairs, and he ran to see that Clemence was lying on the floor. Lorna was unaware of this development, but if something happens to Clemence, we fear that Lorna will never know what information Aoife wanted to give her.

Why Was Eileen Lying To Detective Akande?

Detective Akande was trying to understand why Sergeant Aiden and others were concealing information from him. He knew that every city and every town have its own sensibilities and ways of doing things, but there were a few things here that were just not adding up. Aiden had told him that they were a close-knit community and that news travels fast, but still, nobody was ready to speak against the atrocities committed by the church on these innocent women. The head office in Dublin confirmed the identity of the man who was driving Father Percy’s car, and that’s when Akande and Aiden went to the bar to catch Dara O’Halloran. Dara told him that the person sitting next to him in the car was his wife, Aoife and that she had nothing to do with Father Percy’s murder.

Dara confessed that he was the one who had killed the Father, but it didn’t take long for Akande to find out that he was not speaking the truth and was probably trying to save his wife. Dara told Akande about Lorna, and since he didn’t know her name, he tried to tell the police officers how she looked. Akande started looking into the matter, and he decided that since she worked at the convent, he would have to go and talk to somebody who knew about her. That’s when, in The Woman in the Wall Episode 2, Akande met the shrewd sister Eileen, who was the Mother Superior back when Aoife was working there. Eileen told Akande very clearly that their convent was not what he thought it to be, and the picture that had been painted by a few people in society was just to tarnish their image. Eileen told her that Aoife was a troubled woman and she hadn’t completed her process of becoming a nun, so logically, she wasn’t a sister. Akande did not refrain from asking the tough questions, and Eileen was rather taken aback by his bluntness. Eileen had the audacity to say that they were a non-profit organization that made sure that all the women who were sent there by their families were taken care of.

Obviously, Akande wasn’t able to get any sort of information from Eileen, as according to her narrative, she and Father Percy only had noble intentions and were just working for the welfare of the people. Akande, at the end of the episode, came across CCTV camera footage in which he could see Lorna Brady going towards Father Percy’s house, and we think that it has become clear to him that she was the one who had burned his car.  Detective Akande, after talking to sister Eileen, felt like his insides were killing him. He was also born in a mother and baby home, and to imagine that the women there underwent such brutality made him feel claustrophobic. We got a feeling that Akande was taking everything very personally and he wouldn’t stop unless and until he brought the truth to light and sent the perpetrators behind bars. 

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