‘The Woman in the Window’ Summary & Review – They’re All Hiding Something


The Woman in the Window directed by Joe Wright is a psychological thriller film released in the year 2020. It is based on the book by A.J. Finn of the same name published in 2018.

The Woman in the Window is a story about an agoraphobic woman, Anna Fox, living alone in an apartment in New York City. Anna is a child psychologist who becomes agoraphobic, i.e. afraid of going outside, after a tragic accident. She remains confined in the four walls of her house, watching thrillers and spying on her neighbors! 

“I’m Anna Fox. There are some things that need to be said about me. I have an anxiety disorder. I’m agoraphobic. I can’t go outside.”

Her house has a large window overlooking the society she lives in from where she observes her neighbors, their time of departure, their everyday chores, she knows all of it. She spends her time playing chess, talking to other agoraphobics online, and watching thrillers. To curb her depression and traumas she drinks and takes a lot of medications to help her recover. 

Everything was normal until a new family moved into an apartment across from her, the Russells. She meets the woman, Jane Russell, and finds herself quite comfortable in her company. They play chess, drink wine, and talk about their past. She also mentions her son, Ethan, and her husband, Alistair. Her life turns upside-down when she hears a scream and sees Jane getting stabbed in her house. Not knowing what to do, she calls 911 and sneaks out of her house in order to help her new friend, Jane. But due to her condition, she blacks out and finds herself in a hospital the next day. 

The Woman in the Window takes a sharp turn when she is told by the detective that no murder was performed on the night before and that the woman she met doesn’t exist. Nobody believes in her story, given that she is an alcoholic and one of the side effects of her medications, is hallucinations. But the most important evidence of it all, was nobody knew that woman she described and everyone was sure of her being on the wrong side.

Don’t go looking into other people’s houses. You won’t like what you see.”

Anna determined that what she saw actually happened, tries to investigate on her own but all in vain. Will she be able to find out who the killer is? Was she really hallucinating or that actually happened? 

This thriller, mystery movie has all the elements necessary to make the audience sit back on the edge of their seat. A woman: depressed, traumatic, alcoholic, alone, a murder, an unknown woman, and lots of suspense brimming all along. The screenplay and setting of the movie fill the air with mystery and horror. The dark house, the winter season, adds to the setting. Amy Adams, as Anna Fox has done a beautiful job, and looks quite convincing as an agoraphobic woman. 

Surely The Woman in the Window has lots to give in the end, which will make your mouth drop in shock.

The Woman in the Window is available on Netflix.

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