‘Thelma The Unicorn’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: What Message Does The Film Convey?


Netflix’s Thelma the Unicorn revolves around an adorable pony who dreams of making it big in the music industry. Thelma was a talented singer, and she had formed a music band, the Rusty Buckets, with her best friends, Otis (the donkey) and Reggie (the Llama). It was her dream to perform at Sparklepalooza, but unfortunately, according to the judges, she lacked the ‘it’ factor. She was just a regular pony, and that was not enough to impress the audience. After the failure, Otis tried to cheer up Thelma with a game of ‘Dungeons and Wagons’, and that was when Thelma came across the unicorn figurine. She was fascinated by the pink and white beauty, and one day she plastered a carrot on her forehead and pretended to be a unicorn. She was mesmerized by her own shadow, and magically, a truck carrying pink paint and sparkles went past the farm. A little misstep covered Thelma in the dye and sparkle, and she ended up looking like a magical unicorn. This was the beginning of Thelma’s journey from a regular pony to a rare unicorn.

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How did Vic Diamond separate Thelma from her friends?

People were captivated by Thelma’s appearance, and they could not get enough of the unicorn. Thelma refused to take the paint off because she believed this was the ‘it’ factor she had been searching for. She lied about being a real unicorn, though Otis warned her that she was making a mistake. Thelma did not care as long as she had the attention of her audience. Thanks to the internet, Thelma became a global sensation in an instant, and she was approached by legendary music producer Peggy Purvis. Peggy wanted to relaunch her career with Thelma; she saw great potential in her and believed she would be the next best thing in the music industry. Peggy did not care about Thelma’s appearance; all she was concerned about was the quality of the music they would create. Peggy and the Rusty Buckets spent days jamming together, and Thelma felt closer to her dream than ever before. 

All of a sudden, pop sensation Nikki Narwhal’s manager, Vic Diamond, contacted Peggy and asked her if Thelma and her band would be interested in opening a show for Nikki. While Peggy was against the idea, Thelma believed it would give them the exposure they needed. But as it turned out, Vic Diamond tricked Thelma and her team. Diamond launched a missile to stop Otis, Reggie, and Peggy from joining the show, and he encouraged Thelma to perform alone. Thelma was initially hesitant, but she decided she would not disappoint her fans and went ahead to perform solo. The audience was in love with Thelma, and Vic was certain that she was meant to become a pop icon. Vic Diamond resigned from being Nikki’s manager and decided to dedicate all his time to the new talent. Thelma did not realize that Vic had tricked her, and she assumed that her friends had betrayed her.

What resulted in Thelma’s fame?

Vic Diamond taught Thelma the basic principles of becoming famous. He did not think talent was enough to make it in the industry, and if Thelma had to sustain herself, she needed to pair up with someone who also had a fan following. He also decided to launch her perfume brand to keep the conversation going and to create hype around her. Vic chose VideoTubeTube megastar Danny Stallion to pair up with Thelma. He was known for saying the iconic phrase “Here comes the cud,” and the audience loved him. Even though she was not completely on board with the idea, she half-heartedly agreed to go along with the fake boyfriend plan. Thelma realized that Danny Stallion was also faking his personality to appeal to his audience. Thelma started promoting products with Danny, and instead of working on lyrics for her next song, Vic Diamond used an AI machine to come up with a song on cud. Thelma and Danny Stallion released their music video, and even though it lacked meaning and emotion, the audience loved it anyway. Thelma was living her dream, but somewhere deep down she missed spending time thinking about lyrics and expressing herself through her music. She had fame and money, but she lacked the sense of satisfaction that she had previously experienced.

Why did Thelma disappear?

Nikki Narwhal was furious about Thelma’s rising popularity, and she instructed her talent agent, Megan, to find dirt on Thelma. Megan employed a few people to throw eggs and dirt on Thelma during an event, and she took photographs of it to embarrass her. While going through the pictures, Megan realized that Thelma’s horn was fake, and all she needed was more evidence to prove to the world that Thelma was not a real unicorn. During a music video award, Thelma’s paint wore off a little, and Vic Diamond advised her to reapply the paint before going onstage.

Thelma was shocked when she realized that Megan had been hiding in one of the stalls in the bathroom to expose her. She had caught Thelma reapplying the paint, and she showed Thelma the photographs she had taken. Megan poured a bucket of water on Thelma, and all the pink paint came off. She recorded the entire incident and was about to upload it on the internet when Thelma stopped her. Thelma promised to completely disappear and begged Megan not to upload the video. Megan agreed to the deal, and Thelma left the show. Without her pink paint, sparkles, and horn, no one could recognize her, and she easily blended with the crowd. Her fans were disappointed, and the entire city started searching for the music icon.

What brought Thelma back to the stage?

Thelma ended up hitching a ride on the same truck that gave birth to her dream. The truck driver was worried that his wife would not accept his secret passion, but Thelma believed that if she loved him, she would accept everything about him. She encouraged him to confess the truth because it was better than living a lie. While advising him, Thelma realized she must also implement what she had just said into her life. She was running away from everyone who loved her simply because she did not have the courage to speak the truth. Thelma decided to take control of her life. Thelma reunited with her best friend Otis—even though she thought she did not deserve their love, they were more than happy to have her back in their lives. Thelma apologized for her absence and confessed that she had been a fool to think that becoming a unicorn would solve all her problems. Peggy and Reggie also accepted her back into their lives, and they helped Thelma get to Sparklepalooza to finally confess her truth to her fans. They managed to trespass into the venue, and even though Nikki and Megan tried to put up a fight, they ran out of luck.

In Thelma the Unicorn‘s ending, Thelma and her friends made it to the stage. Thelma was in her usual unicorn make-up, but she confessed that it was not who she was. She removed the fake horn and paint from her face to reveal that she was just an ordinary pony who had big dreams. The world made her believe that appearance mattered more than talent, and that was why she chose to become a unicorn. All she wanted was for people to give her music a chance, and she lied about herself to grab their attention. But she eventually felt guilty for betraying the trust of her audience. She hoped that her fans would continue to love and admire her for her talent and not because of her appearance. Through her performance, Thelma once again won the hearts of her audience. Thelma the Unicorn encourages its young audience to accept their authentic selves and be proud of who they are. It took Thelma to transform into a unicorn to realize that she needed to accept herself, and only then would the world happily embrace her.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni has worked as a film researcher on a government-sponsored project and is currently employed as a film studies teacher at a private institute. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies. Film History and feminist reading of cinema are her areas of interest.

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