‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ Ending, Explained – Who was the Masked Serial Killer?


The 2021 suspense thriller, There’s Someone Inside Your House, is directed by Patrick Brice and written by Henry Gayden. The film is an adaptation of the novel written by Stephanie Perkins of the same name.

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ Plot Summary

The film kicks straight into the action. Jackson, wearing a jacket from Osborn high school, enters his house while talking to his friend Macon. He puts an alarm and goes off to sleep only to find out that something is not right. The door was open, and he sensed that somebody had broken into his house. He goes inside again and finds out that his pictures have been stuck on the house’s walls. These pictures were of a night when something gruesome happened. Jackson had beaten another guy from his school named Caleb. He was left with a broken jaw and severe injuries. Nobody knew about it until this moment. Jackson goes to his wardrobe area, where he is attacked by an anonymous guy who is wearing a mask that resembles Jackson’s own face.

The masked guy kills him and, at the time, sends the video of the fateful night to the whole school. The secret is disclosed, and now the whole school knows about it. People think that because Caleb was gay, that is why he was subjected to such discrimination and brutality. Caleb never reported the incident, and now he feels even more ashamed to face the whole school, who would be a passing judgment about his sexuality. People suspect that Caleb might have hired a killer since he was in the Football match when the incident took place.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Who was Makani Young ? What was her Secret?

Makani, Alex, Zach, Rodrigo, and Darby are now worried. They know one thing that the killer killed Jackson and made sure that his secret was known to everyone. Makani goes back home, and while she is having a conversation with her grandma, we get to know the big secret. She had changed her identity after an incident that took place a few years back. She was in junior school, and some seniors started bullying her. They made her intoxicated, and under the influence, she pushed into the bonfire.

The girl survived but had severe burns. Makani was sent to a juvenile home, but even after serving her punishment, she was subjected to harassment and bullying. She ultimately decided to change towns, and that’s how she landed in Osborn high school. Makani is scared that once her real identity is revealed, her image will be tarnished once again, and this time the damage would be irreparable. She was also dating Ollie, an introverted guy who was branded as a sociopath by many. This, too, she hadn’t revealed that to her friends.

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Who was the Masked Serial Killer?

After Jackson, Katie was the next in line. She had saved a podcast where the notion of “white supremacy” was being discussed and also how there exists research work and data to prove that it is indeed reasonable and logical. There was speculation among the friends that Ollie was the culprit. His asocial behavior led everyone to develop a feeling of qualm against him. But little did the gang of friends know that the killer was among them laughing at their false assumptions.

Zach Sandford was the real killer. In the climax, Zach’s corn farm was set on fire. Ollie, Makani, with other friends reach there to save Zach. When they enter the corn maze, they find Zach standing there wearing a mask in front of his own father. He takes out his sword and pierces it inside his father. Makani and Ollie stand there dumbfounded, not able to process the course of things.

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ Ending Explained – Why did Zach kill everyone/his father?

Zach gives the reasoning behind his gruesome and terrifying acts of violence. He had been someone who was always scorned off for just being privileged. His father was among the most potent and opulent people in the town. But people treated him like it was his fault as he belonged to a privileged class. Zach wanted to show people that even they were two-faced and had a mask on their faces at all times. He wanted to show them that given an option, they also would want to be wealthy and privileged.

Zach says that he couldn’t shed off his family name from his identity. It was the accident of birth over which he had no control. But the victims whom he had killed always had the option of giving up their hypocrisy, but instead, they chose to put on a mask of pretentiousness and portray themselves to be morally upright.

Zach kills his father and thereby absolves his identity from his roots. Makani kills Zach in the end, who just fails to understand that he was the actual problem all along and not the ones whom he had killed.

In Conclusion

There’s Someone Inside Your House is a kind of film that tries to raise some critical questions but lacks the grooves and ridges in its narrative that are so essential to create a friction that holds the attention of the audience. Streaming on Netflix.

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