‘Thicker Than Water’ Season 2: What To Expect Next From Netflix 2023 Series?


Netflix’s 2023 series, “Thicker Than Water” makes us privy to a bunch of people who had been ostracized by society and had never been treated fairly. Some had taken up arms to show their resistance, while some had resorted to more legitimate means. But the thing that was made very clear from the first episode of the series was that the world was not going to treat everybody equally and that an individual had to fight for their own survival as nobody else was going to fight on their behalf. So, let’s figure out what the future has in store for Fara and what we can expect from the second season of “Thicker Than Water” (if there is one).

Fara Bentayab And Her Undying Resilience

A lot of people who met Fara for the first time always felt that she was the kind of woman who prioritized her career and her dreams over anything else in life, but that was a very superficial perception of her. If one knew Fara, one would know that she would sacrifice anything for the well-being of her family. At times, her own family members felt that she acted out of her own selfish interests and always looked out for herself, but that was not true. Yes, Fara wanted to achieve great heights in her career, but for her, her family superseded everything else in life. Fara knew that as soon as her news channel got wind that she was Selim’s sister, they would throw her out of the organization, and all the hard work that she had done over the course of eight years would amount to nothing. But still, she took the risk and meddled in all sorts of shady and suspicious affairs just so that her brother could come home to them.

Fara had the option to live a pretentious life and forget about her roots, but her conscience didn’t allow her to do that. She was proud of her identity, and she didn’t have any inferiority complex just because she belonged to the minority and came from a particular heritage. Just like she had no qualms about her femininity, and she never considered it to be her weakness.

Fara, contrary to her sisters, didn’t mind making her hands dirty to get what she wanted. Fara had always had to struggle for whatever she wanted in life. She wanted to be a news presenter, and her company had made her wait for eight long years, yet they disrespected her body of work by choosing an amateur instead of her for the position. Fara knew that the world was an unfair place, and at times, you had to fight to get what was yours and show the people what you were made of. Fara might have been a champion journalist, and she would have fought the entire system single-handedly, but she was also terrified to deal with dangerous gangsters like Oumar. She knew that one wrong step, and he would condemn her to a similar fate as his enemies. Fara knew that if she had to save her brother and get her family out of the mess, then she would have to take certain risks and not get paranoid in the wake of danger. Fara was almost killed when Oumar found out that she had conspired with Samuel and laid a trap for him. But she used her presence of mind and came out of that situation.

Fara and her sisters showed a lot of mettle, considering they were not hardened criminals who did all that on a daily basis. She stood up against the authorities and people like Oumar and took what was theirs. The girls had realized that they were each other’s strengths and that they could only achieve what they wanted if they stood united. Maybe they had learned how important it was to stand up for one’s own cause by seeing Fara, who had been thrown off course time and again, but she didn’t take time to gather herself and once again, come back to the battlefield with even more vigor and determination.

‘Thicker Than Water’ Season 2: What To Expect Next?

There was still a lot to figure out and a lot of battles to be fought before the Bentayab sisters could live their lives without hassle. Though Netflix has not yet confirmed if there will be a season 2 of “Thicker Than Water” or not, we can speculate that the danger for Fara and her sisters is still not over, and leading into another season, they would have to deal with a lot of other things. It is to be taken into account that Fara still has the drug shipment in her possession, as she knew that it was the only thing that could give her some leverage over the predators who were waiting to take revenge and devour her and her family. She knew that she was treading on thin ice, but at that point, she didn’t see any other options to safeguard the interests of her family. 

Fara realized that Oumar was just a middleman who was holding the consignment for the bigger sharks of the ocean. She knew that if someone like Oumar could prove to be so dangerous, then the masterminds of the entire operation could probably do far greater damage. We don’t know for how long Fara will be able to keep the drug stash in her possession because, where they lived, news traveled fast, and people would eventually get to know about what she had been up to. The biggest problem that Fara would have to encounter in “Thicker Than Water” season 2 was that neither the underworld nor the police trusted her anymore, and she knew that she was on her own. But knowing Fara, we know that no matter how bad the situation gets, she will always find a way out and be there to protect her family.

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