‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending – What Are Chan Young’s Final Wishes?


Mi Jo has decided to cancel her sabbatical trip to the USA and stay back in Korea to take care of her sick friend. Previously, in “Thirty-Nine,” we saw Chan Young refusing to get treatment for her cancer. Mi Jo has stopped trying to convince her to get treated and has decided to keep her happy and healthy instead. Let’s find out how Mi Jo’s changed sabbatical is working out for her and Chan Young.

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Will Su Won Get Back On The Right Track?

We know from the past episodes of “Thirty-Nine” that Mi Jo has been suffering from anxiety, and that is why she wanted to go to the USA, to get some rest. She has been visiting a therapist for her anxiety issues. She tells the doctor that she has been getting fewer panic attacks since she focused on Chan Young and her well-being. It seems like Mi Jo has lost interest in everything. She has many achievements, but she is not happy with her life. She has no more ambition left in life after achieving everything she wanted. She is likely going through an early midlife crisis. Chan Young has given her something to look forward to every day. The doctor suggests she remember the good times with Chang Young rather than worry about what’s to happen in the future.

Mi Jo visits the subway station where she first met Chan Young and finds Chan Young there as well. Chan Young is there to remember the good times as well. They decide to visit Chan Young’s parents in Yangpyeong. They went and had lunch with them, but Chan Young couldn’t tell them the truth. However, her mother had sensed that something was wrong with Chan Young. Chan Young is worried, not only about her parents’ reaction but also about who will take care of them after she is gone, as she is their only child. Mi Jo assures her that she and Joo Hee will always take care of them like their own daughters.

While returning from the nightclub, Mi Jo and her friends spot Seon Woo outside a brothel, pleading with a girl to come with him. Seon Woo sees Mi Jo but leaves, his eyes swollen from crying. Mi Jo lets him go but asks about it the next day. The girl from the brothel was Seon Woo’s adopted sister, Su Won. She had run away from the USA after their mom died. She was the reason Seon Woo came back to Korea. She pretended to live a humble life, and hence, Seon Woo was shocked to find her at the brothel. She was adopted by his family when she was young, but now she has pulled herself away from their family. Seon Woo tries to convince her to leave the brothel and live with him. Even though they were not biological siblings, they were raised by the same mother. He requests her to come back for their mother’s sake.

Although Su Won doesn’t go back with him on the same night, she thinks about what Seon Woo said about their mother. After thinking about it all night, she visits Seon Woo in the clinic the next day. She declares to him that she has stopped working at the brothel and she has enough money to not live with him. Seon Woo is relieved by her decision and is happy to get his sister back.

Why Does Joo Hee Quit Her Job?

Seon Woo has planned a dinner night with Su Won and Mi Jo, but his father appears all of a sudden and ruins the mood. He doesn’t like Su Won much and always belittles her. He was the reason Su Won ran away from home. Mi Jo, having been an orphan herself in the past, understands Su Won and spends some time with her to let her know that she is not alone. Su Won finds comfort in the Mi Jo that she missed after her mom passed away. Her father called her lowly and shamed her for being an orphan. Su Won has lost her identity, but after meeting Mi Jo, she tries to accept herself for who she is. She visits her orphanage and recalls her memories. She tries to come to terms with herself.

Joo Hee has become good friends with Park Hyun Joon, the owner of the Chinese restaurant in her neighborhood. They often drink together at night, after the closing hours of the restaurant. They talk about simple things like how their day passed, how good or annoying Joo Hee’s day had been, or how Hyun Joon’s girlfriend has been acting strangely towards him; these conversations help them relieve their stress. Hyun Joon’s girlfriend has been upset with him ever since he quit his job as a hotel chef and opened his own restaurant. He feels happier working in his own restaurant than in a hotel. However, his girlfriend doesn’t understand it. She still hasn’t told her friends about his restaurant because she is embarrassed. They are on the verge of a breakup, but Joo Hee advises him to contact her first and pretend as if nothing had happened.

She thinks Hyun Joon is cool to quit a high-profile and high-paying job and follow his passion. Joo Hee is a cosmetics shop manager at a big department store, and she has been working there for over ten years. Being a shop manager involves dealing with all kinds of people, and sometimes people are too difficult to deal with. When Joo Hee was younger, she didn’t mind those people at all and would forget about them easily, but recently she has been getting annoyed and frustrated by her job. She has to deal with people who look down on employees and treat them like their lowly servants. She finally lets out all of her bottled-up anger and quits her job on the spot while fighting with a rude customer. She doesn’t know what to do next, but she is relaxed at the moment. She had grown tired of doing the same job for years and knew she could quit. Thanks to Hyun Joon, who inspired her, she was able to.

‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 6: Ending- The Happiest Terminally-ill Person

Mi Jo and Joo Hee have promised Chan Young to make her the happiest terminally ill person. Mi Jo has been taking care of almost all of her meals, and Joo Hee has also been cooking healthy food that she cooked for her mom when she was sick. Mi Jo and Joo Hee have decided to take turns living at Chan Young’s place so that they can spend more time with her while also taking care of her. Joo Hee has made a list of things to do for Chan Young, but she has her own list of things she wants to accomplish before she leaves this world. Her last wishes aren’t any material desires, like going on a luxurious trip or buying luxurious products.

Chan Young wants the people closest to her to be happy. She wants Joo Hee to date Hyun Joon and later settle down with him. For Mi Jo, she wants to find her biological mother. Their friendship had begun when they went hunting for her mother together, and now, she wants to complete that mission by finding her. Jin Seok has left his wife and is going to divorce her, but Chan Young wants him to reconcile. After she is gone, Jin Seok will have no one by his side and it worries her. Finally, she has a simple but most difficult wish to fulfill. She has not been able to bring herself to tell her parents about her cancer. Her last wish is to say a proper goodbye to her parents. Her parents were with her when she was born, and she wants to die while being with them so that she can say a final goodbye to them.

Jin Seok grows tired of living in a hotel and comes to Chan Young’s place, where he is adamant about staying, despite Chan Young’s opposition. Chan Young’s mom had felt uneasy when Chan Young visited her, so she came down to Seoul without notice. She thinks Jin Seok is Chan Young’s boyfriend, but he tells her that he has been trying to win Chan Young’s heart. She is happy to find that her daughter has someone who cares about her. Joo Hee calls Mi Jo to tell her about quitting the job, and Mi Jo returns from her date with Seon Woo without getting to spend time with him. They also decide to meet at Chan Young’s place, and the silent house becomes a party house in no time. Everyone is happy and laughing. Chan Young invites Seon Woo as well, to introduce him to her mom.

When Mi Jo goes to get the door, thinking it is Seon Woo, she finds Seon Ju, Jin Seok’s wife, at the door. Chan Young’s mom does not know about Jin Seok’s marriage or Chan Young’s illness yet. They are having a good time, and Chan Young is happy. Mi Jo cannot let Seon Ju ruin it. She pushes Seon Ju right back into the elevator and forces her outside. She requests her to not do anything today and let the things slide just this once. When Seon Ju is not ready to back off, Mi Jo begs on her knees on the cold street. Seon Ju pities her and wonders what is so good about Chan Young that Jin Seok and Mi Jo would go to any extent for her. She agrees with Mi Jo and leaves Chan Young’s place.

Joo Hee has quit her job, and now it is a question of whether she will find another job somewhere else or take a sabbatical like Mi Jo. If she does the latter, no one can pull the three friends apart. Chan Young has slowly started to understand and accept the condition she is in. In the further episodes of “Thirty-Nine”, Chan Young can be seen trying to relive her forgotten dream of being an actor. Will her dream come true? Let’s find out in the next episode.

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