‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 7 & 8: Recap And Ending – Does Mi Jo Find Her Real Mother?


Chan Young’s mom showed up at her house unannounced in the previous episode of “Thirty-Nine.” She mistook Jin Seok as Chan Young’s boyfriend. Joo Hee rage-quit her job and called Mi Jo in worry. They decided to meet Chan Young together. Amidst their fun, Jin Seok’s wife knocked on Chan Young’s door to catch her husband red-handed. Though Mi Jo was able to persuade Seon Ju this once, Seon Ju has bigger plans. What will she do next in an attempt to get her husband back? Keep reading to find out.

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What Made Su Won Leave Her Family?

Mi Jo had not told her friends or Seon Woo about her panic disorder. However, Seon Woo finds out when she collapses in front of him, and he takes her to the hospital. The entire situation regarding Seon Ju in episode 6 of “Thirty-Nine” made her anxious, leading to a panic attack. To calm her down, Seon Woo takes her camping. Seon Woo now understands why Mi Jo is always worried about small things. Chan Young finds it strange that Mi Jo and Seon Woo went camping all of a sudden, but she doesn’t know what has happened.

Joo Hee has not told her mom yet that she is quitting her job. She leaves home early in the morning, saying she is going to work, and on her way, she meets Hyun Joon, who is opening the restaurant. He doesn’t know that Joo Hee has quit her job, but later finds out when he calls her store to order cosmetics for his girlfriend. When Joo Hee comes to his restaurant at night, on time like her daily schedule, Hyun Joon tells her to stop pretending. He tells her that he knows that she is unemployed, and he offers her a part-time job at his restaurant. Joo Hee had grown tired of her previous job, so she happily accepted his offer.

Su Won has decided to live a respectful life, but instead of living in Seoul, she goes back to the orphanage she grew up in. The orphanage not only brings back good memories for her but also makes her feel at home, something she missed after her mom died. She decides to stay there and help raise the kids. The owner of the orphanage is happy to see her, but she cannot stop being curious about why Su Won disowned her adoptive family. Seon Woo had told the owner about it, and they were both worried about why Su Won had made such a decision. Su Won didn’t say anything to Seon Woo, but unexpectedly, she opened up to the owner.

Su Won did not want to leave the family, but Seon Woo’s father had told her to ask for disownment. He did not want an adoptive child to inherit his fortune. Su Won had self-respect, and after being humiliated like this, she gave up her adoptive family and moved back to South Korea. It must have been hard for Su Won to deal with it alone, which makes it understandable why she worked at the brothel. She had no one to rely on, and nothing else could have felt more humiliating than how her adoptive father treated her after years of staying together as a family.

What Is Chan Young’s Dream?

After she failed to find her mom while she was in high school, Mi Jo never tried to find her again. However, Chan Young brought up the topic, and now Mi Jo has become curious again. She used to believe that her real mom worked with Joo Hee’s mother, but Joo Hee’s mother had denied it. Mi Jo accidentally meets Joo Hee’s mom on the street and casually talks about wondering who her birth mother is. After hearing it, Joo Hee’s mom breaks into tears and tells Mi Jo the truth. Joo Hee’s mother knows who her birth mother is, and she still keeps in touch with her. She tells Mi Jo that she will tell her about her mother whenever she is ready to hear it.

Chan Young has been talking about finding Joo Hee a boyfriend and Mi Jo, her birth mother, but Mi Jo asks her to find her own dream and pursue it instead of trying to do something for them. While coaching one of her students for an audition, Chan Young thinks that she can do that particular role better than anyone else. A thought of auditioning for that role crosses her mind, and she grabs it. She decides to try to fulfill her lifelong dream of being an actress. She asks Jin Seok to accompany her to the audition because she is nervous, but Jin Seok is more nervous than she is.

Years ago, Chan Young was cast as an actress, and Jin Seok was driving her to the set on her first day of shooting. But Chan Young could never make it to the set. They got into an accident, and Chan Young’s dream was crushed. If it weren’t for cancer, she would not have tried to audition again. Jin Seok still feels guilty that he became the reason Chan Young couldn’t become an actress. Chan Young doesn’t feel the same and lets Jin Seok drive her to the audition. They reach the audition safely, and Chan Young impresses the casting directors. They cast her right away, but she tells them about her cancer, and they become dubious about casting her. Since she does not have a long time to live, they inform her to wait for their call.

‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 8: Ending- The Bitter Truth

Chan Young hasn’t been able to tell her parents about her cancer yet. They are happy in their hometown, thinking that their older daughter has now got a boyfriend and might settle down soon. They don’t know the truth about the bombs that are about to drop on them. Jin Seok’s wife, Seon Ju, has been stalking and finding out everything about Chan Young. She will go to any length to save her marriage. When she finds out that Chan Young is the only child of her parents, she goes straight to Yangpyeong and meets Chan Young’s parents at their restaurant.

Seon Ju tells Chan Young’s parents that the man their daughter is dating is actually her husband, and that she is having an affair with him. Seon Ju complained to Chan Young’s mom about her being like a kid who whines to another kid’s parents to get them in trouble. However, this is no child’s play. Chan Young’s parents are shocked and angry. Chan Young’s mom calls her and asks her to come to Yangpyeong right away. She also calls for Mi Jo and Joo Hee to come with Chan Young. They have no idea what it is about, but their first guess is that it is about cancer. When they reach Yangpyeong, Chan Young’s mom starts shouting at her. She cries, asking Chan Young how she could not tell them the truth. As her mom goes on cursing at her, Chan Young realizes that it is not about cancer.

When her mom reveals that she has come to know that Jin Seok is married, Chang Young can’t help herself and reveals that she has cancer. Her parents don’t know how to react, but they drop the topic of Jin Seok. For Chan Young and her parents, her cancer is a more important topic than an alleged affair. Her parents try not to show their pain, but Chan Young can feel it. They tell her to move back to Yangpyeong, but she has unfinished tasks to complete in Seoul.

Nevertheless, she agrees to stay the night. Her painful truth has been revealed to her parents in a painful way. Chan Young is not able to console her mother when she sees her crying alone because she has no hope.

Mi Jo meets Joo Hee’s mom and gets to know her biological mother. Her birth mother is doing her time in jail. She has been convicted of fraud seven times. She sends Joo Hee’s mom letters from the prison asking about her daughter “Ji Min.” Mi Jo is extremely shocked because she never expected her mom to be a criminal. She understands why Joo Hee’s mom kept it a secret from her for all these years. Mi Jo has found out who her real mom is, and even though it is tough for her, she finds the courage to go and meet her in jail. What will Mi Jo’s first encounter with her mother be? Let us wait and find out in the next episode of “Thirty-Nine.”

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