‘This is Me Now’ Ending & Film Summary: Was The Artist Able To Find Love?


Directed by Dave Meyers, This is Me Now is an ambitious project that could be said to be inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s experiences with romantic relationships. Jennifer Lopez navigates through life and tries to understand if words like “love” and “soulmate” actually exist in real life or if they are figments of the imagination of writers and philosophers. The character of Lopez wants to believe that there is one special person waiting for everyone in this life, but she gets disheartened after she faces multiple obstacles on her way, loses faith in the concept of love, and starts thinking that whatever she believed up until then was not true. So, let’s find out if our protagonist is able to find somebody who makes her believe in love once again.

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What was the story of Alida and Taroo? 

This is Me Now starts with Jennifer Lopez, who is referred to as the Artist, narrating the story of Alida and Taroo to her therapist. As the Artist puts it, Alida and Taroo were star-crossed lovers who, according to the famous Puerto Rican folktale, belonged to the Taino tribes. They knew that the world wouldn’t let them be together, but the thought of leaving each other was too painful. Alida’s father found out about her romance with the man of the enemy tribe, and he decided to get her married to the boy of his choice. Alida turned to God and asked them to help her cause. The gods turned her into a rose, and Taroo, who was unaware of this development, became restless as he didn’t know what to do or how to find his beloved partner. Taroo, too, asked the gods for help, and that’s when he was transformed into a hummingbird. So from that day on, it was believed that when a hummingbird flew from one flower to another, it was actually Taroo searching for the love of his life.

The Artist told her therapist that she had been having these nightmares where, in a futuristic setup, she was trying to grow roses, but some mishap happened, and each and every flower got destroyed. She told the therapist that she couldn’t get rid of those dreams, no matter what she did. Through a flashback sequence, we got to know that the Artist loved somebody dearly, but probably she lost him in an accident or maybe made up that scenario as she started believing that not everyone found their soul mates in this lifetime. The part of the biker was played by Ben Affleck, and no matter how much the Artist tried moving on with her life, it seemed as if the past pulled her into a deep and dark abyss, and she was forever stuck in a loop. So, it could be said that Jennifer Lopez, aka the Artist, symbolically represented Alida, whereas Ben Affleck, aka Rex Stone, was her Taroo. The Artist believed that they were meant to be with each other, but somehow, the forces of nature just didn’t want their worlds to collide. 

What did the gods want for the Artist? 

The zodiacal council looked from above, and though they wanted the best for the Artist, they knew that she would have to make her own mistakes, learn from them, and then figure out a sustainable way for herself. The most fascinating thing about the film is the all-star zodiacal council, where each God represents one zodiac sign. The zodiacal council consisted of popular real-life celebrities where each of them represented a particular zodiac sign. They looked from above, and a lot of times, they didn’t know what she was doing with her life. They put their trust in her, but in the end, she ended up getting married three times, but to her dismay, none of them worked out for her. The zodiacal council also lost its patience, and that’s when they found a loophole in the laws they had to follow. They couldn’t intervene themselves, but obviously, they could make the Artist’s friends ask her what she was up to and why she was doing what she did. Her friends believed that she was incapable of living alone, and she was too scared of the thoughts that came to her mind when she had nobody around. This was the Artist’s coping mechanism, as instead of dealing with her own emotions, she was running away from them, and probably, in the process, she lost herself. She didn’t know what she was doing, and we saw in the latter half of This is Me Now that her life was a mess. Around this time, the Artist went to a support group called the Love Addicts Anonymous, where she expressed her feelings and told others what was going on inside her. 

Was the Artist able to find love? 

During This is Me Now‘s ending, we saw that the Artist had another dream where she met her younger self. It was then that she got an epiphany of sorts, and she realized how negative her unfulfilled romantic encounters had left her from within. She had become a pessimistic person, and there was a lot of anger and frustration inside her. She got really mad when she got to know that Mike, one of her friends, was getting married, but then when she saw her younger self, all that anger subsided. Because of her multiple failed marriages, she started to entertain the idea that love only existed in folktales, and in the real world, there was no space for it. But after the encounter with her younger self, she realized how wrong she was.

The Artist realized that she had stopped loving herself in the process, and it was important to not take anything for granted in her life. She was glad that she had such dependable friends who had always been there for her, no matter what. The Artist decided that she wouldn’t give up on love and would continue her quest to find that one person with whom she could share her entire life. Finally, in the end, she spotted a hummingbird after a long time, and it led her to the man (Ben Affleck) of her dreams. It was the same man with whom she was riding at the beginning of the film, but this time, it felt like she wouldn’t lose him. The Artist finally found that one man with whom she could get old, with whom she could spend the rest of her life and with whom she could once again experience how beautiful being in love could be. 

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