‘Three Pines’ Finale Episodes 7 And 8: Recap & Ending, Explained – Is Gamache Dead? Will There Be A Season 2?


When one talks about Inspector Gamache, they talk about how he never misses anything. He sees things that are hidden and can solve cases like no other. That is what made the Louise Penny novels such great hits. We haven’t read the novels but going by what we have seen in “Three Pines,” we can say that Armand Gamache was not just a high-functioning detective; he was also a sweet, empathetic man. However, there is no doubt in our minds that, while translating the story from text to screen, a lot of its punch was lost. One might argue that it is a difficult job to condense an entire novel into two episodes, but then we are reminded of the series “Sherlock,” where pages and pages of intriguing mysteries were condensed into minutes, and it still delivered on the intrigue. There is never an excuse for mediocre writing. It is a disservice to brilliant actors. And that is the exact reason we did not want a “Three Pines” Season 2. Because Season 1 did not excite us at all. But the way things ended here, we know that there will be fresh hell to uncover in the next season, along with a few more successful books turned into forgettable episodes. There’s not a lot to say except that let’s dive into the finale now. 

Spoilers Ahead

Who Killed James Hill?

Following the events of “Three Pines” Episode 6, it is pretty much confirmed that a deeper investigation needs to happen in the case of Blue Two Rivers. As a search party, along with Inspector Lacoste, is looking for where their bodies might be buried, they come across a hanging body. From the looks of it, it is suicide. But a slight inspection reveals that he was strangled before being hung up like that. As the investigation continues, nobody knows who he is, but Clara Morrow tells the detectives that he had caused a ruckus in the local pub, saying that he knew everybody’s secrets and had even punched Gabri in the face. She tells them that he has only been in town for a few days, so the inspectors go to the inn to find out who he is. Turns out, his name is Arthur Ellis, and he had been a recluse for the time he was there. When they checked his room, they found a suicide note, but Inspector Gamache was doubtful as it looked crystal clear instead of other suicide notes, which are usually smudged or tear-stained. But this investigation gives him a clue about the case of Blue Two Rivers. He figures out that the pine needles found in Arthur Ellis’ pocket are the same as those they had discovered in Kevin Kis’ home, which is only available in limited places in the forest. Following his hunch, he goes to that spot and finds the buried bodies of Tommy and Blue. There are a few bullets with their bodies, which he sends for forensic analysis.

Meanwhile, Inspector Jean Guy’s personal life is a little thrashed since his wife Enid left him. But he has not told anybody that, and everyone is under the impression that his marriage is going well. Coming back to the case of Arthur Ellis, the residents of Three Pines find that name in a book titled “The Hangman” and take it to the Inspector. This makes him realize that he was living under an alias and that he was there to avenge the death of a loved one, as per the story of the book. Following a trail of paperwork leads them to an address in Ottawa, where they figure out that the victim’s real name is James Hill, and he did plan on killing himself after he had taken his revenge. Back to the Blue Two Rivers case, the ballistics report arrives, and the names of the guilty officers are Daniel Chowski and Pierre Arnot. While the former was already under suspicion, the latter had been a dear friend of Armand’s for years, and he is heartbroken at this turn of events. At a get-together, he lets his feelings show, which gives Pierre a hint that he might have been discovered.

As for the James Hill case, knowing what they do, the Inspectors start investigating everyone in the town who, in turn, want the case solved just as much because they don’t want their pasts coming out. Ruth finds a half-burnt wallet, which she brings over to Armand and tells him that she found it behind the B&B where Mike burns the garbage. Upon asking Mike, he claims that he did not know of it while mentioning that he never went to university. After figuring out James Hill’s past, where his wife and child were killed in an accident by some rich kids, they deduce that some of them might be in Three Pines itself. Their first suspicion is Gabri, and upon questioning him, he reveals that he was trying to protect the actual people because he felt they deserved a fresh chance. The identity of the killer is almost there.

‘Three Pines’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Is Armand Gamache Dead? 

Seeing the police talking to Gabri, Mike, and Angela, who are the culprits, they figure they have to run away. Mike was the person behind the wheel when James Hill’s family was killed, and he would be put away permanently if their crimes were revealed. They are involved in a car chase with Isabelle and Jean Guy, where the latter is driving. He is quite drunk from when he was speaking with Agent Nichol and is recklessly speeding. Unfortunately, Mike and Angela’s car skids off the road and crashes. While it is technically not Jean Guy’s fault, it would be hard to prove that in court. Therefore, Isabelle decides to say that she is the one in the driver’s seat.

As for Armand, Nichol tells him that he is the one suspected of tampering with the bullets, which leads him to find Pierre. There has clearly been a scuffle in his house, and he finds him outside, burning Kevin Kis’ truck with Chowski in it. The truth about the case of Blue Two Rivers comes out. Both the cops were demanding a cut from Kevin’s sale of tobacco when he panicked and pulled out a gun. The situation had gotten out of hand, with Kevin escaping and Chowski shooting Tommy. That had made Pierre shoot Blue. Armand understands that Pierre is the main instigator, despite his lies, and tells him to turn himself in as he has all the evidence. But Pierre is beyond gone, and he shoots Armand in the shoulder. Luckily, Isabelle and Jean Guy reach just in time. We think Armand might be okay, but we are not medical experts, and neither have we read the books, so that remains to be seen.

What Should We Expect From ‘Three Pines’ Season 2?

Season 2 of “Three Pines” will definitely be adaptations of more books by Louise Penny. And since there are more books, Inspector Armand Gamache will be alive. There is a possibility that Pierre has escaped, so there might be a subplot about tracking him down. Also, we have finally gotten a glimpse of the traumas of the Inspector. On that note, what is it with his wife not knowing the basics of mental health 101? Trauma doesn’t make a person stronger, so why is she justifying that by saying that it’s what has made him “such a good person”? See what we said about this series’ mediocre writing. Anyway, the next season of “Three Pines” might see Armand getting the therapy he needs—not the one his wife is giving but the one from a certified specialist. Jean Guy’s life is really going for a toss, but we sense that, given a chance, a funny friendship might develop between him and Agent Nichol. Despite the mistakes she makes, she is earnest and pulls her weight. That had better account for something. As for Isabelle, her lying to protect Jean-Guy reminds us of Pierre’s lies. They are not completely the same, considering one was in the interest of covering up a crime and the other was a shield from the repercussions of an uncontrollable mistake, but both are still lies told on duty. They will probably have an effect on the dynamics of their relationship.

Since we finally know what happened to Inspector Armand Gamache in his childhood, we now want to find out some of his love story. Seriously, the way Reine Marie felt a jerk the moment Armand was shot miles away is true Bollywood soulmate behavior, and we feel that it could account for some rather sweet moments in the coming season. We would like to say again that we haven’t read the novels, but we are aware of their popularity. Summing up our feelings for “Three Pines,” it has to be an average adaptation of a great product, and if anybody wants the next season to live up to the reputation of the books, they must hire better writers. If they do that, we will gladly look forward to it.

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