‘Through My Window 3’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Do Raquel And Ares Get Their Happy Ending?


The Hidalgo Brothers have been popular with fans across the globe since 2022, so much so that we’ve got a third Through My Window film in 3 years. At the end of Across the Sea, tragedy strikes the “toxic” couple, and Yoshi dies (omg!). This, of course, makes a clean break in Raquel and Ares’s relationship, getting all muddled up with the two of them having drifted apart from the one year of long distancing. On the other hand, we also learn that Yoshi sent Raquel’s manuscript to a publisher, and she hears back from them by the end of the film, leaving us with hope for a published book and a better life for Raquel. Obviously, everyone’s still wishing for Ares and Raquel to get together again, but will they? After everything that’s happened, will Raquel and Ares be able to forgive each other? Let’s find out through the summary and ending of Through My Window: Looking At You.

Spoiler Alert

What Happens When Ares Returns? 

I suppose it’s easy to pretend to forget someone when they’re not in close proximity, but the second they’re back where they used to be, there’s no way of ignoring them. Raquel thinks she’s happy and satiated with Gregory, but when Ares returns for the Christmas holiday, she’s left thinking about him more and more. At the same time, Ares first apologizes to Raquel (window to window for added effect, of course) as soon as he’s back. Gregory knows that Raquel still has feelings for Ares, and for some reason, this encourages him to invite Ares and Vera (yes, the same girl who lied about sleeping with him to get him) to a little Christmas gathering at Raquel’s house. Raquel’s mom has found someone for herself and is spending the holiday at his home, which makes Raquel very angry. She’s possessed by all the negative emotions since Ares is back, too. Of course, they’re immediately playing footsie under the table, but they’re exchanging gifts with their new loves simultaneously. At the same time, Daniela and Apolo are going through some trouble in paradise because Apolo has found a guy he’s interested in. It’s unfortunate, because Apolo never really tells Daniela that he’s found someone else; she may be polyamorous, but it seems he can only focus on one person at a time. 

What Happens When Gregory Reads Book 2? 

Raquel’s book is going to be published very soon, and while the publishing house is very happy with the result, they want her to start on the second book immediately. Raquel writes about Ares’ return, and after a drunken night at the party, Gregory finds her open laptop and reads what she’s written. He gets furious with her immediately, and despite her fake attempt at calling it fiction, Gregory knows that it’s real. He then asks her if she’s still in love with Ares, and she doesn’t reply, which leaves him heartbroken and also confirms that she never really liked him. On the same day, Raquel puts on her heart necklace again and waits for Ares to enter through the window. He knows to come in because her WiFi password is now “I never stopped” (funny). 

Why can’t Ares and Raquel be together? 

Despite them liking each other, Raquel and Ares have to be in a secret relationship because Vera’s parents are going to be partnering with Alpha 3. Artemis is really grateful to Ares because, without this partnership, their company would be in deep water. Artemis also has his own family in mind because Claudia is pregnant, and he’s finally stopped hiding their relationship from the Hidalgos. The thing is, Vera has been cheating on Ares for some time, too, and Ares knows it. This is why we’re supposed to be okay with Raquel and Ares being together. However, after being secret lovers for some time, Raquel feels hurt, and she tells Ares to choose between her and Vera. 

What Happens at the Family Dinner? 

At the New Year’s family bash, everyone is overjoyed to see Vera and Ares together. Both sets of parents are ready to get the business going; however, by the end of the night, Ares is unable to wrap his head around the fact that he can’t be with Raquel anymore, so he speaks to Vera, admitting that he knew she was cheating. The rich being the rich, Vera tells Ares that it’s alright, and they can pretend to be together for the family’s sake. Ares convinces Vera that that would be disrespectful to their respective partners, and she finally agrees to come out with the truth. Unfortunately, she caves when she sees her father’s face and leaves Ares hanging dry. On the other hand, Claudia is rushed to the hospital (she wasn’t even at the family gathering), and Artemis leaves the dinner, finally choosing his own will over his father’s. Artemis is saddened to realize that all of Claudia’s family is at the hospital, but he’s all alone. However, he hopes that he makes a much better father than his own (oh, burn, old man!). 

In the meantime, Raquel is having a blast at the publisher’s house for the New Year’s Eve party. She and Daniela are drinking away their sorrows, and she also invites Anna, Gregory’s sister, to join them. Quick Recap: Anna thinks Raquel is the reason Yoshi died, even though he was speeding to go see Anna at the lighthouse (which she doesn’t know about). Raquel gets really drunk and asks Anna to watch her phone while Daniela heads off to get more drinks. Anna sees Ares’ message to Raquel. In the message, Ares writes that he wants to be with Raquel and will meet her at the cemetery (aww, it’s the same one as in that toxic scene in the first film, barf) if she still wants to give them a chance. In a fit of rage, Anna decides to put her antidepressants in Raquel’s drink. However, when Raquel comes out of the washroom, Anna tells her that Ares sent her a message. She then asks her what Yoshi would’ve done in this situation. Raquel says he would’ve stolen a bike and rushed to find his love. Anna feels bad for drugging her drink and tries to stop her from drinking more. Raquel doesn’t listen and downs the drink. While trying to reply to Ares, she ends up unconscious in a random room in the house, unbeknownst to anyone. Anna leaves her there and returns home to be with her sad brother. 

What Happens With Apolo? 

Unfortunately, Victor, the guy Apolo thinks he’s dating, notices his ex at the same publishing party and decides to get back with him. This leaves Apolo heartbroken, and he returns to Daniela like a saddened puppy. She has, of course, forgiven him in an instant and comforts him. On the other hand, Claudia gives birth, and both mother and daughter are out of danger. Artemis informs Ares, the godfather, while he’s about to return to Stockholm, all heartbroken yet again. 

Who finds Raquel? 

The family business seems to be working just fine since Vera claimed that Ares and she will be returning to Stockholm as the happy couple that they are. Ares decides to give Raquel one last call on the way to the airport. A barely conscious Raquel manages to answer the phone, and Ares can only hear breathing sounds. He finds the party location through a social media post and heads there immediately. In the meantime, Raquel leaves her phone where it is and tries to walk out of the house, asking for help. There’s somehow nobody there, and she reaches the swimming pool. As Ares arrives, he screams for Raquel. Hearing his voice, she lets go of the wall and falls into the pool (which is convenient). Ares jumps the gate and then jumps into the pool to save Raquel. Chlorine allergy is forgotten. He brings her out and performs CPR. By this time, someone has come to the house and called emergency services. Raquel finally opened her eyes, and Ares told her to stay alive as his face and body swelled and became red from the allergy. It appears as if they’re both dead in each other’s arms at the side of the pool. A Romeo and Juliet moment, if you will. 

What Happens 5 Days Later? 

A week later, Ares wakes up in the hospital and immediately asks for Raquel. She’s nowhere to be seen, and the nurse tells him she doesn’t know the name of the girl who was in the bed next to him. Ares runs out of the room (sure, it’s that simple; it must be great to be fit as a Greek god, I suppose). He finds Claudia, who is doing just fine, and asks for Raquel, the baby completely forgotten. She appears from behind and calls him a lifesaver. Vera and Diego are now officially together, and the two companies have still done business together. I suppose a death scare always works for the Hidalgos, huh? Claudia is also accepted into the family; I suppose childbirth changes people. Raquel’s book does brilliantly, but she says she doesn’t want to write anymore and simply experience love from now on. Anna apologizes for messing with her, and they leave a copy of “Through My Window” at Yoshi’s memorial site. Of course, the foreword also reads “To Yoshi.”. 

Where are Ares and Raquel five years later? 

Through My Window 3’s ending takes place some five years later, when we see Ares and Raquel happily living their lives together and having moved into a house of their own. No more window-hopping, I suppose. Hera and his niece are all grown up, and everyone is happy together. A dreamy family. I guess it’s always the season of love, and so love trumps all in the end. 

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