‘Through My Window’ Ending, Explained: Do Ares and Raquel Get Back Together?


Netflix’s Spanish film, “Through My Window,” is the “love story” of Ares and Raquel, where we see them go through the hurdles of the angst of teenage love coupled with familial disapproval and emotional unavailability of the male protagonist. The film has been directed by Marcal Fores and written by Ariana Godoy and Eduard Sola.

‘Through My Window’ Ending

The ending of “Through My Window” is what we like to call a “one-stroke ending,” where everything comes together in the last five minutes, in a single narration with no real journey.

We see that Raquel has decided to be brave and give her relationship a chance and lets Ares know that she will be waiting for him at prom. When Ares arrives, before he meets her, he gets into an altercation with Yoshi and ends up in the swimming pool face down due to an accident, and the chlorine in the pool triggers him into a shock. He is taken to the hospital, where Ares’s family and Raquel wait while he is getting treated. From there on, Raquel talks to his family to give their relationship a chance, and they agree, having been shaken up due to the possibility of losing their son. 

After Ares recovers, we see that he and Raquel reconcile and spend the summer together, at the end of which, Ares leaves for medical school. Raquel goes on to finish her book and get it published. Artemis acknowledges his relationship with Claudia, Daniela starts publicly dating Apollo, and it is a happy ending for everyone. The movie, however, forgets to tie up one loose end, which is that of Yoshi, Raquel’s best friend. We see that he confessed his feelings to Raquel, and when she thinks Ares was not going to come to prom, she runs into his arms, saying that he is the only one who is always there for her. He tells her about Ares before she can say more. So, it is up to the judgment of the viewer.

Considering how the writers gave “Through My Window” such a clean ending, keeping in line with that, we can assume that Yoshi got over his feelings for Raquel, and they are still best friends while he is doing his own thing successfully. An ending as perfect as it gets.

What We Think Of ‘Through My Window’ Ending?

“Through My Window” is supposed to be a fluffy teenage romantic angst movie, with a somewhat clipped and intense tone. You have all the typical tropes in this-the good girl, the bad boy with a tragic past, the male best friend of the girl who is secretly in love with her, and the second-best friend who is the heroine’s polar opposite and serves the other romantic subplot with notes of comedic relief. These are stories one has heard and seen countless adaptations of. So, when someone tunes in to watch another one of these, they are not looking for unpredictability or a storyline that is out of the ordinary. They are looking for just some feel-good fluff, a romantic fantasy, and some swoon-worthy moments.

The ending of any such story is about building up a high from the journey of the characters, and this is why the end of “Through My Window” was such a let-down—because there was no journey. They fell in love because they were supposed to. The guy got over his emotional barriers because he was supposed to. The girl forgives the guy and takes him back because she was supposed to. It all ties up in the end because it is supposed to. The story and its characters lack personality.

In Conclusion

Netflix has seen a slew of book-to-movie adaptations of similar teenage romances, the most popular of them being “The Kissing Booth” and the “To all the boys I’ve loved before” trilogy. The pattern in it all is obvious, as is the similarity of the characters. Through My Window, Netflix did not attempt anything new with this title. It was as basic as this story could get, which is actually not a problem with this genre of movies, but ‘Through My Window’ fails because of the lack of personality in the characters. The thing is, we already know what they are like. We have seen it many times before, so it is not a surprise, but we still need to see it again to be able to root for them.

Maybe it’s just a personal opinion, but Ares was just not brooding enough and came across more like someone who needed help processing his family trauma, someone who was not a girlfriend he could treat badly. It could be argued that these films should not be compared, but isn’t that unavoidable given that they haven’t even attempted to tell a different story with different characters and have simply thrown all of the tropes on the screen one after the other?

Our honest opinion is that “Through My Window” should have ended with Ares in the hospital, with the rest of their journey left for a sequel. That would have been a wiser decision. While the movie was not unwatchable, the ending, with its rushed nature, was truly the worst part of it. It was a sad botch-up of a story that never goes out of style. That being said, we will be on the lookout for more movies with similar tropes and hopefully better execution.

‘Through My Window’ is a 2022 Spanish Romantic Drama film directed by Marçal Forés. It is streaming on Netflix.

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Divya Malladi
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