‘Through My Window’ Recap: Everything To Know Before ‘Looking At You,’ The Last Film In The Franchise


The Spanish-language series Through My Window was a big hit when it first came out in 2022. Based on the Wattpad superhit turned novel, Ariana Godoy’s “Hidalgo Brothers” is now world-famous thanks to the Netflix adaptations. Soon, Netflix will be adapting YA books before they’re even written. Through My Window follows the story of Raquel, a high school senior at the beginning of the first film, who has an unhealthy obsession with her new neighbors. Specifically, Ares, the second son in the Hidalgo family. The Hidalgos own a massive business known as Alpha 3 (I still don’t know what they do after 2 films, oops), and all 3 sons are meant to take over the business soon after graduating. Obviously, this would not be a YA romance if there wasn’t a second lead. Although this guy isn’t really lead material, he’s simply there to make the toxic main lead look less toxic. I suppose one medieval thought never changes in film—girls and guys can’t be platonic best friends (sigh). Yoshua, or Yoshi, calls himself Raquel’s current best friend and future husband. From the second he’s on screen, we know, thanks to the third one in this trio, Daniela, that Yoshi is madly in love with Raquel but won’t tell her so. Honestly, there’s literally nothing to his character; he’s meant to have a cool personality with his fancy pink hair, but he’s simply an idiot around his best friend.

Spoiler Alert

Who are Vera and Gregory? 

Through My Window begins with Ares hacking into Raquel’s laptop (what?!), learning about her obsession with him (double what?!), and then trying to sleep with her. Raquel wants Ares to fall in love with her, but Ares has been taught by his father that love is for fools, not for businessmen (please save me). Ultimately, Raquel’s innocent charm is too much for Ares to handle, so he gives in to his feelings and falls in love with her. He also chooses to follow his passion and move to Stockholm to study medicine. In the one year that he’s abroad, Ares starts to doubt his choices; he worries he’s made the wrong decision and isn’t built for the medical life. He makes a female friend (duh) named Vera, who becomes his emotional support over the course of the year. For some reason, Ares doesn’t think to tell Raquel about this friend of his (wait, did this same thing happen in The Kissing Booth 2?). At the same time, Ares never tells Raquel what he’s going through emotionally in the fear of looking stupid in front of her (it’s alright boys, you can be stupid and honest instead of a liar and a cheat). 

On the other hand, Gregory is the topper in Raquel’s class; however, she’s the better writer. He takes an interest in her, and Daniela notices a spark between them (honestly, this feels so forced, but sure). What makes Ares angry is that Raquel never told Gregory about Ares (what even?!). By the end of Across the Sea, Vera makes it very clear that she’s romantically into Ares and even lies about them sleeping together so Raquel hates him. On the other hand, Raquel decides to say no to Gregory, but something tragic occurs and creates bigger misunderstandings between them than ever. 

What Happens to Yoshi? 

In the first film, Yoshi almost accidentally kills Ares by pushing him into a pool that fills up with chlorine; the dude has a chlorine allergy, but then Yoshi tells Raquel what happens, and she rushes to save him in time. To be fair, Yoshi never knew about the allergy, and he did end up doing the right thing by telling Raquel. Somehow, even after accepting Ares as Raquel’s guy, he’s still not over her, and in the second film, despite finding a girl he’s interested in, he follows Raquel around like Mary’s little lamb. However, at the end of the film, Yoshi realizes he should put himself first, steals a bike (for what joy, I really don’t know), then proceeds to overspeed in the dark, causing an electrical accident that messes with the whole town’s power supply. He’s driving off the meet Anna, Gregory’s sister, who has feelings for him (a new enemy for Raquel). Ultimately, he goes over the side of the winding road and lands on some rocks at the edge of the sea. Ares finds him and tries to save him with his skills from medical school, but it doesn’t work. Yoshi ends up dying in Raquel’s shadow. 

Why do Raquel and Ares hate each other now? 

Okay, maybe they don’t hate each other; I sure think they do. Raquel fights with Ares and tells him that he should’ve saved Yoshi. He replies, saying maybe he would’ve been able to save him if he didn’t spend all his class time on his phone (yikes, burn, but dude, she was doing the same). He blames Raquel for Yoshi’s death, saying she left him alone and went off with Gregory, which is why Yoshi ended up dead (dude was waiting for an opportunity). Their toxic relationship ends at the end of Across the Seas, but the story will continue. 

What about Raquel’s manuscript? 

At the end of the second film, we learn that Yoshi sent Raquel’s manuscript for “Through My Window” (no, it isn’t a weird premise at all) to a publisher, calling himself her agent. She gets an email from the publisher saying they love the script and would like to publish the novel. So, as we see in the trailer for Looking At You (lame), her novel will be published, and she’ll probably get to go on a book tour too. 

On the other hand, it looks like Ares has veered into the Vera lane, and her family is investing in the Hidlago company, so that’s going to be a tough one to deal with. It also looks like Gregory and Raquel might be together now. We can imagine all of Looking At You (nah, I want to laugh every time I read this) being about how Ares and Raquel were always meant to be together and how they’ll manage to do that even though the world seems to be against it. In the meantime, it looks like things are finally getting better for Claudia and the Hidalgo family. Apollo, on the other hand, seems to be exploring his sexuality. I suppose it’s time to get excited to see if Ares and Raquel make it or not in Through My Window: Looking At You.

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