‘Ticket To Paradise’ Ending, Explained: Did David & Georgia Get Back Together?


Life is too short to waste time worrying about the future while we are living in the present. Life is unpredictable, and thus we should just go with the flow. “Ticket to Paradise,” a film by Ol Parker, thematically says something similar. The plot revolves around David and Georgia, a divorced middle-aged couple who continue to live in the past, which not only causes bitterness in the present but also ruins their chances of happiness in the future. Their cynical thoughts and beliefs not only shadow their own lives but also plague their daughter, Lily, who wishes to get married at a young age. Her parents believe that if Lily gets married so young, she will end up with a divorce just like them, and thus they decide to sabotage her marriage at all costs. So, let’s set off on their quest to discover what David and Georgia would learn in Bali that would finally change their minds about love and relationships.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Ticket To Paradise’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Georgia (played by Julia Roberts) and David (played by George Clooney) were a divorced couple who had a daughter named Lily (played by Kaitlyn Dever). Georgia was an art curator, and David was an architect. They both liked reminiscing about their love story, but in reality, they could not stand one another. David and Georgia traveled to attend Lily’s graduation from law school, but all they did was compete over who was the better parent. Soon, Lily and her close friend Wrenny left for Bali to celebrate their graduation. In Bali, while Lily and Wrenny were taking a dive in the water, their boat left, completely forgetting about them. It is when a young, gorgeous local farmer, Gede (played by Maxime Bouttier), comes to their rescue. The moment Lily and Gede saw each other, they fell in love. Lily decided to get married to Gede and stay in Bali to spend the future with him.

When Lily told her decision to Georgia and David, they were both shocked to the core. They quickly decided to board a flight to Bali, and on their way, Georgia met her boyfriend Paul (played by Lucas Bravo), a Frenchman who also happened to be the plane’s pilot. After a turbulent flight, they arrived in Bali. Georgia and David began to plot how they might ruin Lily’s marriage since they did not want their daughter to marry at such a young age. Following various schemes, David came up with a last-minute plan to steal the engagement rings. Georgia was successful in carrying out the plan, but Gede was already aware that David had taken the rings. However, later, the engagement was successfully carried on with a new pair of rings. When Georgia finally realized that Bali was the most romantic destination on earth and that her daughter was happy being married to the love of her life there, she decided not to ruin Lily’s marriage. After a night of drinking excessively, Georgia and David fell asleep next to one another. When they woke up the next morning, they knew they had made a mistake, and even Paul had come to see Georgia. On their trip, Paul asked Georgia to marry him, but she was unsure whether she wanted to take such a huge step or not.

Gede, David, and Lily went to another island for a trip, and Georgia joined them too later. However, David forgot to anchor the boat, because of which it sailed away, leaving them stranded in the rainforest. While preparing for the camp, Lily discovered the rings in her mother’s backpack. She was literally heartbroken and did not talk to their parents, realizing that all that time, her parents had been trying to sabotage the marriage. The story further explores how one night on an island helps David and Georgia to reconcile their relationship and compels them to think about their future together instead of bickering about their past mistakes. It also helps them embrace their daughter’s new relationship with love and sincerity.

Why Did Georgia And David Split Up?

Georgia and David were a couple who were madly in love during Georgia’s college years. After her graduation, David proposed to her to get married. They were wed despite their parents’ opposition. However, they only stayed married for five years and eventually got divorced. When Georgia and David heard that their daughter Lily had decided to marry right after her graduation, just like them, they hurried to Bali to interrupt Lily’s marriage. It was during this time that Lily’s best friend, Wrenny, asked David about the reason behind their divorce and the bitterness that came along with it.

David explained his side of the story. He said that when they were both young, at the initial stage of their marriage, they used to travel to a place by a lake. The place was so stunningly beautiful that David built a house there. At that time, their relationship was already going through a rough patch. Therefore, David believed that everything would be resolved if he could somehow get Georgia into that home. However, the house unintentionally caught fire one day, and by the time David arrived, it had been turned into ashes. David was the type of person who believed in these signs, so he interpreted them as a bad omen. A few days later, their relationship ended, validating his belief.

On the other hand, when David and Georgia are stuck in a forest and watching a beautiful sunrise, Georgia explains her reason for why she has divorced David. Georgia had married very young, and thus, all the responsibilities that came along suppressed her youthful spirit, which explains why she always wanted to feel younger than her actual age. It was like she had never lived a carefree life after college, as she was quickly married to a man after graduation and thus had failed to experience a certain phase of life. As these thoughts clouded her mind, Georgia felt that her entire identity was lost in the marriage, and thus, in order to save herself, she walked out of it. She divorced David to focus on her career and her own personal life.

Georgia and David’s first few years of marriage were spent in love and happiness, but ultimately, their hopes of being together were shattered. David was confused about the reason for their divorce, which Georgia’s confession in Bali ultimately helped him to understand. David believed his entire life that the fire that destroyed their dream home was the root cause of their divorce. But Georgia and her insecurities were the reasons that set their happy family on fire, symbolically. Georgia realized that it was pointless to be bitter about things that were nothing more than bygones and that she should instead focus on improving her future. The entire thing helped her to realize that she couldn’t behave like a young woman at this age and thus had to make mature decisions to improve her life, and the first step was to be honest with her young boyfriend, Paul. She finally realized that she had no real connection with Paul and that it was David who understood her better.

‘Ticket To Paradise’ Ending Explained: Did David And Georgia Get Back Together? Did They Accept Lily’s Marriage?

Georgia and David eventually realized that they were imposing their past on their daughter’s present. They understood that even if their marriage didn’t work out, that didn’t mean that their daughter’s marital relationship would also end up in divorce. The natural splendor of Bali and the wonderful family of Gede captured Georgia’s attention, and she decided not to interfere with their marriage anymore. After seeing his daughter’s determination and her love for Gede, David was also compelled to give up. They both concluded that everyone deserves a second chance in their life. Accidents don’t always happen again just because they happened once. So, Georgia and David finally agreed to Lily’s marriage and gave themselves a second chance to reckon with their destiny.

The mesmerizing sunrise that Georgia and David saw while stranded in the woods made them feel very nostalgic. Georgia shared her reasons, and both of them got emotional. She told David that she had turned down Paul’s marriage proposal, and David confessed that he still owned the place by the lake. Georgia and David kissed one another, forgetting all of the grudges they had once possessed. When they came back to Lily’s wedding, Lily was able to forgive her mother since she knew that her mother wasn’t a bad person. Georgia and David got up in the boat after offering their daughter all of their blessings. On their way back, they decided not to save their happiness for later but rather to enjoy it right now. So, they held each other’s hands and jumped off the boat.

Georgia and David may have reconciled; however, “Ticket to Paradise” did not specifically state whether they had or not. In Bali, they realized that they had only pretended not to tolerate each other, but deep inside, they still held profound feelings of friendship and love for one another. They simply enjoy being together the most. Therefore, giving life and their previous relationships another opportunity is perfectly acceptable. So, holding hands, they dive into the water as if they were embarking on a brand-new adventure. The adventure of their new relationship may or may not last forever, but it would not be sensible to waste their lovely present for the sake of their uncertain future.

“Ticket to Paradise” is a 2022 Drama Comedy film directed by Ol Parker.

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