‘Tiger 3’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: What Does The Post-Credit Scene Signify?


Yash Raj Films made yet another addition to their spy universe with the release of Tiger 3, where we once again witnessed Zoya and Tiger embark on a deadly mission and save their nations from the wrath of a deadly terrorist. Though the action sequences were well choreographed, they lacked a strong narrative, and in the end, they joined the endless list of those high-budget, big-star-cast films that fail to impact or entertain you in any manner. So, let’s find out what Tiger and Zoya were up to and the kinds of obstacles they had to cross to accomplish what they had set out for.

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How did Zoya come in contact with Aatish?

Zoya’s father worked for the ISI, and he was a good man and, more importantly, a good father. Back in 1999, Zoya and her father lived in London, and the former had never known that a single event had the potential to change her life completely. Zoya’s father was just about to enter his car when he realized that he had forgotten her tiffin, and he asked her to go and fetch it. Zoya went inside, and before she could come back, she heard a huge blast. Her father was killed in front of her eyes that day, and Zoya got a reason to join the intelligence agencies and contribute towards keeping her nation safe. Aatish Rehman met Zoya after the funeral took place, and he told her how her father had helped him when everybody else had abandoned him. He said that he would always be indebted to the great man and assured Zoya that she would be looked after by the state. He told her that after the completion of her studies, she would be given the option to join the ISI or live the life of a civilian if she didn’t feel like it. But Zoya gave him a third option, one that they both seemed to like. She said that she wanted to join the ISI immediately, as her father had prepared her enough for the perils of this world of shadows. So, one can say that Aatish Rehman was the mentor of Zoya, and little did they both know that in the future, their ideologies would clash, and they would become the greatest adversaries in each other’s lives.

Why did Tiger and Zoya decide to work for Aatish Rehman?

Operation “Time Pass” had been launched by the Indian intelligence agency, RAW, and Tiger was contacted by Maithili Menon (RAW Chief) to go and save his old friend and handler, Gopi. Tiger saved Gopi, but the latter died just before the plane landed in India. While taking his last breaths, Gopi told Tiger that there was a deadly organization that was getting more powerful every passing day in Pakistan, and more importantly, there was a double agent who was working for them. He said that the double agent was a female, and the way he looked at Tiger, we realized that he had his doubts about Zoya. Tiger came back to his home, and he started keeping an eye on his wife. He didn’t want to believe that Zoya was betraying him, and he hoped that he didn’t find any evidence that could incriminate her. Tiger was meeting a man named Jibran Sheikh, who was an arms dealer, and he had some compromising information about Pakistan that he was supposed to give to the former. But before Tiger could get to him, the double agent attacked him, and that’s when our protagonist got to know that Gopi’s suspicions were right and that it was, in fact, Zoya who was the double agent.

Tiger was taken into custody by Aatish Rehman, who wanted to take revenge on him for his wife’s death. In 2011, Aatish Rehman was the deputy director of the ISI, and he wanted Zoya to assassinate the general who was heading the Austrian peace summit. Zoya told him that for the first time, both nations were taking a step towards a peaceful relationship, and she didn’t want to stop it. Rehman said that under the pretense of a peace treaty, the Pakistani army was surrendering to the Indian government and that he couldn’t bear it at any cost. Zoya had somehow managed to inform the Indian delegation about the attack, because of which Tiger was able to save the general. When Zoya backed out of the job, it was Aatish’s wife, Shaheen, who took the mantle upon herself and asked her husband to put his trust in her. Shaheen was killed by Tiger, and since then, there has been a fire burning inside Aatish, where he wanted to give Tiger the taste of his own medicine. Finally, the time came when Aatish had Tiger’s son in custody, and Dr. Hoffman was making sure that the little boy’s body was burning with fever. Aatish told Tiger and Zoya that if he didn’t give him an antidote, he would succumb to his illness, and so both of them decided to do as Aatish Rehman asked them to.

Were Zoya and Tiger able to get the PAL code?

Tiger and Zoya were told to get the PAL (Permissive Action Link) codes, through which Aatish Rehman could access the nuclear missiles. Tiger realized that Aatish Rehman was going against the sitting government that was led by Nasreen Irani, and he wanted to conduct a sort of coup and take the reins in his hands. But until the life of his son was at stake, he didn’t have much of an option. There was a trilateral summit that was happening in Istanbul, where the host nation was meeting a delegation from China and Pakistan. General Zimo, who was a lethal assassin, was also coming with the Chinese contingent, and there was an exchange of briefcases that was supposed to happen. That briefcase had the PAL codes, and it was kept in a secure vault that could be opened through Zimo’s retina scan. Additionally, a lot of soldiers were deployed in the facility, so nobody could even think of coming there. It was decided that Zoya was going to get the retina scan from Zimo with the use of a device that Rakesh had given her, and Tiger would try to break into the facility and reach the vault. Zoya, after a fierce fight with her nemesis, got her retina scan and passed it onto Tiger just at the right time. The PAL codes were taken, and Zoya gave them to Aatish Rehman, who in turn gave the antidote to her son and released him from his captivity. Aatish had gone behind Zoya’s back and informed the Turkish police that it was Tiger who had stolen the PAL codes. Tiger was taken into captivity and then sent to Pakistan, where it was decided that he would be given a death sentence.

Who helped Tiger escape from prison?

Tiger spent days in prison, but he knew that help would arrive. He knew that as soon as Aatish Rehman assumed power, he would get Tiger killed. Tiger used his skills to create a bomb with whatever material he could get in his prison cell and then detonated it to break the walls, and he managed to free himself. Tiger fought with the soldiers, but they were far too many, and soon, they all surrounded him and were about to once again take him into their custody. But just then, the sound of a helicopter could be heard from a distance, and in came the RAW agent Pathaan, and he helped his friend escape from there. Pathaan and Tiger together killed all the Pakistani soldiers, and then, before parting ways, they promised to be there for each other in times of crisis.

Were Tiger and Zoya able to stop Aatish Rehman?

Tiger met Hasan in Islamabad, and the latter always looked forward to meeting the man who had saved his life. Hasan and Tiger met for the first time in Tiger Zinda Hai, and since then, the former’s education has been taken care of by Zoya and Tiger. Meanwhile, Rakesh, Karan, and Nikhil bumped into Abrar and Javed, and they all got together with Zoya and decided to help the cause of Tiger and save Pakistan from the wrath of a madman named Aatish Rehman. Now, Abrar was working for Rehman, and Tiger got to know about him when Zoya checked his call records and figured out he was the brother of Shaheen, Rehman’s deceased wife. They wanted Abrar to go about his business so that they could use him for their purpose when the time came. Aatish Rehman had decided to kill the prime minister, Nasreen Irnai, and pin all the blame on Tiger, then become the head of the state. He wanted to change democracy into dictatorship, but Tiger wasn’t going to let that happen. After a fierce battle that ensued in the prime minister’s office in Islamabad, Tiger was not only able to kill Aatish Rehman, but he also made sure that no harm came to Nasreen Irani. Karan, Hasan, and Javed sacrificed their lives for the cause of their nation, and it was because of their valuable contribution that the mission was successful. In the end, Rakesh and Nikhil returned to India, while Tiger once again decided to go into hiding with his partner in crime, Zoya. Tiger talked to the RAW chief and told her that in the future, whenever his nation needed him, he would contact her and gladly do whatever she asked him.

What does the post-credit scene signify?

At the end of Tiger 3, we witnessed a post-credit scene where we heard Colonel Luthra’s voice in the background, advising Kabir to be cautious when dealing with a person who knows no humanity. Luthra feared that when you face somebody who is so cruel, inhuman, and devoid of any sort of empathy, to win the battle, you have to be a notch higher than him, and a lot of times in the process, you seem to lose yourself. He advised Kabir to remember who he was and not become a barbarian, like his open nemesis. By the looks of it, Kabir seemed to have transformed into a person and become a killing machine who no longer remembered why he had started in the first place. It is evident that facing his arch nemesis would bring about certain changes in Kabir, and it would be interesting to see how he manages to stay true to himself and not forget the ideals that he once abided by. It would be interesting to see what the YRF Spy universe brings us next and how Kabir, Pathan, and Tiger cross each other’s paths.

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