‘Tires’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Did Will’s Father Close His Store?


Tires, created by Shane Giles (who also plays a character in the series), is a well-written, well-performed, and thoroughly entertaining venture that takes you on an unexpected ride. I say unexpected because I didn’t really know what to expect out of it, but the humor and the lighthearted narrative came as a pleasant and entertaining surprise. From the duration of the episodes to the overall execution of the narrative, everything worked in favor of the series, and though you might not get blown away after watching it, I am pretty sure that you won’t be bored and you will have a laugh or two in the process.

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What issues was Will facing in his business? 

The Valley Ford Automobile Empire was owned by Will’s father, and there were many car repair and service stores under the franchise throughout the country. John had no hope for his son, and he had no trust in his potential. Will wanted to prove his father wrong, and he wanted to show him that he could run a profitable business. But things were not going well for Will, and in comparison, to all the stores under the franchise, his shop had the worst numbers, and they were incurring heavy losses year after year. Will’s cousin, Shane, also worked under him, and he came up with these strange ideas to upscale the business, and that did even greater damage. Will had his intentions in the right place, but he was just not able to succeed. Dave, who worked closely with John and was his right-hand man, came to meet Will and informed him that if his store didn’t show immediate results, then he would have to face the consequences.

Dave suggested that they should provide oil-change service at a cheaper rate as it would attract customers. Will was of the opinion that it would attract the worst kind of customers, who would just come for the discounted oil change prices and wouldn’t avail of any other services. Will was right, actually, because by providing oil change services, they were never going to make noteworthy profits. Will knew that if he had to really make an improvement in the numbers, he would have to find a way to sell tires, as that was where they could make a real profit. Will thought that if he could ask a newspaper to publish an article praising their store, maybe their sales would increase. But that, too, didn’t work in their favor, and Will had to buy advertisement spaces from the newspaper so that they didn’t print anything negative about his store. Obviously, Will’s father wasn’t happy with the outcome, and all he saw was that his son was incurring loss after loss. 

What idea did Shane and Will come up with? 

Shane, in Tires Season 1, came up with many weird strategies, and Will at first never approved them, but then somehow he always got convinced. At first, Will and Shane believed that the store with the worst number would be shut down, and that’s why they thought that they had to only outperform the Belmont store, which was also not making as much profit. Later, it came to be known that Will’s father was planning to shut down the entire franchise. Everybody from Will to Dave got a bit stressed, and they really wanted some miracle to happen that would make John see the potential in the business. Shane really wanted to implement one of his bizarre ideas, and he told Will that they should learn something from the marketing gimmicks employed by the chiropractors. Shane showed Will how they used attractive girls to lure people to watch their videos. Shane said that if there were girls sporting a bikini and offering a car wash, then more customers would come to their store. The moment Shane started speaking, Will knew that it was a bad idea, but once again, Shane worked his magic and made Will agree to implement the idea. The idea did bring them customers, and they were able to sell a few tires, but it was not enough to prove to John’s father that it had potential. There were many other trivial matters that kept creating issues in Will’s personal and professional life, and by the end, he was really frustrated at how things were turning out to be. No matter what he did or how much he convinced everybody, nothing worked in his favor. 

Did Will’s father close his store? 

In Tires, season 1, Lydia, who was the representative of Marilyn Mufflers, with whom John was in talks to sell his franchise, came to Will’s store to assess the state of things. At that time, the bikini girls were working there, and Will didn’t want Lydia to find out about it, as he had not informed his father that they were doing something like that. Will knew that his father would be very annoyed if he found out that they were doing such stuff, and so Will and Shane tried their level best to hide things. But Lydia eventually found out, and to make matters worse, Will had a heated argument with her in the end, and she stormed out of the store. Lydia, just before leaving, told Will that she would fire everybody the moment she took charge of things. Will’s father finally gave him a call, and he told him that he was going to come and meet him in person. Will was very stressed, and he just wanted to make the right impression in front of his father. He wanted to convince him to not close the store, and he was just thinking of ways to do that.

Will’s father arrived at the wrong time, when the former was having some fun with the boys. He shouted at Will in front of all the employees and told them to hand over the keys to the store. John was just done bearing all the losses, and he had no hope in his son. Will lost his temper, and he took off the t-shirt that had the Valley Ford Automobile Empire logo on it and stormed out of the shop. Shane didn’t show it, but he cared for his cousin, and surprisingly, he had already done some background research on the matter. Shane went to John, and he showed him statistically how Will’s idea to sell tires at a cheaper rate was profitable for the company. When John saw the numbers, he was also amazed, and he was convinced that Will’s idea had some potential. John gave a call to Will at the end of Tires season 1, and he told him that his co-workers really cared for him and gave him the good news that he was not going to close the store. Will might not have had a lot of accomplishments to boast about in his life, but this one time, he really turned the odds in his favor and pulled out a victory from the jaws of defeat.

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