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Love is an uninvited guest. It aims to bring two people together. However, none can summon or dissolve it at will. That is the best and worst part of it. Together Together is a story of two individuals who enter an arrangement to produce a baby together and keep boundaries between them, but soon realize that they are too perfect for each other.

Together Together is a hilarious ride written and directed by Nikole Beckwith. Much of the narrative is supported by its strong leads, Ed Helms and Patti Harrison.

‘Together Together’ Summary

Matt (Ed Helms) is a middle-aged app developer who is still single and doesn’t feel the need to get married. However, he wants to become a father and for it, he hires a surrogate, Anna (Patti Harrison), a 26-year-old beautiful woman who works in a coffee shop. Anna agrees for surrogacy to support her further studies and get enrolled in a law college and Matt has designed an app like Tinder that is booming enough to pay for the arrangement.

In a span of 9 months, through a series of counseling, hospital visits, and casual meetings, the two individuals get to know each other. Matt starts liking Anna and it becomes obvious but for Anna, he is too old and she has a life ahead of her. She wants to get into a law college and fulfill her dreams. Matt is understanding enough to accept her reasons and therefore the two individuals maintain boundaries between themselves. However, their starts are beating at the same rhythm though they wish to be in denial.

The film is an exploration of their stubborn attitudes to decline the presence of the love they share. Will they embrace it after the baby is born or walk on their different paths.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Together Together’ Ending Explained

During the ending weeks of Anna’s delivery, she tells Matt about the college letter from Beneton college. Anna fears that she is going to lose Matt and miss the baby. But Matt convinces her that they’ll be strong like they are. He feels proud of her and convinces her to pursue her dreams.

Matt’s words symbolize that their relationship will thrive. Anna will finish her law degree and Matt will look after the baby. At that moment, Anna realizes that Matt supports her dream. It is their gesture of love. She confesses her love to him and Matt does the same.

The film climaxes with the arrival of the baby but hints that these three individuals will someday be called Family.

Together Together is not a meaty narrative. Writer-director Nikole Beckwith has filmed a subtle and hilarious tale around two individuals who are soon going to experience parenthood. Their journey is filled with ups and downs between people divided by an age gap of 20 years. For Anna, it’s just a baby, but for Matt, it’s the beginning of something. And when Anna realizes this, she subtly prepares Matt to become a better father.

My most favorite layer in the film is their act of ignoring the baby’s gender. They name it lamp until the baby is born because the lamp has no gender. However, during the baby shower, Matt’s mother confidently labels the upcoming baby as a boy. Uneasiness on Anna’s face is clearly visible but she is also worried about how Matt is going to raise the baby if she is a girl. In a striking scene, Matt awkwardly demonstrates to her how to use a tampon during periods. Matt feels embarrassed, to which Anna comments that if he is embarrassed, he will remember this forever. She was in a way teaching him to be a better father to a daughter if she isn’t around.

The film is filled with such moving sequences. Nikole Beckwith underlines that many individuals like Matt claim themselves to be progressive but what it means to be one is a totally different story. In her lenses, Matt is a cute and adorable man who is learning to be a father. Along with such important comments, their journey is extremely ticklish and is going to make you smile throughout. Together Together is an important film that shouldn’t be missed.

Together Together is a 2021 comedy-drama film written and directed by Nikole Beckwith. The film is available for Video On Demand.

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