‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Katagiri Leave His Job?


Samantha had finally achieved her dream of opening her own club, and not only was she doing good business, but she also had a lot of loyal customers. In the previous episode of Tokyo Vice, we saw that after all the evidence was burned, Jake realized that he had no option but to give up on his quest, at least for the time being. Katagiri, too, decided to stay away from the Japanese mafia, as he feared that they would hurt his family. So, let’s find out what happened in the second episode of HBO’s Tokyo Vice and if Jake and Katagiri are able to let go of Tozawa and his gang.

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Did Samantha hire Claudine back?

Samantha was distraught when she heard about her friend Polina’s death. Polina was probably the first friend she made when she came to Tokyo. She was there for her when nobody else was. Polina always made sure that Samantha didn’t feel alone, and now all those memories were coming back to Samantha, and she kept thinking about how she could go back in time and save her. Samantha got angry at Jake for asking her about Polina because he wanted to publish an article. She told him to go away, as she was not in a mental space where she could talk. Samantha drank that night because she wanted to drown in her grief. She called her old friend Erika many times, probably because she wanted to confide in somebody, but the latter didn’t pick up her phone.

Approximately two months after this incident, Samantha’s club became fully functional, and she named it after her late friend Polina. Business was good, and Samantha made a lot of loyal customers, but she realized over a period of time that one of the girls was stealing from her. She knew who it was, and she made up her mind to confront her. The top performer in her group was a girl named Claudine, and Samantha had found out that she was the one who was stealing from her. Samantha confronted Claudine, and the latter responded with a lot of arrogance. She knew she was good at what she did, and she told Samantha that even if she was stealing, she deserved that money. Samantha got agitated, and she fired her. Samantha knew that Ishida and his men would ask her to take her back, but she was firm about her decision, and she decided to not change it at any cost.

In Tokyo Vice episode 2, Sato finally came to meet Samantha, and after an awkward conversation, he asked her to take Claudine back as many influential customers who liked her had stopped coming to the club, and so the overall profit had come down. Samantha told Sato that she had clearly stated from the beginning that until she was able to pay the rent, she would be the sole person who would make the decision. Though Sato went back, Samantha knew that she needed the guy named Ohno to come back to her club. Samantha went to Erika and requested that she join her club. Erika now had a kid, and she was quite reluctant to do so, but in the end, she was convinced. Samantha called Ohno-san and asked him to give her one more chance. Ohno decided to come back, but he told Samantha that he wanted only her at his table and nobody else. Samantha agreed, and she was relieved that she had overcome her first obstacle successfully.

What did Hayama want to do?

Hayama was the eldest son of the Chihara-kai family, and now that he had come back, Ishida made him the “Wakagashira.” Sato was made his subordinate and given the position of Wakagashira Daiko. There was some tension between Hayama and Sato that could be felt at the table, though neither of them said anything to each other. Hayama was of a very attacking mindset, and he told Ishida that now that Tozawa was probably not around, he was going to take back all the territories that earlier belonged to them. Tozawa had encroached upon their territory earlier, and he took advantage of the fact that Ishida had some ideals and did not resort to violent tactics. But now, Hayama wanted to change how things were done in the Chihara Kai group. Sato didn’t like that, but he knew that he was not in a position to voice his opinions. The first territory they claimed was Kabukicho, and from that point on, Hayama made it very clear that there would be war if the Tozawa gang tried to retaliate. There would be repercussions from his actions, which he probably couldn’t see right now, but he had disturbed the delicate balance of things, and Sato knew it was not the right approach.

Did Katagiri leave his job?

Katagari was doing a desk job, and though he was getting bored, he knew that as long as he did not interfere in Tozawa’s affairs, his family would be safe. That was the only motivation he had, and time and again, he felt like following his impulses. In Tokyo Vice Episode 2, he was randomly called to her office by Shoko Nagata, who was a deputy superintendent at the national police agency. She told him that she was told to make a task force to pin down the Japanese mafia, and since Katagiri had so much knowledge about the yakuza, she wanted him to be a part of another team. Katagiri thought for a second, then rejected her offer and came back to his office. Katagiri was dying to take that offer, but he just didn’t want to put the lives of his family in jeopardy. Katagiri met his wife, and though she asked him to leave everything and shift with her to her parents’ city, he made up his mind at that moment to give in to his impulses. Katagiri went to meet Shoko Nagata once again at the end of Tokyo Vice Episode 2, and he asked her what she needed from him. Katagiri would be a part of the special unit, and in the subsequent episodes, we would get to know how it goes down for him.

What happened between Jake and Misaki?

Jake was put on the Bosozuko gang case, and he was able to breach inside the group and make good contacts there. The gang was known for stealing bikes and committing all kinds of other petty crimes. Jake was on probation, not taking any cases that were related to the yakuza. He frequently met Katagiri and asked him if he got to know anything about Tozawa, and apart from that, he did not indulge in anything else. But at the end of Tokyo Vice Episode 2, Jake did something that could have terrible consequences in the future. Jake got a call from Misaki Taniguchi, and he went to meet her at her house. Misaki and Jake got intimate with each other even after knowing that if Tozawa or anybody else got to know about it, then they would be in danger. Jake and Misaki had that kind of energy between them since the very first season, and now they finally gave in.

In the next episode of Tokyo Vice, we will get to know if Misaki came close to Jake because she was actually attracted or if she had ulterior motives behind her actions. As far as Katagiri is concerned, he had voluntarily come back to the swamp, and after that, we will get to know the implications of his actions.

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