‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Was Misaki Misleading Jake?


Yabuki, the second-in-command of the Tozawa group, wanted to maintain a peaceful relationship with the Chihara Kai gang, and we had seen in the previous episode of Tokyo Vice season 2 that he was actively working towards it. He had told his gang members not to encroach upon Chihara Kai’s territory, but his decision wasn’t well received by his own people. The gang members thought that he had become too docile, and if it went on like that, then Hayama would take all that they had. There was some tension between Hayama and Sato, too, but the latter refrained from addressing them, probably because he didn’t want to land in trouble. Jake had committed a blunder in the previous episode when he got intimate with Misaki, and deep down, even he knew that the end result wasn’t going to be very good for him. But still, he took his chances, as he was way too infatuated by the charming lady. So let’s find out what happens in Tokyo Vice episode 3, if Jake lands up in trouble, or if his feelings get reciprocated.

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What deal did Samantha make with Ishida? 

Hayama was coming to Samantha’s club almost every day, and he was causing a lot of ruckus. Obviously, Sato did not interfere in his matters. Samantha was sick and tired of dealing with Hayama, and she wanted to do something about it. Meanwhile, Ohno-san was still asking Samantha to spend some time with him outside of the club. He invited her to his place, and he told her that she could take as much time as she needed. Samantha was obviously reluctant to meet him outside the club, but since he was such an important customer, she couldn’t blatantly say no to him. Claudine, the girl who was fired by Samantha in the previous episode of Tokyo Vice season 2, was actually spying on the man and giving the Chihara Kai gang all the information about an important project that he was working on. Sato told Samantha that since she had fired Claudine now, she would have to do the needful as Ishida was interested in making the deal.

At that moment, Samantha thought of a plan, and she went to meet Ishida in his office. She told him that Ohno-san was inviting her over to her place, and she could easily go there and give Ishida the desired information. She told him that, since it was such an important deal for them, she would want certain things from him. Samantha told Ishida that she would do what was needed if he gave his word that from that moment on, no member of the Chihara Kai gang would enter her club, and also, she would get sole ownership of her property. Additionally, she told Ishida that she wouldn’t pay him 25 percent of her earnings for 6 months, and instead, the time period would be reduced to only 2 months. They both finally agreed that Samantha would have to pay only for the next 3 months, and Ishida told her that she was pretty good at what she did. He told her that if she kept going like that, she would become really successful in the future. Samantha was happy, as finally she was free and she wasn’t answerable to anybody, which meant a great deal for her. 

What did Katagari get worried about after the raid? 

A gang named Hishinuma Kai was operating, which was not as powerful as the Tozawa or Chihara Kai gangs. Nagata decided that they would conduct a raid at their base and put each and every member behind bars. Now, the thing is that they had not committed any crime, but Nagata’s plan was to charge them with the crime of “obstructing a police officer.” Nagata had planned that she would trigger the members by saying certain things, and she hoped that one of them would assault one of the police officers, which would give them a reasonable cause to arrest them. Nagata knew that she was improvising and bending the rules a little bit, but as long as it put the perpetrator behind bars, she was fine with it. So, together with Katagari and her entire team, Nagata conducted a crackdown at the Hishinuma Kai base. As she wanted, a member put a hand on her shoulder, and that was enough for her to bring down the establishment and take them all into custody. One of the gang members ran after assaulting Katagari, and the latter went after him. Katagari and the goon exchanged blows, and the latter got hold of Katagari’s gun. He pointed the gun at Katagiri, and at that moment, Katagari felt as if he was going to die. Though the goon threw the gun and ran away from there, Katagari knew that he had made a near escape and could have very easily lost his life there. That moment made Katagari think about the consequences that his actions could have. He knew that every move they were making would have some kind of repercussion on their lives, and that’s why, when the entire police department was celebrating, he didn’t feel like joining them. He told Nagata what was going on in his mind, and she assured him that they would go all guns blazing and not give the gangs a chance to get the better of them. 

Was Misaki misleading Jake? 

Jake had gotten intimate with Misaki in the previous episode of Tokyo Vice season 2, and he kept meeting her on a regular basis. Jake knew that he was falling for the woman, even though it had been only a month since he had seen her. Misaki told him to be patient and cautious for the time being, as she knew how insecure Tozawa was as an individual. Nobody knew where Tozawa was, and that’s why Jake felt like there was no harm in making their relationship public. He even invited Misaki to come with him to Missouri, as he wanted her to meet his parents. Jake took Misaki as his date to an event that was happening in the US embassy. It was a risky thing to do, but Jake didn’t care, and he just wanted Misaki to accept him wholeheartedly in his life. He wanted to normalize meeting outside and going on dates, something Misaki time and again told them couldn’t happen as Tozawa’s men were everywhere. In that party Jake became really persistent and asked Misaki to be with him. Misaki saw somebody at the party who she believed to be a close aide of Tozawa, and she ran away from there as she feared that he would see her.

The biggest twist came at the end of Tokyo Vice episode 3, when it was revealed that Tozawa was still alive and that he was with Misaki. Misaki was acting on Tozawa’s orders, and they were probably laying a trap for Jake, and quite evidently, he had fallen for it. Why Tozawa was in hiding and what was going on in his mind is something that we will discover in the subsequent episodes, but one thing that we know for sure is that Jake is in deep trouble, and he needs a miracle to come out of this particular situation.

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