Tommaso In ‘Supersex’ Explained: Is Rocco’s Half-Brother Based On A Real Person?


There were many people in Rocco’s life who supported him in his journey and helped him fulfill his dream of becoming an adult film star. We saw in Supersex that Tomaso, Rocco’s half-brother, played a key role in his life, and had it not been for him, he wouldn’t have been able to find his footing in a city like Paris. Yes, things did go sour for both the brothers, and both of them stopped talking to each other, but what couldn’t be denied is the fact that there was a lot of love between them. The character of Tommaso has been prolifically played by Adriano Giannini on screen, and the actor has managed to put forth a nuanced performance. So let’s find out if the character of Tommaso is based on the real-life brother of Rocco Siffredi or not and what kind of impact he had on Rocco’s life in the series.

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Is Tommaso’s character based on a real-life person? 

Though Rocco Siffredi did have an elder brother, the makers took a lot of creative liberties while writing Tommaso’s character, and most of what we saw in the series was a work of fiction. According to my research, it is true that when Siffredi grew up, he went to Paris to live with his brother. Rocco’s brother at first didn’t like the idea of him joining the adult film industry, but then he gave in when he realized how much Rocco wanted it. It is true that Rocco was staying at his brother’s house when he went to that swinger’s club, and he was spotted by Gabriel Pontello. Even the character of Lucia was a work of fiction, and it could be said that she was an amalgamation of many girls whom Rocco had been with. It is shown in the series that Rocco was romantically inclined towards Lucia, but nothing like that happened in real life. The characters of Lucia and even Tommaso were created to inculcate some conflicts in the narrative that could drive it ahead. It is shown in the series that Rocco idolizes his elder brother and dreams of becoming like him one day. Tommaso was shown as this extravagant man who lived life on the edge but loved his brothers more than anything else in the world. In real life, we do not know what kind of man Rocco’s elder brother was or if he shared the same equation with his siblings as it is shown in the series since there is almost negligible information available about him. 

What conflicts did Tommaso have with Rocco? 

The entire conflict between Tommaso and Rocco that we saw in the series was a work of fiction, but still, let’s take a look at incidents that led to Tommaso hating his brother so much that he didn’t see him for the longest time. Tommaso was like a father figure to Rocco, and when he came to Paris, he allowed him to work in his cafe. Firstly, Tommaso had a problem with Rocco working in the adult film industry, and secondly, he felt that his wife, Lucia, was having an affair with Rocco behind his back. That suspicion ate Tommaso from within, and he became very resentful. Tommaso’s mind started playing tricks on him, and he started assuming things that were not happening in reality. Tommaso connected the dots that never existed, and in his mind, he made a narrative according to which Lucia and Rocco were meeting each other behind his back. One time, his suspicion and distrust grew so much that he almost stabbed Rocco to death. Now, Rocco did have a problem with the way his brother treated Lucia. But whenever Rocco told him anything, Tommaso believed that he was saying so because he was in love with his wife. But Tommaso’s suspicions and whatever he felt were unfounded until the very end of the series. Lucia never deserved the kind of treatment she was subjected to. In the beginning, it felt like it was Lucia who was going out and having extramarital affairs with people, but soon, Rocco came to the realization that his brother forced her to go and sleep with other men for money. Even when Lucia was pregnant, Tommaso forced her to go and get intimate with other men for money, and that’s when Rocco intervened and told his brother not to treat her in such a manner. 

Did Tommaso die at the end? 

Tommaso and Rocco didn’t talk for the longest time, almost for a period of 10 years. People believed that Tommaso had died, but Rocco’s heart told him otherwise and he didn’t agree with anybody. He knew that his brother was alive and that one day, he would come and meet him. Rocco was right, as Tommaso did come back, but not because he wanted to meet his brother. Lucia was getting married to Jean-Claude. Tommaso went to the church, and he pointed a gun at Lucia. Lucia knew that he wouldn’t do anything to her, and she went up to him and told him how happy she was to see him once again. After Lucia got married, Tommaso didn’t have anything to look forward to in his life. Rocco saw what his brother had become, and he felt very bad for him. Rocco knew that now he couldn’t help his brother in any manner, and no matter how much he tried, he wouldn’t be able to heal him. 

At the end of Supersex, Rocco made sure that Tommaso reached his house, and once the latter fell asleep, he left from there knowing that probably it was the last time he was seeing his brother. We heard a gunshot in the end, and it was indicative of the fact that Tommaso had taken his own life. Tommaso didn’t have a very happy life. He was always told by Rocco’s brothers that he was not a part of their family since he was the illegitimate son of their father. Tommaso craved a sense of belonging that he never got. He loved Lucia with all his heart, but he did things with her that she didn’t deserve. Lucia didn’t give up on her relationship with Tommaso, but then there came a time when she realized that there was no hope left and that Tommaso would never be the same guy with whom she fell in love ever again. 

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