‘Tomorrow’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Choi Jung-Woon Save Namgung Jae-Soo?


Previously in the series, our unemployed protagonist, Choi Jung-Woon, meets with an accident while saving a man from committing suicide. He then winds up in the underworld and joins the team of Crisis Management in Jumadeung after careful consideration. He follows his team leader, Koo Ryeon, and fellow member Lim Ryung-Gu around, saving different people from committing suicide due to being pushed too far. He saves Noh Eun-Bi, an interviewer, with the help of his team, and also uncovers some of the secrets Jumadeung has been hiding. He has to work for Jumadeung so that he can wake up in six months rather than linger for three years to escape his comatose state. The ending of “Tomorrow,” episode 2, shared a glimpse of what was to come in episode 3. Choi Jung-Woon meets his best friend, who is on the verge of ending his own life.

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Episode 3: Recap

Episode 3 begins with a meeting held with the Jade Emperor and the leaders of the different departments in Jumadeung, where they decide the fate of Choi Jung-Woon: whether he will work for six months or remain in a coma for three long years. During the meeting, Koo Ryeon took pity on him and hired him for her department. Choi then follows Ryeon and Ryung-Gu to their office, where they take the “hellevator” to reach it. Choi is surprised by how normal the office looks compared to the rest of Jumadeung. He gets sworn in and is handed a new identity to work in the human realm and not get recognized. Choi, with his new identity, wanders around in the human realm and then visits his home to share the news with his father’s portrait. While he was taking in the changes, he got notified about his friend’s situation. Namgung: Choi’s long-time best friend is Jae-Soo. He and Choi had bonded over fighting bullies who had taken Je-Soo’s hard-earned shoes. Jae-Soo was taking the police exam for the third time this year, and Choi, meeting with an accident and ending up in the hospital, pushed him over the edge. He kept rigorously studying for the exam, yet he couldn’t seem to clear it for some reason. When Choi went into a coma, Jae-Soo felt as if the whole world had stopped moving for him. He stopped going out of his home; it was as if time had stopped for him.

Due to this, there was a surge in negative energy, and the Crisis Management team was notified. Choi went down to talk sense into his friend, only to be handed over to the police for trespassing. He had forgotten about his new identity when Ryung-Gu came over to help him out. Choi sent Jae-Soo a message saying, “Failure means you should try again,” from a different mobile to cheer him up. Joo-Sae, after seeing the message, ran over to the hospital to check up on Choi. Seeing him unresponsive, he made up his mind to commit suicide. He started drinking, and Choi, with his new identity, made his way over to him to console him. Joo-Sae fell asleep, but the negative percentage was becoming worse. This spurred the team into action. They borrowed the car of the King to travel to the past to cheer him up with fried chicken that he had on his birthday with his father.

Meanwhile, Choi almost died in that hospital when he followed Jae-Soo when he went over to see him and had an altercation with Park Joong-Gil, who was the head of the Grim Reapers escorting souls to Jumadeung. Amidst their altercation with another soul, Heo Na-Young ran away while being escorted to Jumadeung.

Episode 4: Recap

Traveling to the past made Choi realize how bad Joo-Sae and his family’s situation was. His father almost committed suicide for his life insurance so that after his death, he could provide for his family. Choi prevented Joo-Sae’s father from killing himself and also made fried chicken with Koo Ryeon to celebrate little Joo-Sae’s birthday. Meanwhile, Ryung-Gu restrained Joo-Sae from jumping off the roof when suddenly Choi and Ryeon appeared with the fried chicken and talked to Joo-Sae and finally changed his negative energy to positive.

Before they set off on the journey to get fried chicken, Choi made a pitstop and rushed to take his little self to meet with his father, who was going to die on his assignment. At the present time, they had no pictures with their father because he liked to remain behind the lens, so Choi took a picture of his family on the last day before his father set off to have a family picture to remember him by. However, after returning to the present, Ryeon faced punishment for her actions of violating rules and messing with the past. She received a ring that held off her powers for a week.

In “Tomorrow,” episode 4, Koo Ryeon’s past, how she is related to Park Joong-Gil, and the cold tension that almost sets off an outright war are revealed. Park Joong-Gil, the head of the Grim Reapers in charge of escorting the souls to Jumadeung, was Koo Ryeon’s boss in the past before she was tasked with creating a new department to save humans from committing suicide. She used to mainly escort criminals and deal with them accordingly. But, when she was tasked with escorting the soul of a person ready to commit suicide, her first instinct was to save him. This pissed Park Joong-Gil, who was absolutely against saving the poor humans, because he believed that killing oneself was the biggest crime anybody could commit. This set him up to be dead against Koo Ryeon and scold her for not informing him about the decision. He warned her that he would be the end of her if she ever got in his way.

While exiting Jumadeung, the team met with the runaway soul of Heo Na-Young, who simply wanted to save her husband. The Grim Reaper team were already on her track while the Crisis Management team helped hide her while they tried to find a way to decrease the rising negative energy of Kang Woojin, earning the ire of Park Joong-Gil. Heo Na-Young then recounted the story of how she met her husband and how he saved her with an umbrella when she was set on losing her life due to the emptiness she was feeling after losing the one thing she had in life, ballet, to an accident. Kang Woojin, after losing his wife, goes through a mental breakdown. The team sets out with Heo Na-Young to save him. “Tomorrow” episode 4 ends with Kang Woojin blaming himself and also getting blamed for his wife’s death. It is up to the team to get Kang Woojin to communicate with them so that they can turn his negative energy into positive.

‘Tomorrow’ Episode 3 And 4: Ending Explained

Episode 3 ends with Choi Jung-Woon and Park Joong-Gil being lured into a cult prayer room in lieu of meeting the director, aka Jade King. Instead, they were asked for money and shown a picture of a shaman to offer their prayers. Both of them felt stupid, and most probably, Park Joong-Gil escorted them to hell personally. Tomorrow, Episode 4 ends with Choi and Ryeon making fried chicken for little Jae-Soo. They were finding their way through the kitchen and then traveled to meet little Jae-Soo, wearing a yellow and black chicken suit. Choi sang a birthday song while Ryeon wished him with a stoic face. A little behind the scenes to help ease the episode and provide comic relief.

The two episodes of “Tomorrow” deal with the loss of loved ones faced by humans. Their memories and the pain of losing them kept one from returning to normal life for a long time. The loss affects us in ways we cannot imagine. From blaming ourselves to blaming others for their death, it can be harmful to everyone. It creates a mental strain that drives the strongest of all to the depths of depression with no way out. Everyone has a way to deal with the pain left behind after losing somebody very close. However, a healthier way to cope is to talk about the pain instead of hiding away and surrendering to it. Grieving is a way to cope with the pain. Not grieving and feeling numb may not be a healthy way to get through the pain. Psychiatrists and therapists are always ready to help anybody suffering from a loss. Friends and family are there to help as well. Communication is the key to making it easier to deal with.

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