‘Tomorrow’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – Was Choi Jung-Woon Able To Help The Old Man?


Previously, in “Tomorrow,” Choi Jung-Woon and his team were tasked with confronting his best friend, Namgung Jae-Soo, when he had lost himself under the immense pressure of not passing the exam even after taking it thrice and also losing Choi to a coma. He had made up his mind to end his life before the Crisis Management Team intervened and saved him. While dealing with Jae-Soo, our team stumbles upon a runaway soul. They had to keep her from being whisked away by the escort team so as to save her husband, who was on the verge of ending his life too. She insisted on her story being heard to give them an insight into Kang Woojin to help them save him. She was the only person who could save him, so she resisted the escorts and held on to make sure he did not end his life. The episode ended with Kang Woojin blaming himself for her accident while conversing with Koo Ryeon, who was posing as a psychiatrist.

‘Tomorrow’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending

The episode begins with a flashback of Koo Ryeon’s past life. While Kang Woojin reminisces about his life with Heo Na-Young, Koo Ryeon gets flashbacks of her life and happy marriage. The reminiscence ends with Kang Woojin finally revealing the main reason behind his decision. He has been blamed, and he blames himself for Na-Young’s death. Koo Ryeon goes back to where Choi is with Na-Young and Ryung-Gu and confronts Na-Young. Before Na-Young could open up and explain, they ran into a group of escorts who had found out where Na-Young was held up. Ryung-Gu stays behind to fight off the group of escorts while Choi, Na-Young, and Ryeon run back towards the hospital, where they encounter Park Joong-Gil. On their way to the hospital, Na-Young tells Choi and Ryeon about Kang Woojin’s past. He was first blamed by his father for his mother’s death before committing suicide. Little Woojin never celebrated his birthday without being berated by his father. After his father’s death, Woojin was adopted by well-wishers who treated him as their own. They became the reason for little Woojin’s happiness. However, this happiness was short-lived as they lost their lives in an accident while Woojin was in high school. After their deaths, Woojin almost lost the will to live before music ultimately saved him. He contacted a band playing in public and learned how to play guitar. He fell in love and found his solace in music. Through music and his songs, Woojin met Heo Na-Young. Woojin loved Na-Young with all his heart, and she became the sun that his world revolved around.

They reach the hospital and search for Woojin when he is not found in his bed. While searching for him, they ultimately get opposed by Park Joong-Gil, who is here to escort Na-Young to Jumadeung. Koo Ryeon tried to reason with him to no avail, so she agreed to a Reaper’s Guarantee of Responsibility Contract, which cannot be ruled over by the Jade King either. This contract guarantees help to the Reaper who asks for it, but in exchange, that Reaper has to listen to every demand of the other Reaper they are asking for help from. The Reaper asking for help cannot run away or refuse. Koo Ryeon signed that contract to guarantee an undisputed time of 2 hours for Na-Young to save her husband. She is not allowed to leave the hospital during this time.

Kang Woojin was found leaning on the railings of the stairs, ready to jump after he witnessed the funeral of Na-Young and was blamed for her death by her parents. He believed in them and thought himself to be a blight on this earth. Koo Ryeon, on arriving at the scene, tried her best to reason with him, but that ended up with him jumping because he was too far gone. She rushed to save him and, with her weak magic, enabled Na-Young to meet Woojin for the last time in the Jumadeung Garden to have a talk with him. Na-Young made Woojin promise to live out his life and be happy because he never blamed him for her death. She made him realize her love for him was too strong and that if this happened again, she would happily choose his life over hers. She swore to him that she would be waiting for him after he lived out his life. Woojin accepts her requests and goes back feeling happy after a long time. Na-Young, happy that she saved her husband, returns to the escorts and lets herself be escorted to Jumadeung. Woojin goes back to making music and dedicating his love for her through songs.

The episode ends with a past recollection by Park Joong-Gil, where the Jade King is seen announcing the arrival of the new department of Crisis Management. The reason behind the construction of this department is the increase in the number of souls in both the afterlife and Hell. There had been a drastic increase in suicide cases, which led to the rise in the number of souls in Hell. This called for the Jade King to take action and help the humans in pain prolong their lives instead of giving in to the pain.

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‘Tomorrow’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending

This episode features a peaceful beginning where the King is seen watering her flowers, and Na-young accompanies her while they discuss the latest case. Lee Young-Chun, a 91-year-old man who lives alone, has only a day to live, yet he wishes to take his life the day before it is set to end. The King tasks the Risk Management Team to listen to that old man’s plight and prevent him from taking his life before he dies of natural causes. The team sets forth to investigate the reason behind Young-Chun’s last wish.

They reach his home to find out that Young-Chun has been living in the slums. They start by cleaning up his home, and Choi is sent to run errands and pick up cleaning tools. Here, Choi runs into Young-Chun, picking up trash as his livelihood. Choi helps him by pulling his cart up to his house, but they get confronted by goons who threaten the old man to vacate the place for a redevelopment scheme. The goons start causing trouble, and Choi teaches them a lesson after he has had enough. After teaching them a lesson, he escorts Young-Chun back home, where Young-Chun finds out that they are grim reapers. Young Chun is surprised but easily accepts the fact. The team comes to know that he is actually a war veteran, left alone by the ravages of war, which had left him bereft of any family.

Young-Chun is asked if he wanted to do something meaningful, to which he replies that he simply wanted to finish his tasks and enjoy the sunset. The team helps him by collecting the trash that he takes to the junkyard, where he gives all his money to the guy who owns the junkyard and has to shut it down. Young-Chun offered him the money and refused to take his dues for the present work, telling him to buy something good for his kids. He seemed to know about the owner’s financial restraints. Young-Chun finally confesses that if he had known that his life would be so difficult, he’d have chosen not to volunteer to fight for his country’s freedom. The war veteran never found peace postwar. He had to leave his mother to volunteer for the war, where he could not get close to anybody. The Korean War took so many lives. The battlefield became a grave whenever a person lost attention. He lost his senior to a gunshot to the head when the senior saved him from being disoriented. The 1950s were an era of turmoil for the Korean people that destroyed too many cities and lives. His only friend, Dong-Chil, almost lost his life in the war. Young-Chun saved Dong-Chil, only for him to wake up and blame him for his missing leg. The war veteran seemed to have a very unpleasant life postwar. When he returned home, he witnessed his house blown to smithereens and his mother nowhere to be found. He never got the respect he deserved for fighting for his country and regretted his choice. His post-traumatic stress disorder gets worse after the war. This cost him not only a happy life but also a proper job. Nobody seemed to remember Sergeant Lee Young-Chun, and he was afraid of dying alone.

Before his life was set to end, however, Choi had posted Young-Chun’s picture with an account of his bravery on social media. That helped people reach out to him and thank him for his services, finally giving him the respect he deserved. His long-lost friend Dong-Chil reached out to thank him for talking sense into him and saving his life in the war. Koo Ryeon also takes Young-Chun to show him a glimpse of the country he saved to help the man get over his regrets. Both Park Young-Gil and Koo Ryeon went to the King to request her to allow the head to escort the war veteran to give him a proper send-off while Young-Chun was taking his last breaths. Park Young-gil came to visit the dying man to recount his own tale and salute his courage and bravery, which he had witnessed on the battlefield while escorting the fallen soldiers. The King, disagreeing at first, surprised Koo Ryeon by coming with all the escorts of Jumadeung to give the hero a respectful send-off that he had lacked in his entire life. He had taken his life without the due love and respect he deserved, and he was instead blessed by the King personally while he took his last breath. He received a soldier’s salute and was escorted with dignity. Hundreds of escorts followed him to Jumadeung, where he was reunited with his mother. Overjoyed, a young Lee Young-Chun hugs his mother tightly and converses with her while they move on to the afterlife.

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Choi Jung-Woon And Tribute To The Fallen Heroes

In the epilogue of the fifth episode, Woojin is seen serenading a song for Na-Young. He pours out his love and affection through this song and impresses the crowd of onlookers as they cheer him on. He is seen as happier and at peace with himself after he has accepted himself and Na-Young’s absence. His ring serves as a tribute to Na-Young and keeps him happy. The epilogue of the sixth episode concludes with Choi dragging Young-Chun to take a picture of himself. The photographer treats him with respect and frames his picture over all the others he had framed as a salute to the war veteran, while Choi cheers him on and makes him comfortable enough to take the picture.

The two episodes also focus on losing someone and dealing with the aftereffects. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a disorder faced by people after they have gone through something really traumatic. In Woojin’s case, it was losing everybody he loved, and in Young Chun’s case, it was losing everything and everybody after the war. Both cases have different causes but are relatively similar. PTSD can prevent a person from living a normal, happy life. With help, it does become easier to deal with. However, war is a nasty thing, and its destruction may last for years, if not decades. When a war breaks out, it is the soldiers who fight for their country without hesitation. Yet, in the decades postwar, people sought to forget its glorious heroes who laid down their lives to ensure normal citizens lived a worry-free life. All the war veterans, except a lucky few, are forgotten, veiled away, and never mentioned. These people simply seem to exist, only remembered if they are found by others. Most disturbed by the events of war cannot seem to live a normal life and die alone without even receiving a send-off. The sixth episode was thinly veiled as a tribute to those people. Even after developing so much, large-scale wars still seem to exist, affecting cities and their people. Mankind never seems to cease war after all. The only way to move on is to pick up the pieces and maintain a façade of rebuilding before it is destroyed again.

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