‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ Ending, Explained: Janek Or Maciek – Who Did Nina Choose In The End?


The Polish romantic drama “Tonight you’re sleeping with me” is as predictable as a run-of-the-mill production can get. From the first minute of the film, it is established that Nina and her husband, Maciek, did not share a healthy marriage. She tried to put in an effort, but he always ignored her. But Nina was in denial and was convinced that her husband had his own way of showing his affection. While they both were working parents, Maciek expected Nina to take care of their kids and their household. Even on days when Nina was bogged down with work, Maciek barely cooperated. Nina did not realize the distance that had grown between her and Maciek until her ex-lover, Janek, returned to her life.

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‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Nina and Janek used to be lovers a long time ago when Janek was still in high school, and Nina had started her career in journalism. They did not go public with their relationship, knowing the kind of prejudice they would face. They were so in love that they decided the names of their children during their courtship. Janek was surprised to find that Nina had named her two daughters the names that they had decided for their offspring. Janek returned to Poland after spending ten years in Amsterdam. He received a job offer at the same company where Nina worked. Nina was heading the fashion and lifestyle department, and Janek joined as a trainee. Janek did not expect to find the woman he was once madly in love with on his first day in Poland. Even after ten years, there was a spark between them, but Nina decided not to give it a thought.

Nina did not remember about the anniversary party she was supposed to organize at her place. She called her husband for help, but he was busy as usual. Even though she had a busy schedule, she was forced to excuse herself from work to bring her daughters home and cook dinner. She was irritated to find that Maciek had called her mother to help Nina with the chores. Nina was not in favor of involving her parents in her daily problems. When she returned home, she saw her father helping with the decorations. Her father could see how Nina was struggling, and he blamed Maciek for not helping her out. Even though Nina was upset about Maciek, she chose not to complain. She was quite grateful to Maciek for choosing to be with her even when she struggled with ADHD. While Nina thought she was impossible to live with, her father secretly believed that she deserves someone better. Nina hoped to spend a romantic anniversary night with Maciek, but he lacked passion, and they barely got any time to spend alone.

While Nina tried her best to adjust her schedule according to Maciek, she was frustrated when he announced that he would be traveling to Iceland sooner than he had initially planned. Nina never stopped him from going on month-long expeditions in Iceland because he used to travel during the time when Nina had relatively fewer duties. But this time, Nina could not help but think of how selfish it was of Maciek to leave her alone with all the responsibilities. He did not care much about her and left for the trip. Nina tried to manage it all by herself, but when her daughter, Zuzia, fell sick, she called Janek for help.

How Did Maciek Find Out About Janek And Nina?

Janek brought Nina and her children food and candy, as well as the medicines she had requested. It was his caring nature that Nina was attracted to, and she was glad to have him back in her life. Lena started to appreciate Janek for the candies he brought home, but Zuzia did not enjoy his proximity to her mother. When Maciek called one day, Lena informed him that a man named Janek was helping their mother take care of them. Maciek was surprised to hear the name for the first time and asked Nina about him. Nina explained that Janek was her colleague, but Maciek was not comfortable with the idea of a stranger helping Nina. He called her mother and asked her to assist Nina. Nina wanted to figure out her responsibilities alone, and she was not too pleased to see her mother. With every wrong decision Maciek took, Nina started to feel more and more detached. She sought comfort in Janek, who understood her better and valued her the most. She decided to give their relationship a chance, and the two instantly became inseparable.

Nina felt guilty when Maciek questioned her about working late. She was in love with Janek and wanted to be with him, but the guilt was all too consuming. Nina shared the truth with her mother, and her only advice was to wait it out. Nina knew that it was impossible for her to simply forget about Janek, and she wanted her mother to support her decision. While her mother agreed to always be by her daughter’s side, she believed that it was always better to choose what was best for the family. It would be better for her to suffer alone by staying than to scar the lives of every member of her family by leaving. The next day at work, when Janek stated that he received a job offer from their rival company, Nina asked him to accept it. She discussed with him how impossible it was for them to be together, and she wanted to end it all. Janek was not ready to give up on them so easily. Meanwhile, Maciek met a stranger in Iceland who made him realize how important it is to value the people who are always there. All his life, the stranger never valued his girlfriend, but when she suffered and died from cancer, he realized that he should have been there for her. This made Maciek think about Nina, and he decided to fix their marriage before it ever became too late to do so.

Nina stayed away from Janek for a few days, but after she discussed her trouble with her father, she realized that maybe giving up on love was not the only option she had. Her father went through a similar situation, and he chose his family in the end. But, years later, he couldn’t help but wonder if children can ever be happy if their parents are unhappy. Nina could not appreciate the relationship her parents shared because of the way her mother behaved with her father, and she decided not to repeat the same mistake her father made. She made love to Janek soon after, but unfortunately, she had mistakenly dialed Maciek’s number. When Maciek received the call, he could hear Nina and Janek sharing a moment of passion. He called later that night and confronted Nina about her relationship with Janek. She was embarrassed about the entire situation and wanted to discuss it face-to-face with Maciek. Before leaving for Iceland, she informed Janek about her decision to leave. She loved him, and the only reason she was traveling to Iceland was to discuss her end of the situation with Maciek. She had been married to the man for nine years, and she believed that he deserved a proper explanation.

‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ Ending Explained: What Led To Maciek’s Accident? What Did Nina Decide In The End?

On his way to the airport, Maciek found a man who had fallen into the crevasse. He called the Iceland Rescue Team, but the call got disconnected midway. He decided not to waste a minute, and he climbed down the crevasse to rescue the man. A woman from the rescue team went to the airport to drive Nina to Maciek’s location. While Maciek managed to climb down, when he tried to climb up to make a call, he fell into the crevasse. Maciek was able to save the stranger, but at the expense of his own life. Nina was taken to the hospital, where she was informed by the doctor that Maciek was in critical condition and eventually went into a coma. Meanwhile, Janek waited for Nina, and he was heartbroken when she stated that she would not be able to return anytime soon. Janek disconnected the call before she could explain herself.

The next day, Janek called and apologized for his behavior. He did not wish to end their relationship on a bitter note. She turned around and saw Janek walk towards her. Both Janek and Nina were in love, but their situation was beyond their control. Janek decided to step back and allow Nina some space to realize what she truly wanted. When Maciek regained consciousness, all he wanted to do was express his love for Nina. He wanted a second chance at their marriage. When he tried to hold Nina’s hand, he realized that he could not move it. Nina comforted him and assured him that everything was going to be alright. That day, when Nina left the hospital, she knew she had a decision to make. She wanted to do what her heart desired, but the situation she was in made it almost impossible. The one moment when she knew who she wanted to be with in life, life forced her to reconsider her decision. Given his physical condition, she may be unable to leave Maciek. Nina had hoped that she would not make the same mistake as her father, but she quickly realized that leaving one’s family is not an easy decision.

“Tonight you’re sleeping with me” is about Nina sacrificing her love to be there when her family needed her the most. Nina was afraid of becoming a bitter person like her parents as a result of their unhappy marriage. She was ready to be with the person who made her happy, but the choice was not an easy one. Even though she was not in love with Maciek, she wanted to be there for him. Maybe one day Nina will be able to follow her heart, but the chances are slim. Maybe she will try to work out her marriage with Maciek and stick to the “right” choice just like her parents did. The brief time she spent with Janek taught her what love should be, and maybe Maciek will learn to value and appreciate Nina knowing how close he was to losing her.

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