‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 5 Episodes 5, 6, And 7 Review: Setting Fires Between The Contestants


Watching episodes 5, 6, and 7 of Too Hot To Handle has made us think that embarrassment has left the chat. Hollywood has clearly fallen on desperate times, and episode after episode of derivative drivel is all that they are able to manage, which is rather heartbreaking. We don’t, for a second, believe that any of this is happening for real in the show, but we will play along for the sake of it and criticize or praise accordingly.

Picking up from episode 4, Isaac has decided to be with Yazmin, and sadly, even Christine has decided to be with Louis. We never realized that he was that likable. But Trey is roaming around very neglected, despite having been an instant hot favorite. If Hannah had to approach him, we are sure that she should have had a better game than whatever she did. But why did she feel the need to approach him anyway? Why do these people keep forgetting that fighting the attraction is what is going to get them the money? What do they want to see when they say they want to find out where it goes? It leads to poverty, of course!

We quite liked that Lana really cracked down hard on Christine and Louis. They needed to be taught to keep their hands to themselves and to think about others. Frankly, if the amount had actually stayed at $98000 or dipped further down to $50000, nobody would have been left with an incentive to care about the game, and they would have handled the heat as they pleased because abstinence led them to nothing, not even good money. Yet, it made no sense that the plot of Louis, Hannah, and Christine was just shifted to Yazmin, Isaac, and Hannah. Whatever happened to the Pisces-Scorpio connection and the whole scene with her being a Latina and exactly Isaac’s type?

Maybe Yazmin did a good thing by calling him a frog face in their first meeting. He deserves a few more insults. Christine does warn Yazmin that Isaac has the tendencies of a player, and in true-blue Pisces style, Yazmin decides to take things slow. It is not like taking things fast in a setting like Too Hot To Handle is going to do them any good. Isaac may be a lot more good-looking than a frog face, but he is not that bright if he doesn’t see the practicality of it all and is ready to make losses because a girl approached him. On that note, we are spotting two beds with just girls and just boys. Why are they not trying to get involved with each other? It would be fun to watch Dre get tempted by something. He is a self-appointed inspector who is miserable at his job. It would be awesome if he was miserable otherwise in the game, and he was the one to cost some money to the players.

Then again, there is Alex. We will admit that we have liked him so far. There is no doubt that a hot love triangle might find him soon, but for now, there is a certain quality to him (the steadfast kind) that gives off a good guy vibe. Alex and Elys have kept their heads on their shoulders and are looking straight ahead, as they should, so they have emerged as the smartest of the group so far. That is probably why Lana rewarded them with watches that could go green. No couple had earned it the way Elys and Alex had. But the possibility of a green signal really made Shakespeare’s soul leave them both. Desperation is what keeps the green light away the most, and Lana is hell-bent on having fun. This couple is proof of why it pays to know how to get emotionally vulnerable instead of being able to understand through an eye contact or whatever nonsensical non-communicative modes of flirting exist. Being “soppy” saves money, precisely $36,000. Now they had to “connect on a deeper level” with a gun to their heads. Communication skills save money and embarrassment, and people need to invest in them more. Way to go, Elys and Alex!

These people are like, “We don’t want to be emotionally vulnerable because it is a defense mechanism”. Well, something else that protects you in the real world is money. Earn it, guys! On a different note, what is the weather like in the place these people are? Their clothing apart, how are the girls wearing so much jewelry and walking around with open hair with the beach just next to them? Doesn’t the humidity and the salty air on their faces make them feel icky all over?

Moving on, Elys and Alex get their green light and their time, but Isaac remains stupid. He could have earned his green light with his Pisces partner, but he had to let go of that for some instant Hannah charm. There is some more lukewarm trouble with the new arrivals, Linzy and Bryce, who have chosen Louis and Elys to go on a date with. Lana is setting some fires here by sending Alex and Christine on a date and giving them the option to spy on their partners and make a decision about whether they want to call them back or trust them instead.

Honestly, Christine was right to not trust Louis, and we have yet to see what happens with Elyse and Alex. To put it a certain way, if Elys had to go with Bryce, she would do it anyway, with or without the date, so it isn’t a matter of trusting her as much as it is about letting things take their own course and saving time. On the other hand, we like Linzy and Dre coming together. Dre has a sense of humor and energy that has been ignored for way too long by the showrunners, and his breaking the rules with a fellow Cancerian is going to be something.

As for next week, we have to see how much more seriously the contestants start taking Dre after his antics with Linzy. We also want to see Louis getting dumped, and on a better note, can Megan find someone nice? It could be Bryce because we feel there is an attraction there, but the bottom line is that she deserves some connections of her own. The episodes have caught up with the entertainment factor, and we have to see where they go now.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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