‘Tooth Pari’ Ending, Explained: Did Rumi And Roy Reunite? What To Expect In Season 2?


When I first watched the trailer for “Tooth Pari,” I hoped that it would not be as bad as I thought it could be. But even with the old-world Calcutta charm and a decent cast, “Tooth Pari” fails to deliver the epic supernatural Hindi language series that one can only wish for. “Tooth Pari” hoped to be too many things, but it ended up becoming just another boring Netflix watch. The humorous dialogues are perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the series. I am tired of watching Calcutta through a Bollywood-tinted lens, and it is disappointing that Pratim Dasgupta also incorporated the same trope. The cliche Bengali parents, their timid son, and the dimly lit old Calcutta buildings—oh, how frustratingly stereotypical we can get!

Spoilers Ahead

‘Tooth Pari’ Plot Summary: What Is The Series About?

Apart from the cliches, we have the vampires and the witches. Dasgupta drew a laughable connection between the Naxalite movement in West Bengal and the emergence of the blood-thirsty vampires. The witches managed to underground the fanged creatures, but their desire to navigate the “Upar” and draw fresh blood continues. The Baghinis, or rebel vampires, defy the rules set by their leader Ora and often leave the premises for some soul-satisfying hunting. The vampires feed on packaged blood from the blood banks that their caretaker/protector, A.D., regularly brings them. A.D. is a human, but protecting vampires has been a part of his family tradition. But A.D. is not as selfless as he appears to be. In exchange for the blood he gets, he extracts the blood of the vampires to create a blood mixture, Hemalin, that is capable of fighting blood diseases. While it started with helping his wife fight Sickle cell disease, he decided to expand and export the product. The vampires have managed to stay in the shadows for years, but one of Rumi’s recent hunts exposed them. Rumi was a rebel, and she enjoyed the thrill of stepping out into the human world. Even though the Baghinis stepped out, they followed certain rules to protect themselves. They made sure to not kill the victim; they hypnotized them before the act, and they were careful about not leaving any traces behind.

During the Tangra party, Rumi attacked a guy who had a prosthetic neck (yes, you read that right). One of her fangs broke off as soon as she tried to pierce his neck. She escaped, but the guy somewhat remembered the strange occurrence. He reported the incident to the police, and Sub-inspector Kartik Pal was assigned to the case. Kartik Pal’s father, Biren Pal, was a key member of the “Cutmundus” organization. Even though he was an expert vampire hunter, his real-life experiences were now considered fables. Kartik never believed a word that his father said, but after investigating Badshah’s case, he realized his father had been right all along. Meanwhile, Rumi decided to get her tooth fixed, and that was when she met Bikram Roy, a shy dentist, and a cooking enthusiast. Rumi felt protective of him when she realized that her vampire family members were thirty for his virgin blood. Saving his life came at a cost; she lost her fellow Baghini, Sreela. Luna Luka, the leader of the Cutmundus, was informed about the vampire by A.D. He was scared of the vampires going rogue, and he decided to make an example out of Sreela. After finding Sreela’s decapitated body and Rumi’s broken tooth, Kartik Pal was determined to destroy the “monsters.”

Why Was Rumi Locked In Prison? What Deal Did A.D. Offer?

After Sreela’s death, the vampires were strictly asked by their leader, Ora, to never leave the underground. But Rumi did not care for the rules, and after falling in love with Roy, she could not imagine spending her life without him. Even though it was a risky business, she sneaked out of the “Neeche” with ease. Roy was afraid of Rumi when he found out her truth, but gradually he realized how honest her love was for him. She promised to control her primal instincts around him at all times, and eventually, Roy started to trust her. His parents were in love with Rumi. Even though she looked young, she had been alive for a while now, and her knowledge about the past impressed them. Rumi was in love, but she was aware that her life and that of her vampire family were under threat as long as Luna Luka was alive. She avenged Sreela’s death by killing Haru Babu, the co-conspirator, with her teeth. The Cutmundus were furious, and they were desperate to exterminate the vampires.

The “meet the parents” evening went unexpectedly well, with David and Meera posing as Rumi’s parents. But as soon as they returned, Badshah recognized Rumi. With Badshah blaming Rumi for ruining his life, it became evident that she was the one who broke the rules. She was locked in a prison that was designed to weaken them. Meanwhile, Roy was tense after spending two days without any contact with Rumi. He decided to walk down the hole in the metro station that led to the vampire world. He met David, and he helped Roy meet Rumi. Roy offered his blood to his fanged lover to wake her up from sleep. While Rumi was glad to have him by her side, she knew that his life was in danger. She repeatedly asked him to leave, but Roy was determined to set Rumi free. Roy was eventually captured and kept behind bars. Luna had caught a whiff of A.D.’s blood business, and he knew that she could be trouble. He used the entire situation to his advantage by asking Rumi to murder Luna to do away with the entire Cutmundus threat, and in return, she would get her life back at “Neeche.” A.D. held Roy hostage, knowing that Rumi would do anything to free him.

Why Did Kartik Pal Help Rumi?

Kartik had always blamed his father for his misfortune, but at the end of the day, it was Biren Pal who remembered Rumi and her fangs. Kartik never doubted Rumi, but after his father indicated that she was the one, he studied the CCTV footage at Roy’s dental clinic. His doubt was confirmed when he noticed that none of the footage showed Rumi, and after studying one of the cases mentioned in Roy’s diary, he realized that she had met Roy to fix her broken fang. Kartik was in disbelief when he found Rumi with his father at his house. Even though she knew that her truth was no longer a secret to him, she came in search of his help. She found pictures of Rama and Luna from their theater days and decided to use them to her advantage. Rama agreed to lock himself in prison to meet Luna, but she did not care about sentimentality any more. Kartik held a press conference to prove to the world that vampires were real, and that was all that he ever wanted. He was never motivated to destroy them; he simply wanted to be taken seriously. Rumi offered him the chance to rebuild his reputation, which he happily accepted. Luna believed that Rama had an ulterior motive. Even though it was not easy for her to watch her former lover succumb to death, that was her only option. Kartik never fell out of love with Rumi, and his decision to help her save her lover (Roy) shows that he continued to care for her.

Why Is Rumi’s Attack On Luna Significant?

Rumi confronted Luna after she killed Rama. Rumi charged at Luna, but her power was too strong to defend. She fell to the ground, and Kartik rushed in to save her. As a human being, all he could offer her was his blood, and Rumi sucked on it to regain her strength. Luna charged Rumi with Ganga water, but instead of weakening her, Ganga filled Rumi with vigor. The power within her grew, and no matter how hard Luna tried to defend herself, Rumi was unstoppable. It was during their scuffle that Luna managed to push a dagger into her chest, but astonishingly, it did not kill Rumi. Her wound healed on its own, and she did not spare a minute before piercing her sharpies into Luna’s neck. Before dying, Luna mentioned how Rumi was not like the rest. She was brought back to life in the river Ganga, and that seems to have significantly affected the power she possessed. She was not just a vampire; she was also a Devi (a goddess). Roy’s mother once saw Rumi in her dreams in the form of Goddess Kali, the ferocious goddess with extreme power and known for destroying evil. Rumi is imagined as a form of Shakti who emerged from the river Ganga to protect her clan.

‘Tooth Pari’ Season 1 Ending Explained: Did Rumi And Roy Reunite?

The “Neeche” celebrated as Rumi returned after killing Luna. But all she cared about was the well-being of her lover. While A.D. was impressed by Rumi’s power, he knew she could be a threat and wanted to keep her ego in check. Roy was brought to Rumi after her constant demand to see him. She had mistakenly believed that by killing Luna, she could reunite with Roy. But A.D. reminded her that he had only offered to give her “Neeche” life back and nothing else. He could not risk allowing a mortal soul to leave the underground and continue with his life. Rumi had only one option in hand; she had to convert Roy. But no matter how much he loved her, he wasn’t ready to become a vampire. He was content living the mortal life, and he was not prepared to trade it to live his entire existence in darkness. While A.D. decided to kill Roy, Ora advised that they hypnotize him and send him back to the human world. The hypnosis would erase Roy’s memory of Rumi, but that was a loss that they were ready to bear.

Roy continued his dental practice, but he was a lot more confident now. He did not shy away from canceling his appointments to shoot his cooking show. While I am glad he found his calling, maybe he must also be a little more responsible? He and his father have invented a mint Roshogolla as well (of course, every Bengali family dreams of creating their own rendition of Roshogollas!). But does Roy remember Rumi? Well, initially, he seemed to have completely forgotten about his “neeche” lover, but the mischievous smile, at the end of “Tooth Pari,” tells a different story. He was not surprised or scared by Rumi’s fangs; instead, his smile showed a sense of familiarity. It might be possible that his entire memory of Rumi was not erased, and he was only pretending. But one thing is certain: Roy and Rumi’s love story is far from over.

What To Expect From ‘Tooth Pari’ Season 2?

“Tooth Pari” season 2 is not yet confirmed, but there is enough scope for a new season. Rumi had lost her second baby in childbirth, and that was what drove her to commit suicide, but A.D. revealed in the end that her daughter was still alive, and he was the only one who knew about her. Did he adopt Mithila from the hospital Rumi was admitted to? A.D. is confident about the power he possesses over Rumi with the secret, but will Rumi give up so easily? Rumi now knows the extent of her power, and she is no longer afraid of her enemies after meeting Luna Luka. Rumi has become the leader, with Ora taking advice from her. She and the others are determined to enter the mortal world, and they are also planning to shift away from Kolkata (next season in Chandannagar?). With the neo-Cutmandus and A.D., Rumi will surely not have an easy time.

A second season will only be fruitful if the story is better planned and the supporting characters are explored. Watching Saswata Chatterjee on screen is always a delight, though his short appearance as the gay thug in “The Night Manager” was more memorable than his role in “Tooth Pari.” Tillotama Shome was frustratingly underutilized, and Tanya Maniktala delivered an average performance. Shantanu Maheshwari, as the cuddly Bengali doctor, is convincing but one-dimensional. Hopefully, we will be delivered with something more impactful and original in the next round.

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