‘Tooth Pari’ Season 2 Theories: Is Rumi’s Child A Vampire, Witch, Or Something Else Entirely?


Season one of “Tooth Pari” left us with a lot to look forward to in the next season (if season two is confirmed). The first season ended with Ora suggesting a “deep-hyp” (memory erase), and both Rumi and Roy agreed to it. Roy was happy living his mortal life, and he did not wish to give it up to live eternally as a vampire. It was not easy for Roy and Rumi to sacrifice their love to get Roy’s “Upar” life back, but they knew that was the only option they had. While we are convinced that Roy has forgotten about Rumi, there is a twist at the end. Rumi visits Roy at his dental clinic just like she did the first time they met. She complains about a pain in her canine, and the moment Roy goes ahead to examine it; her fangs show up. If Roy had truly forgotten about his relationship with Rumi, he would have been terrified of her. Roy’s naughty smile confirmed that his memory of Rumi was not blurry at all. He remembered his fanged lover, and maybe they tricked AD and Ora into believing that his memory was wiped off.

Roy’s life changed after meeting Rumi. He had seen the worst, and he was no longer afraid of the problems of his mortal existence. He had always wanted to explore the culinary world, and in the end, he dared to follow his passion. In the next season, Roy will no longer be the helpless lover; we can expect him to play a more active role. He might not be able to physically fight all the demons, but he surely will help Rumi intellectually figure out solutions to her problems. The couple will be tested once Rumi finds out about her lost daughter. AD intended to use Rumi’s daughter to stop her from leaving with the other vampires. But who is her daughter? Rumi seems to be a newer member of the “Neeche” family, and it is also safe to assume that she was converted after the 1970s since she never faced the Cutmundus. Therefore, her daughter must be in her twenties or thirties. One possible theory is that AD’s daughter, Mithila, is actually Rumi’s daughter. He had sent her abroad for studies, and now that she has returned, he might want to use her against Rumi. The fact that Mithila and Roy were supposed to get engaged does not make the situation any better.

The second theory is that the daughter is kept somewhere far from the eyes of the vampires. He might have kept her locked in for decades, and maybe she developed extreme hatred for her mother over the years. AD must have blamed her entire situation on Rumi, and she will not be easy on her mother if she ever meets her. By promising to reunite Rumi and her daughter, AD will control the fate of the vampires. The third theory is that her daughter is a vampire. Since her daughter had died during childbirth, it is possible that she was bitten by a vampire to bring her back to life. Her daughter might gather those vampires who were loyal to AD, and they might fight against Rumi and her family. But no matter what the truth is, AD will try to protect the lives of the vampires since he needs their blood to create the blood mixture, Hemalin, that he intends to export. The more vampires there are, the better it is for his business. But what AD does not acknowledge is that he is just a human being, and his powers will never match those of a vampire. Even if he is tempted to convert, it will make it impossible for him to run his business.

Up until now, the age factor never came between Rumi and Roy, but once he gets to know about her daughter, the reality will become too hard to swallow. The situation will demand more than just love from Roy, and hopefully, he will become Rumi’s pillar when the fight gets tough. Eventually, he has to accept her daughter and also the fact that she will remain young forever while he grows old. Rumi, too, is living in a bubble now, but the passage of time will bring her pain. This can become an interesting aspect to explore in “Tooth Pari”. While for her, Roy is just a tiny fraction of her entire existence, for him, she is his whole life, and that can be agonizing for the couple.

The next season will probably not take place in Kolkata. Badshah mentioned how Rumi and the rest were planning on shifting their base to explore the “Upar” world. While the vampires do not intend to kill humans, humans will probably not be okay with random strangers storming into their rooms, hypnotizing them, and filling bottles with their blood. They might not be harmful, but no one can guarantee that they will always stay within limits. Therefore, vampires and humans coming to an understanding does not seem like a viable option. The Neo-Cutmundus will not spare the vampires, particularly Rumi, from killing their leader.

Haru Dadu’s grandson might become the new leader. We are yet to know whether he will be as powerful as Luna Luka. We can expect the new generation to incorporate technology to fight vampires as well. While the humans and the Cutmundus will be fighting against the vampires, what will the Lake Police Station do? Kartik Pal is the only hope for bridging the gap between vampires and humans. He might be able to negotiate with both parties and come up with a solution that will bring the situation under control. Though initially Kartik might be forced to take a step against the vampires to prove his loyalty to humans, at the end of the day, it is only by coming to an agreement that the world (Kolkata) can find some peace.

The second season of “Tooth Pari” has various aspects to explore, and hopefully, the creators will make an effort to deliver a more layered narrative. The series is interested in exploring multiple genres, and while that is not a problem, there is evidently a lack of focus. The romance between the lead casts does not reach its full potential until the end, and even the supernatural elements are not explored thoroughly. The drama is not concrete, and the comedy is at times a hit but often a miss. We really hope the next installment will do justice to the world so beautifully crafted.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni has worked as a film researcher on a government-sponsored project and is currently employed as a film studies teacher at a private institute. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies. Film History and feminist reading of cinema are her areas of interest.

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