Top 6 ‘XO, Kitty’ Moments That You Might Want To Rewatch


XO, Kitty literally played out like a western k-drama. This means that the emotions were just right (courtesy of K-dramas), and the humor was better (we apologize for this dig). Since Kitty’s life in this series was awfully messy, and she had no chemistry with any of her love interests, we did not find ourselves swooning as much as we caught ourselves cringing at a lot of the supposed romance. Yet, there were some moments that made an impression or became a noteworthy part of the narrative. So, here is a concise list of all those moments.

1. The Pull And Kiss

We just know that this scene is going to be all over Instagram soon. But it was cringe as hell. The reason is that this happened very early in XO, Kitty, even before we could start to like Dae and Kitty as a couple. It felt forced and caricaturish, and the two just did not have enough chemistry to justify this scene. In fact, we believe that if Dae had not pulled in Kitty at that moment, the story would have unfolded rather differently. Kitty was leaving KISS because she thought that her boyfriend of four years was cheating on her. When Dae knew that he probably couldn’t tell her the truth, he should have allowed her to leave. By pulling her back, he confused Kitty regarding the nature of their relationship. Kitty correctly deduced that Dae and Yuri were in a fake relationship, but looking at Dae’s fluctuating sincerity for her, she stayed back when it might have actually been better for her to leave. Therefore, we can say that this scene did not have the desired effect.

2. Yuri Stole The Necklace.

This was the moment that made Yuri permanently unlikeable for us. Until then, we could have excused her actions by saying that she was desperate. If she had not pulled this charade with Dae, she would never have been so unlikeable. Think about it; she already had Dae with her after he had chosen not to tell Kitty about their deal. Then what did it mean for her to get so insecure as to steal the necklace? It was the way she thought that if Dae was with Kitty, she would lose him as a friend. In fact, Yuri did not even come clean when she saw how Kitty stood up for her. The fake relationship with Dae was excusable, but everything else she did to deliberately hurt Kitty was not, and her stealing of the necklace sealed her as the villain in our eyes.

3. Q And Florian’s Date Night

Kitty was indeed an expert matchmaker, and she could tell that Q and Florian were good for each other simply because they yawned at the same time. She was right because they were the only couple with chemistry in the entire show. The reason we mentioned their date night, where their movie was crashed by others, as noteworthy is that this was the first time Florian expressed interest in Q by saying that he wanted to watch a movie with just him the next time. This slight expression of interest was sweeter than what we saw with a lot of the other couples. We are comparing this moment to Kitty’s first kiss with Dae when he tells her that it is something he should have done a long time ago. We had gotten to know this couple at this point, yet we did not swoon, but that one sentence by Florian for Q had us smiling from end to end.

4. Kitty’s LBD

Every main character deserves a head-turning moment, and Kitty got hers when she came to Min Ho’s party in that little black dress. We feel a certain way about a 16- to 17-year-old girl dressing that way, but we are pushing back the discomfort for now. She did look beautiful, enough to make Min Ho burn his eyes for thinking about her the way he did. In fact, it was that dress that caught Dae’s attention after he failed to notice that Kitty had been angry with him for an entire week. We wonder, if Kitty had not been so stunning, would Dae have even tried to talk to her as much as he did? He would have never found out about his fake girlfriend being the necklace thief. Kitty’s LBD in XO, Kitty was a moment, a far better one than the silver and green dress she initially wore.

5. Kitty And Dae’s First Date

We were talking about when Yuri helped arrange that place full of lights and food for Dae and Kitty when they went on that trip. It is a classic Kdrama trope to have the couple go on a date in an open space full of beautiful lights. “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?” really immortalized that, and it has become the standard. But Dae and Kitty’s date did not even come close because, as a couple, they have just felt wrong from the beginning. Dae was uncommunicative, and Kitty had feelings for another person. It’s hard to root for such a train wreck of a relationship. This was a noteworthy moment for us since it happened at a point when there were literally no obstacles between Dae and Kitty, yet the romance was painfully missing.

6. Min Ho Rescues Kitty.

Now, when we have already brought “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?” into the conversation, did Min Ho of XO, Kitty remind anyone of Lee Young Joon, the narcissistic CEO who would move heaven and earth for the woman he loved? Min Ho was as self-important as anyone could be, but when he loved Kitty, he was the most sincere person. If he had been in Dae’s place, he would have never hurt Kitty by keeping her in the dark. He also stayed loyal to his friends by keeping his feelings to himself, but when Kitty was in danger, he jumped to her rescue. She was what he looked at first when chaos broke out. In fact, he waited with respect to her feelings to confess what he felt about her. Min Ho is our favorite character, and everything he does is noteworthy to us. This moment only stands out because we saw a new side of him, one that we did not expect, and we are fans going forward.

True to a Kdrama, the characters of XO, Kitty are connected to each other in messy ways. Yet, it was a simple watch that gave us very little to go by. Hopefully, Season 2 will give us a lot more, and we look forward to it.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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