‘Transformers: War for Cybertron’ Kingdom: Summary & Ending, Explained


Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy illustrates the ongoing Civil War between Autobots and rival Deceptions. The animated trilogy bundles a hunt for the core of Planet Cybertron, AllSpark. Megatron plans to reprogram living Autobots and Decepticons through the optimum weapon and reshape Cybertron in his image.

Chapter 1: “Siege” plots down the warfare between Cybertron’s two significant races, and in the end, to stop Megatron’s evil intentions, Optimus Prime sacrifices himself and throws All Spark into a Space-bridge where it gets lost to an unknown location.

Chapter 2: “Earthrise” witnesses a deserted Cybertron taking its last breath before destruction. It is conveyed that All Spark is the life force of the planet and its inhabitants. Without it, everything will soon perish. Megatron’s core team develops a Project Nemesis to leave Cybertron and look for a new settlement elsewhere. However, to spark the project, Megatron needs Energon, the life source of Transformers. Regenerating his wicked intentions, Megatron plans to sacrifice Autobots and Decepticons, which fuels the season’s drama.

Optimus Prime is revived at the end of Earthrise, and a final clash for the search of All Spark brings them to planet earth. Transformers: War for Cybertron Kingdom will gather soil from here on.

‘Transformers: War for Cybertron’ Kingdom Plot Summary

Autobot Spacecraft crashes in a Volcanic Mountain site and gets stuck with molten lava in the vicinity. Without wasting any precious moment, Optimus Prime tasks Autobots to search and locate All Spark. However, the crew is ambushed by a hoard of animals who later transform into Maximals.

Maximals are Autobots from a future timeline where the AllSpark never returns to Cybertron. They are few among many transformers who left Cybertron after its destruction. Maximal leader Optimus Primal heads the small group. Optimus Prime deduces that they traveled through a broken Spacebridge and Dead Universe. Thus the interstellar travel threw them into an organic planet Earth in the future. But whatever the case may be, they have arrived to collect the AllSpark, and the mission remains their priority.

On the side of their adversary, Megatron from the future and leader of Predacons meet Lord Megatron. He delivers him a disk that contains encoded memoirs of Lord Megatron from Predacons timeline. The golden disk becomes instrumental in finding the location of the lost AllSpark on Earth.

Respective teams ignite their engines and buckle up their belts to continue hunting for AllSpark and save their dying planet Cybertron.

Hunt for AllSpark

As a defense mechanism, AllSpark transformed a thick forest around itself and started playing illusionary tricks with the minds of its seekers. Against all odds, Optimus Prime located the AllSpark personified as Elita. However, a new revelation torments him further. Prime discovered that AllSpark went through the Dead Multiverse. The baggage of an infinite amount of data from across space and Time warranted its decline.

AllSpark, as Elita requested Prime to layout arms and stop fighting. It was the only way to save AllSpark. Prime did as demanded, and soon the sparks collectively gathered to give their life force so that AllSpark may live. Prime got hold of the legendary relic momentarily but quickly deduced that AllSpark shared a symbiotic relationship with Planet Cybertron. Hence one couldn’t survive long without the other. Considering the urgency, Autobots quickly boarded the Ark to leave for Cybertron.

‘Transformers: War for Cybertron’ Kingdom: Ending Explained

Before leaving the Earth, Megatron blasts his Nemesis cannons on Autobots Ark, Teletraan, to steal the ultimate AllSpark. At the brink of the moment, Teletraan transforms into a magnum transformer through the knowledge it gained during its Time in the Dead Universe. With the help of AllSpark boost, Teletraan fought against Megatron’s Nemesis and sparked the journey towards Cybertron.

Without putting much leverage to the time paradox, Maximals traveled with the Autobots because, in their timeline, Cybertron had already been dead, and organic Earth wasn’t their actual home. Going with the Autobots seemed the only feasible option for the remaining Maximals bots. It might create contradictions in their timeline, but then again, teaming up with Autobots had already caused the necessary damage. The travel through the Space Bridge and Dead Universe didn’t bring Autobots to their original timeline. But instead, they crashed on the dead Cybertron from Maximals and Predacons timeline. Prime located the Ancient Temple of the AllSpark to revive the planet, but its territory is guarded by Prime’s future self, Nemesis Prime.

In the meantime, Megatron, locked inside Teletraan, is rescued by his future self and a slave to Unicorn, Galvatron. In Transformers Universe, Unicorn is a powerful being (larger than a planet) and older than recorded history. It is a devourer of worlds that wants to rule the multiverse. In ‘Transformers: War for Cybertron’ Kingdom, he created Galvatron and Nemesis Prime in his image to establish his totalitarianism and stop Optimus Prime from revitalizing the planet Cybertron.

Galvatron had turned into a slave to Unicorn, and like imperious Megatron, he hated it. He convinced Megatron to steal AllSpark from Prime and destroy Unicorn. AllSpark was the only weapon fatal against the magnum opus. However, without AllSpark, Cybertron would be dead forever. Hopefully, Megatron used the remaining sensibility he had in his system and associated with Autobots in their battle against Galvatron and Nemesis Prime. Both adversaries wanted AllSpark to destroy Unicorn while their counterparts wished to save the planet before taking revenge.

Amid the brawl, Bumblebee discreetly infiltrated the Ancient Temple and positioned the AllSpark in its destined spot. Sparks of lost transformers reduced Galvatron and Nemesis Prime into sparks and revitalized the planet.

Upcoming Events

In a new Cybertron, Megatron and Optimus Prime decide to live in peace and harmony and prepare to battle against an upcoming enemy, Unicorn. Starscream lays down that he still hears Unicorn’s voice, suggesting that after Galvatron and Nemesis Prime, he could be Unicorn’s next slave.

In the end shot, Unicorn gallantly declared, “I shall be King again.” The inevitable catastrophe is at the bay. Unicorn will become the upcoming nemesis of the Transformers.

Transformers: War for Cybertron is a 2021 animated trilogy produced by Rooster Teeth. All three Chapters are streaming on Netflix.

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