‘Triptych’ Ending, Explained: Is It Based On A True Story? Who Had Separated Rebecca, Aleida And Becca?


“Triptych” is a mystery thriller series with never-ending twists and turns. Rebecca’s life completely changed when she came face-to-face with a woman who looked just like her. She knew she had to get to the bottom of the truth, and the more she dug into it, the uglier it got. The journey to find her true identity is not a story of reunion; it is rather sinister. Were Becca and the woman she met related? If so, how? Did her parents hide a life-changing truth from her, or was there a far more complicated plan behind it all? Let’s find out.

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‘Triptych’ Plot Summary: What Is The Series About?

It was when Rebecca entered the crime scene to collect a forensic sample that she first came across Aleida, a woman who looked just like her. Aleida had taken Dr. Julia Batiz hostage, injuring a few innocent people in the process. She was completely hysterical and wanted to shoot Batiz. She wanted Batiz to confess the truth, but before that could happen, Aleida was shot. When Rebecca went near her to collect a sample, she realized that Aleida was still alive, and she was taken to emergency. Rebecca was completely shaken by the incident, but what she could not wrap her head around was the fact that Aleida recognized her and called her by her name. Even though Rebecca was not handling the case, she was adamant about following it and learning the truth.

Rebecca was dating the police officer who was in charge of Aleida’s case. Their relationship was quite complicated. He was a married man who had spent months living with Becca but eventually decided to go back to his family when his wife informed him that she was pregnant. Becca was so involved with Humberto that she had expected him to divorce his wife just like he had promised. When he did not stick to his words, she lost her mind and set fire to his car. Rebecca was an alcoholic, and after the incident, she quit drinking and attended AA meetings to continue with her job. From Humberto, she learned that Aleida Trujano had a similar outburst in December, further complicating the case. She could not help but wonder if they were related, so she decided to get their DNA tested.

Aleida Trujano was the President of an international head-hunting firm, and Dr. Julia Batiz was her shrink. Rebecca was curious to know what went wrong with a woman heading a firm that ended in such a massacre. The first suspect was Aleida’s husband, Eugenio, since he was the one who discharged her from the asylum she was admitted to in the December incident. His excuse was that he wanted to spend her birthday with her, and he believed her when she said that she was not ill and was sane enough to return home. While she worked on Aleida’s case privately, she decided to confront her mother to gather information about her past. But her mother denied having any knowledge about her twin sister.

The DNA report confirmed that Rebecca and Aleida were identical twins, and this confirmation was a breakthrough for Rebecca. Her mother later admitted that she had adopted Becca, but the social worker involved had never mentioned the twin sister. While Rebecca was furious that her mother had hidden a crucial truth from her all her life, she knew that her mother did not have much choice considering it was an illegal adoption. Now that Rebecca knew Aleida was her twin sister, she was all the more determined to understand what went wrong in her life. But before she could find out more from her sister, who was admitted to intensive care, she received the news that Aleida had passed away. She followed Eugenio to find out if he was hiding something, but when she saw him at the graveyard, she knew that Aleida was truly no longer alive. What Rebecca did not know was that she had another sister who had also taken an interest in Aleida.

Who Was Tamara?

Rebecca followed Eugenio into his house and went through Aleida’s belongings, where she found pictures of herself and a pamphlet for the Olympia Men’s Club. It all confirmed that Aleida knew about them, but the knowledge brought danger into her life. She went to the club and found Tamara, her twin sister, pole dancing. She hoped to find answers from her, but they were interrupted by a biker who followed them. Unlike Rebecca, who was dedicated to finding the truth, Tamara pretended to be unbothered by the information. Rebecca later revealed to her that Aleida had paid her a visit, but their meeting was again interrupted by the police.

The next time Aleida contacted her was the day she tried to shoot Dr. Julia Batiz. She was in the building just like Rebecca, but when she noticed the police and the crowd, she sneaked out. Later, Rebecca checked her call log and found that she too had been contacted by an unknown number that day, and when she called the number, Eugenio received it. Eugenio became suspicious and attempted to contact the person Aleida attempted to contact on the day she confronted Dr. Batiz.

Meanwhile, Eugenio continued to lie about Aleida’s death to the investors, knowing well that the company could be taken over by the majority shareholders if she was declared dead. By digging into the contacts, Eugenio set up a meeting with Tamara at the club. When he realized that she looked just like Aleida, he knew that she could be of advantage to him. Meanwhile, Rebecca reached out to Dr. Batiz to find out all that Aleida had shared with her. While Aleida had shared her dreams regarding women who looked just like her, she apparently had never shared with Dr. Batiz that she had two sisters to whom she had tried to reach out.

Tamara started working with Eugenio for money. Rebecca got to know that Eugenio’s father and Aleida’s father had founded the Humanist Vita hospitals. While Eugenio was supposed to be the President of the company after his father’s death, he decided to hand over the presidency to his daughter-in-law, Aleida, just before his death. While these were enough reasons to doubt Eugenio, he pretended to be doing it all for Aleida’s sake. So, he decided to make Tamara dress like Aleida and renounce her presidency.

Tamara as Aleida, announced her resignation and declared Eugenio the President. While Pilar, Aleida’s mother, was upset by Tamara’s behavior, she trusted Eugenio with all her heart and knew that he had nothing but love for Aleida. Pilar confirmed that she had no knowledge about Aleida’s sister and was as surprised as Eugenio when he found out the truth. Later, Eugenio got hold of Rebecca and explained to her why he was forced to take the steps that he had taken in the last few days. Rebecca was yet to find answers to her questions; she wanted to know the reason behind the coincidences that all three sisters had experienced, and she desperately searched for the answers.

‘Triptych’ Ending Explained: Was The Sisters A Part Of A Nazi Experiment? What Resulted In The Coincidences?

The evidence that Rebecca found at the hospital indicated that they could have been part of a Nazi experiment that involved cloning, but Rebecca soon figured out that it was all a ploy to distract them from the truth. It was Rebecca’s mother, Dolores, who forced Rebecca to read an article on the triplets, who were separated at birth for an experiment. Rebecca recognized the doctor from the article, Dr. Meyer when she saw a picture of him and Dr. Batiz at her apartment. She asked Humberto to take her mother to a safe house now that she knew how dangerous the doctor could be. She also doubted that Eugenio was involved in the plan with the doctor. Tamara contacted Rebecca after she found herself trapped inside the trunk of a car after she misbehaved with one of the investors and his wife. But she managed to escape and meet Rebecca. The two left to stay at a safe house while the police tried to find the doctor and Eugenio.

After entering the safe house, Rebecca realized that it was a trap and that Humberto was involved in it. The house had the same motif that the three sisters remembered and replicated all their lives. Dr. Batiz entered the room, explaining how it was she who had planned it all. Eugenio was innocent, and he, too, was an indirect victim of her experiment. She stated that the room they were in was the room in which they were born, which was why all three sisters remembered the glass motif at the house and replicated it.

The story about how they were born in an underground hospital was all false information. Rebecca and Tamara were furious, and they tried to attack the doctor. They were sedated and kept in separate cells separated by a transparent partition. Dr. Batiz was proud of her experiment. She had worked closely with Dr. Meyer, but when he stopped working on the research due to ethical problems and, as a result, legal actions, she decided to continue with it in Mexico. She worked under the mentorship of Bernando Saenz, who allowed her to work at the psychiatric research department in the Humanis Vita hospital. She was the egg donor and had formed the triplet artificially. She was, therefore, their mother. She had been monitoring her triplet for years after giving them to families from various socioeconomic backgrounds.

Aleida was adopted by a rich family, Rebecca by a middle-class household, and Tamara was given to an alcoholic mother who was paid to take care of her. The experiment was to see how they grew up as individuals—that is, whether their personalities were dictated by nature or nurture. Since childhood, they have been monitored in some way or another, be it through the psychologists they dated during their teenage years or even their adult lovers, such as Humberto. It was Humberto who encouraged Rebecca’s alcoholism as well. But what Dr. Batiz did not plan was their December outburst. It was a reaction that occurred without her interference, further attracting her to her experiment.

Aleida’s father, Federico, had found out about the experiment, and it was Betiz who orchestrated his death as a necessary step. Though, in the course of the week, she killed Rebecca’s father and Tamara’s mother simply for the triplets to experience the same loss since it was necessary for the experiment. But the doctor was clear about not wanting to hurt the sisters. She did not wish for Aleida to be hurt that day, and she went out of her way to protect her. She revealed that Aleida was not dead, and that Eugenio had only seen her body in a state of catalepsy. Aleida was brought under her care to continue with the second step of her experiment, which was for the creatures to submit themselves to the creator completely.

Aleida had escaped from her cell and turned off the electricity at the house. Tamara and Rebecca took advantage of the situation and headed out of their cells. Dr. Batiz was scared, knowing well that if the sisters left the house, she would be imprisoned for her experiment. Tamara and Rebecca fought the security team and set fire to it with the help of Molotov cocktails. They went to the basement to find Aleida, and they found her lying in Betiz’s lap. Betiz had the gun pointed at Aleida, warning the sisters that if they shot her, she would kill Aleida. But the sisters managed to save Aleida and reunite her with her husband. Eugenio figured it all out and informed Humberto about it. Humberto tried to trick him, but in a scuffle, they met with an accident, and Humberto died as a result.

The police were ultimately informed about the unethical experiment, and Betiz’s house was sealed. We get to know that Tamara and Rebecca had locked Betiz in the basement, and no matter how loud she screamed, no one would get to know about her location. Aleida was admitted to the hospital, where she gradually recovered. While most of the questions were answered by Betiz, there were some magical coincidences that the sisters experienced that were beyond explanation. The fact that Aleida knew that her sisters had entered the house without even seeing them is only because of their connection as a triplets. They frequently felt the same emotions as each other and dreamed about each other.

Is ‘Triptych’ Based On A True Story?

“Triptych” is inspired by the 2018 documentary “Three Identical Strangers.” The three brothers had discovered each other by chance in New York when they were nineteen, and they later found out that they were part of an undisclosed scientific experiment called “Nature vs. Nurturer.” They were raised in different socioeconomic conditions, and the idea was to understand whether the genetic factor is the ultimate deciding factor in developing an individual’s personality or whether the environment is the dominant factor. The experiment was conducted by child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Peter B. Neubauer, and the study will remain sealed at the Yale University Library until October 25, 2065. “Triptych” adds a dozen twists and turns to the true event, which at times was a little too much to handle.

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