‘Trolley’ Episode 10: Recap And Ending, Explained: Does Nam Joong-Do Reveal Kim Hye-Joo’s Past Publicly? 


“Trolley” Episode 9 had ended with Joong-Do rushing to explain the situation to Gwi-Soon and then returning to be comforted by his wife and share a moment that brings them closer. Soo-Bin, on the other hand, calls up the pimp through a payphone as soon as she finds out that her phone is missing. Hye-Joo had ended up sending a text to Soo-Bin’s old number, as she simply wanted to talk to her.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 10: Recap And Ending Explained – Does Nam Joong-Do Reveal Kim Hye-Joo’s Past Publicly? 

“Trolley” Episode 10 begins with Hye-Joo waking up alone and looking at the texts she sent to Soo-Bin’s old phone as she bids her husband goodbye. She then leaves with Yeo-Jin to visit the memorial of Yeo-Jin’s daughter, Lee Chae-Eun. As Yeo-Jin asks Hye-Joo to leave her to spend some time alone with her daughter, Hye-Joo stumbles across a stranger who seems suspiciously like the man she had seen in the photograph that she had come across while trying to find envelopes in Joong-Do’s studies. The man turned out to be Yeo-Jin’s ex-husband, who had killed her daughter and tried to kill herself too. He had served a seven-year sentence in prison, which was not enough for the kind of crimes he had committed. He still had the audacity to suggest that they die together with Yeo-Jin while she was raging at him for having the nerve to visit her daughter after he was the one who killed her. Hye-Joo calmed them both down while asking him to leave, and he also claimed to be Yeo-Jin’s family. This affected Yeo-Jin, as since Hye-Joo called her family as well, she could not act on her own. Yeo-Jin was behaving quite suspiciously, as even Soo-Bin used the example of the staff member pocketing money to call Yeo-Jin out on her suspicious behavior.

Soo-Bin had come to visit Yeo-Jin to ask for enough money to get her phone back from the pimp posing as Ji-Hoon’s friend, which is when she noticed the restaurant staff pocketing the money. Soo-Bin also warned Yeo-Jin in her way not to betray Hye-Joo’s trust, as Hye-Joo really loved Yeo-Jin a lot. This made Yeo-jin fight her guilt as well, and she went to a real estate office to find a new place to live and also to find out if she could sell off her restaurant. Meanwhile, the pimp posing as Ji-Hoon’s friend called Hye-Joo for a meeting so that he could pinpoint Soo-Bin’s location and also find out more about her situation. However, it does seem that he is Ji-Hoon’s friend. He cleverly manipulates Hye-Joo into admitting the truth and tries to tarnish the image she had of Soo-Bin as he sets out to bait Soo-Bin for the sake of trapping her.

Meanwhile, Joong-Do, before leaving for his office, visited Gwi-Soon to clear the air with her. Gwi-Soon reluctantly offers them breakfast and invites them in for a discussion as she gives him permission to go through with his plan and use her to make sure that the amendment passes. This change in her personality was brought about by Woo-Jae, who had spent his time trying to placate her and also make sure that she forgave Joong-Do for visiting the family. In “Trolley” Episode 10 as well, Gwi-Soon is yet to learn the news about her granddaughter. Joong-Do and Woo-Jae leave for their day at the office, and they discuss the amendment as well as the need for even bigger news to make sure that the amendment passes and that it opens the doors for more investigation even after the death of the perpetrator in the sexual crimes. Their meeting was interrupted by Assemblyman Kang, who had finally put two and two together and realized that Hye-Joo was Jae-Eun. He had come with an offer, which Joong-Do later refused, with a bigger lead to counter Kang provided by none other than Ki-Young, who was almost fed up with his in-laws. Ki-Young had to follow Seung-Hee to clear the air with Seung-Kyu’s parents after Kang had released the news of Gwi-Soon’s granddaughter, Namgoong Sol, being a call girl. They had earlier, in “Trolley,” Episode 9, called Seung-Hee to inform her that they would be suing her for disclosing the secret they had admitted to only her. Ki-Young had his suspicions about his wife, but he followed her to their shop as Seung-Hee admitted to Seung-Kyu’s parents that while she had thought of posting a positive post on SNS, she had, in fact, deleted it because she felt it would not be right and therefore wasn’t the one disclosing such privy information. After the discussion with Seung-Kyu’s parents, Ki-Young offered Seung-Hee the chance to elope to Australia together, which Seung-Hee refused on account of not letting Hye-Joo live a peaceful life and also not being able to leave her problematic mother alone. Ki-Young had to shoulder most of the abuse hurled by Yoo-Shin, and it was getting too much for him. He called on Joong-Do to divulge a huge amount of evidence regarding the land speculation and thus handed Joong-Do a larger chip, which he could use against Kang. Meanwhile, amongst all the speculation and questioning about Joong-Do’s motives and credibility as a politician, Chairwoman Wu supports him and his decisions and shows her faith in him.

Joong-Do had listened to Woo-Jae and thought about publicizing Hye-Joo’s past and therefore using it as a means to push for the amendment to pass. He returns home to Hye-Joo and asks her for her consent to go public with her past. Before he brings up this topic, Hye-Joo tells him that she met Ji-Hoon’s friend to ask about Soo-Bin, to which a concerned Joong-Do asks her not to meet with Ji-Hoon’s friends and forget about Soo-Bin altogether. Hye-Joo does pay heed and asks Joong-Do not to mention anything about the unsent text in Soo-Bin’s chat with Soo-Bin, as she does not want Soo-Bin to live with the guilt of killing a person as Hye-Joo did. Joong-Do, here, begins manipulating his wife by pinning all of the blame on Soo-Bin and also brings up the topic of publicizing Hye-Joo’s past. Hye-Joo, who only wanted to stay away from all of this, has to take a little time to herself to come to terms with her husband wanting to use her past to push for the amendment. Joong-Do would not go with it if she did not consent, so he lets Hye-Joo go for a little walk and does not pursue the topic. She heads straight to Yeo-Jin’s restaurant as she meets with Woo-Jae, who had also come by to give his condolences to Yeo-Jin. Hye-Joo voices out her worries while asking Woo-Jae his reasons for following her husband. Woo-Jae assures her about Joong-Do’s ways and says that although he does make mistakes, he does not make them twice, which is what makes him human. He also assures Hye-Joo that he and Joong-Do will protect her at every step. After Woo-Jae leaves, Hye-Joo continues the conversation with Yeo-Jin, and she makes up her mind to give consent. Meanwhile, Yoon-Seo returns from her school and has a bonding day with Joong-Do after she has to listen to her classmates come up to her and criticize her father. As Yoon-Seo goes back to her room to ponder over her memories with her late brother, Joong-Do is overjoyed with Hye-Joo’s decision to share her past with the public and thus promises her that he will protect her from this incident. “Trolley” Episode 10 ends with Hye-Joo preparing to head out the next day as paparazzi, and news reporters swarm her as Joong-Do releases his statements.

Final Thoughts

The tenth episode of “Trolley” really underlines the suspicious behavior that Yeo-Jin exhibits on various accounts. His conversation with Woo-Jae, in which he advises her to stay put, also implies that Woo-Jae knows about her supposed betrayal. Soo-Bin, on the other hand, has come to care for Hye-Joo and does not want any trouble to befall her, as Hye-Joo was the only person to show maternal concern and treat Soo-Bin better than her own family and her own birth mother. Yeo-Jin’s guilt over betraying Hye-Joo makes her look for a new place to stay. “Trolley” Episode 10 takes an even more suspicious turn as Joong-Do tries to manipulate his own wife for the sake of his political endeavors. Joong-Do is proving himself to be a capable politician with every move. However, his decisions of damage control might just come back to haunt him if things don’t go his way. 

Meanwhile, Ki-Young, with his suspicions about his in-laws and his wife, Seung-Hee, does give off the feeling that he knows something about what Seung-Ho had done to Hye-Joo and might be actively helping her while turning against Yoo-Shin. Witnessing the body language of Yoon-Seo’s friend made us feel that she is also capable of betraying her in the future as the episode suggests, while Yoon-Seo was fending off criticisms about her father made by her other classmates. The pimp seems to be a good friend of Ji-Hoon and also has a girlfriend who stays with him while he uses Soo-Bin to lead an underground service of call-girls away from the eyes of his late friend Ji-Hoon and his girlfriend. In the first episode, when Woo-Jae had all but accused Soo-Bin of not being loyal to Ji-Hoon, he must have known something. He must have been aware that Soo-Bin was, in fact, a call girl too. This really changes the tone and raises a lot of questions that can only be answered in the eleventh episode of “Trolley.”

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