‘Trolley’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained – What Did Joong-Do Decide To Do After Finding Out Hye-Joo’s Past?


Episode 6 of “Trolley” ended with Hye-Joo leaving for Seung-Hee’s house after not being able to reach Gwi-Soon via phone call. She arrives at the house, and Seung-Hee instructs her to rid herself of any thoughts of getting sympathy from Yoo-Shin. As the two estranged friends waited for Yoo-Shin, an enraged Joong-Do arrived unexpectedly at Seung-Hee’s doorstep instead.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Hye-Joo Agree To Apologize?

“Trolley” Episode 6 begins with Hye-Joo working up the courage to confront the past and apologize for Seung-Ho’s death so that she can safeguard Joong-Do’s political career. With a heavy heart, she reached the house of Seung-Hee at Youngsan by 3:30 pm as per Seung-Hee’s instructions, the one she used to visit when they were still best friends. Seung-Hee called her mother frantically and asked her to be home by 4 pm to receive Hye-Joo’s apology so that her family could escape the clutches of the past. She insisted her mother come alone, as Ki-Young had shown signs of believing Hye-Joo over Seung-Ho and Yoo-Shin’s false statements. Ki-Young, noticing that something about the entire situation is off, tried contacting Seung-Hee to no avail and instead contacted Nam Joong-Do to inform him of Hye-Joo’s whereabouts out of concern for her well-being. Ki-Young had been somewhat aware of Seung-Hee’s wishes, and she had summoned Hye-Joo to offer her apology to Yoo-Shin. Therefore, to gain more time, he took a detour while chaperoning Yoo-Shin back home. Hye-Joo reached Seung-Hee’s house at the allotted time, and they had a conversation, after which Seung-Hee coldly told Hye-Joo to wipe off her tears and wash her face so as not to gain sympathy from her mother. While Seung-Hee and Hye-Joo waited for Yoo-Shin, Joong-Do’s arrival shocked both of them to the core. Joong-Do had rushed from his first wife’s memorial service after getting a call from Ki-Young; before Ki-Young informed him about Hye-Joo and Seung-Hee’s meeting, Joong-Do had called up Woo-Jae to understand why Hye-Joo was running away from her past. The call from Ki-Young and learning of the reason behind Hye-Joo paying a visit to Youngsan made him rush to Yoo-Shin’s house and cause a ruckus so that Seung-Hee would let him in to save his wife from the uncomfortable situation.

Joong-Do had hurt himself a little by plowing into Hye-Joo’s car with his car so as to get Seung-Hee to open the gates and let him in. As soon as he had braced himself to drive his car through the gate, Seung-Hee opened the gates. Joong-Do rushed in to find his wife; however, Seung-Hee started disrespecting him and his wife by accusing them of being murderers. Hye-Joo could take insults to her character as well as apologize for the situation where she was, in fact, the victim; however, she could not take Seung-Hee insulting her family. She warned Seung-Hee against calling her husband a murderer and blaming him for Seung-Kyu’s death because she remembered how it had affected his mental health. However, she lost her calm and slapped Seung-Hee when she accused Hye-Joo of not feeling the pain for her deceased son and not being able to relate, as Ji-Hoon was not her biological son.

Hye-Joo loved Ji-Hoon despite his not being her biological son, and despite his flaws, so she refused to take these accusations lying down. She confessed to not being able to tell the world a lie and deny that Seung-Ho had molested her. She was still going to swallow her pride and just apologize to Yoo-Shin because she did not want to jeopardize Joong-Do’s career. Seung-Hee told Hye-Joo to go home and not appear in front of her mother after listening to her confession, still not believing the truth. She also warned Hye-Joo not to blame her for the steps she would take once Hye-Joo left, to which Joong-Do warned Seung-Hee about the necessary steps he would take to safeguard his wife while forbidding Seung-Hee from contacting Hye-Joo. He threatened her that he would pay her back for any disrespect in the future toward his wife as he whisked Hye-Joo away from the situation.

The ride back home was a silent one as Hye-Joo thought about her actions. Joong-Do, once they reach home, assured her that he believed in her and that he will protect her from this. Later, Woo-Jae, on his errand to retrieve Hye-Joo’s car and deal with it without involving insurance on Joong-Do’s orders, warned Ki-Young of the repercussions that his wife and in-laws would face if Seung-Hee decided to take action. He also made it fiercely clear that Hye-Joo was no longer alone like before, and the family would pay for the injustices they had committed and also put Hye-Joo through if Seung-Hee decided to come for Hye-Joo’s peace.

‘Trolley’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – What Did Nam Joong-Do Decide To Do After Finding Out About Kim Hye-Joo’s Past?

As they reach home, Joong-Do drops Hye-Joo at the doorstep after assuring her that she need not worry about the situation and that he will handle it while he leaves to park his car. Hye-Joo discovers a suspicious letter addressed to Joong-Do on the patio. She quickly opens it, reads it, and then she and Joong-Do rush to Gwi-Soon’s workplace after they call emergency services so that they can help them break down the door to enter the place. Gwi-Soon had attempted suicide after she’d learned about the news of the video being released by Seung-Kyu before he jumped. This had ruined her granddaughter’s reputation even further, as the other students had started to question her motives. Seung-Kyu’s reputation as a model student had led to Gwi-Soon’s granddaughter facing various allegations which had the other students start painting her granddaughter as immoral. She had overheard these allegations in the hospital, where she had gone to have a talk with Seung-Kyu’s parents; however, the staff did not divulge any information about Seung-Kyu’s mother’s location. As a last resort, Gwi-Soon thought to use her life to help spread awareness and wrote a letter to Joong-Do, asking him to use her death to pin the blame on the accused and not let Seung-Kyu get away with such a heinous crime simply because he committed suicide. Eventually, they were able to get into the mill and save Gwi-Soon in time, as Joong-Do made sure that she received treatment and got well. Hye-Joo later reflects on her situation and finds out history is repeating itself, as she was blamed after Seung-Ho’s death. Her case was closed without investigation due to Seung-Ho committing suicide, and she was blamed for his death instead of getting justice, even though she had been molested.

This made Joong-Do decide on his agenda and hold a meeting with his staff as he discussed the new amendment. He was going to pass the amendment where the cases would still continue until the victim gets justice and not close after the death of the perpetrator, be it intentional death or unintentional. The staff voiced their worries about the bill not passing because there were many sexual crime bills pending that never passed. Woo-Jae also said that this amendment will gain enough traction to entice a new wave in social media; however, it would be difficult to pass the bill. Joong-Do promised himself that this amendment would be one he would pass during his tenure. He doesn’t want a repeat of Gwi-Soon’s and Hye-Joo’s tragedies and also wishes to reopen the investigations regarding his wife’s case as he divulges the details of her past to his staff to make them understand the cause. “Trolley” Episode 7 ends with Hye-Joo meeting up with Ki-Young, as the episode revealed the crush, he had harbored for Hye-Joo back when they were in high school; meanwhile, Seung-Hee stirs up trouble by trying to get Seung-Kyu’s mother’s number. The series gets more complex as the plot reveals that Ki-Young had in fact confessed to Hye-Joo in the past, and his love for her still exists to date as he believes more in Hye-Joo’s innocence than his now-famous family.

“Trolley” Episode 7 also reveals some suspicious details surrounding Ji-Hoon’s death, as Soo-Bin is contacted by a mysterious person named J.D., a name that she also has tattooed on her body. She had tried in the earlier episode to scratch out the tattoo with a marker, as if it offended her. In this episode, she went through the pictures on her “lost phone” and stopped at a picture of her, Ji-Hoon, and another friend. While she studied that picture, she received the suspicious call, which may lead the viewers to believe that the other friend and J.D. might be related by some cause and that they were the very reason behind Ji-Hoon’s death and also why Soo-Bin ended up at Joong-Do’s house in the first place.

Final Thoughts

From the beginning of the series, Hye-Joo and Joong-Do shared a beautiful relationship, and Joong-Do did not hesitate to put his wife above everything. He respected her wishes and also promised her that his career would not affect her. His trust in Hye-Joo and the fact that he did not pry into her past until absolutely necessary really speak a lot about his character. He simply assured her of his love for her and made sure to stay by her side, supporting her through thick and thin. Her past did not deter his love for her but instead made it stronger and pushed him to create better amendments so that his wife and others in the same situation could get justice. In “Trolley,” Woo-Jae is a really confusing character. It is quite vexing to figure out exactly on whose side he is. Although he is loyal and clearly follows Joong-Do sticking to him and his ideals and making sure it all works out, meanwhile taking care of Hye-Joo as well, some of his actions, like filming Joong-Do getting beat up by Seung-Kyu’s father or informing the news of Seung-Kyu leaking the intimate videos puts a question mark on his motives. But he is, in fact, a shrewd politician, and Joong-Do has chosen a good assistant to help him with the elections. Because all of his moves are calculated, he somehow seems to provide the right push to Joong-Do when it comes to making decisions about different bills.

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