‘Trolley’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Soo-Bin Keep The Baby Or Not?


In the previous episode of “Trolley,” Joong-Do had found out about Hye-Joo’s past and her whereabouts from Woo-Jae and Ki-Young, respectively, and thus had set out to save her from apologizing to Yoo-Shin even though she was not in the wrong. This had pushed him to prepare an amendment where an investigation for the victim’s justice could be pursued even after the death of the perpetrator. “Trolley” Episode 7 had ended with Joong-Do discussing the amendment he was about to push through with his staff and also discussing his wife’s past perils with them. Meanwhile, Ki-Young, after getting Hye-Joo’s number from Seung-Hee’s phone, asked her to meet with him.

Spoilers Ahead

Did Soo-Bin Leave Hye-Joo’s House?

“Trolley” Episode 8 begins with Hye-Joo accepting an invitation to meet up with Ki-Young. There is a flashback where Ki-Young had a crush on her during their school days and had confessed to her, only to be rejected because Seung-Hee, Hye-Joo’s best friend at that time, had feelings for him. Ki-Young doesn’t want the situation to escalate any more than it already has, so he asks Hye-Joo to apologize, even though her family is in the wrong, to put an end to this. On the other hand, he asks Seung-Hee not to take any action, listing her mother’s illness as a cause, after Woo-Jae had successfully scared him into taking action. Hye-Joo deliberates over her decisions as she makes her way back home. She gets on the bus but finds that it is pouring outside.

As Hye-Joo returns home, she finds Soo-Bin outside. Hye-Joo, being the caring person she is, rushes to help a soaking Soo-Bin. She ushers her inside her room and asks her to take a warm bath. She also asks Soo-Bin to take care of herself and not put herself in danger. Hye-Joo feels worried for her and also touched, as she once told Soo-Bin that she checked up on her studio and the dehumidifier by herself if it suddenly started pouring, as her books could be in danger. So, Soo-Bin had gone to check up on her as Hye-Joo wasn’t home, and she also checked up on the studio and the dehumidifier as well. Hye-Joo, worried about Soo-Bin’s help, scolds her a little but also hugs her and makes her promise not to put her in harm’s way. Soo-Bin feels her care, and the next day, when Hye-Joo asks her if she would come with her to her studio, Soo-Bin makes time for her and promises to come. In the studio, Soo-Bin and Hye-Joo talk about her fond care for the broken books, and Soo-Bin asks her to take her picture. Hye-Joo then sends the pictures of her books as well as some pictures of Ji-Hoon for printing. She asked Soo-Bin if she had any pictures of her son and also advised her to put herself before everything and make the right decision, to which Soo-Bin could not take betraying Hye-Joo anymore, and she left. 

Meanwhile, Joong-Do decides on his next steps with Woo-Jae to push for the amendment as they use Gwi-Soon’s attempted suicide to gain more traction, and Hye-Joo’s circumstances make him worry for her. He meets up with Chairwoman Woo to discuss the amendment, as Woo-Jae meets up with Yeo-Jin to discuss his career with her. This shows that both of them are related and close, as Woo-Jae had been helping her in the past, as well as Yeo-Jin, who herself had been a victim. Joong-Do, later, with the permission of Gwi-Soon, marches forward with the interview and uses her to target Seung-Kyu and pave the way to opening an investigation even after his death to provide justice for the victim. This leads to the public scrutinizing Seung-Kyu and his family yet again, posting malicious thoughts about them while one of them posts the link to their family restaurant. This does not go unnoticed by Seung-Hee, who had earlier been rejected from getting Seung-Kyu’s mother’s number, and thus she grabs this opportunity and makes up her mind to meet them at the restaurant.

Meanwhile, as Hye-Joo breaks down and informs Yeo-Jin of her past, Yeo-Jin comforts her and mentions Joong-Do’s interview, where he used Gwi-Soon’s attempted suicide to reopen the investigation. Hye-Joo empathizes with Seung-Kyu’s mother, as Seung-Kyu’s mother goes through this painful episode and has also attempted suicide after reading all the malicious comments. She asks Joong-Do to stop all of this from blowing wildly out of proportion, as she cannot take any more people getting hurt. However, for the first time, Joong-Do openly defies his wife’s wishes, as he wants her to have justice as well. The next day, Soo-Bin, as she hears Hye-Joo’s pain, makes up her mind to leave the household, as she does not want to contribute to her pain any further. She asks Hye-Joo to not prepare any more food for her while Hye-Joo is heading out to her work. Hye-Joo later returns to accept the delivery of the pictures. As she looks through the pictures of Ji-Hoon, she thinks of sending some of them to Ji-Hoon’s grandmother. This is where she enters her home and calls Soo-Bin only to receive no answer and thus thinks if Soo-Bin is still sleeping. She thinks nothing of it and sets out to find envelopes to send the pictures. Soo-Bin has already left the house by this time. “Trolley” Episode 8 ends with Hye-Joo finding Ji-Hoon’s phone in Joong-Do’s study, and she discovers the chat where Ji-Hoon threatens Soo-Bin with his death if she breaks up with him. Hye-Joo recalls Joong-Do telling her that the police couldn’t find Ji-Hoon’s phone, and with this, she feels betrayed by Joong-Do.

‘Trolley’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – Did Soo-Bin Keep The Baby Or Not?

Soo-Bin’s visit to the doctor is a little unclear, as even though she was asking about induced abortions, it is rather unclear if she went through with it. However, Soo-Bin did lose the baby through miscarriage as the heart of the fetus had unexpectedly stopped. She needed to have surgery as soon as possible to prevent further complications. Soo-Bin did not have the surgery as she did not have the heart to tell Hye-Joo about her condition. She was instead found by Yeo-Jin after she fainted due to the pain of her body rejecting the fetus. She was rushed to the hospital where she had the surgery, and she must have had something on Yeo-Jin because she threatened her to not tell Hye-Joo about this. Soo-Bin was suspicious of Yeo-Jin from the beginning and had found out something about her pretending to be nice even though she was apparently not? However, it must have been something big because Yeo-Jin had not told Hye-Joo anything, and Soo-Bin had quietly left the household the next day.

Final Thoughts

If Joong-Do did take Ji-Hoon’s phone when Ji-Hoon was dead, the phone would not exactly work because of the water. Even if you do repair it, the phone would be formatted, and he would never know the chats. Joong-Do must have swiped it before and somehow must be planning to put all of the blame on Soo-Bin. Yeo-Jin must also be involved in all of this. The trolley dilemma for Joong-Do could be the choice between his life, family, and his son. J.D. could also indicate Joong-Do’s initials, but this does not explain why Soo-Bin had it tattooed on her body. Soo-Bin must have knowledge of the entire ploy, which makes her susceptible to harm, which she must have known and could be the reason why she took shelter at Hyo-Joo’s house. But, after Hye-Joo read the chats, it was clear why Joong-Do was treating Soo-Bin so coldly from the beginning: he had blamed her for Ji-Hoon’s death from the start.

Woo-Jae also should know about this entire fiasco which could be related to Yeo-Jin, but Yeo-Jin did say she lost her son. Oh, this plot is so confusing; however, Joong-Do is under a lot of suspicions right now. Also, Woo-Jae did talk about how it is very unfortunate that Hye-Joo involved herself because they did not calculate the incident in Youngsan. This could also be the reason why Joong-Do could recover from the distraught feelings from his son’s death so easily; however, Hye-Joo could not. Somehow, Soo-Bin, Woo-Jae, Joong-Do, and Yeo-Jin are all involved in Ji-Hoon’s death, unbeknownst to Hye-Joo. “Trolley” Episode 9 will probably answer some of the burning questions because this is going to be very messy and will probably serve as the make or break of Joong-Do’s career and will also break Hye-Joo’s very soul if what I’m thinking is proven right. 

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