‘Trolley’ Episode 11: Recap And Ending, Explained: Will Soo-Bin Move Against Hye-Joo and Joong-Do?


In “Trolley” Episode 10, Joong-Do had a meeting with his staff where they suggested he go public with his wife’s past as they needed a bigger event to push for the amendment. Kang had come around to politely threaten Joong-Do into making a deal with him, where Kang would keep his mouth shut about Hye-Joo being Joong-Do’s wife, and Joong-Do would move on from the land crisis. After facing such a deal, Joong-Do made up his mind to convince Hye-Joo, and he also refused the deal after receiving ammunition against Kang from Ki-Young. “Trolley” Episode 10 ended with Joong-Do and Yeo-Jin successfully convincing Hye-Joo, as she consented to publicize her past. The next day, she is swarmed by reporters and paparazzi as soon as she steps out of her home.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 11: Recap and Ending Explained – Will Soo-Bin Move Against Hye-Joo and Joong-Do?

Hye-Joo, as soon as she was swarmed by reporters and paparazzi, had a panic attack while she recalled her past with Seung-Ho and Yoo-Shin, and she woke up from this dream to an empty bed. Hye-Joo leaves her house to choose colors for the reconstruction of the books, and while running her errands, she stumbles on Go Min-Seok and Choi Ja-Young, who are on Joong-Do’s staff. Hye-Joo buys them coffee as they explain that they were coming from a meeting with Gwi-Soon, while Joong-Do was at a hearing in the Sinyang-Gu office. Min-Seok and Ja-Young brought up Hye-Joo’s past and offered their condolences to her as they waited for Joong-Do to arrive. They also told her that they had already arranged a stage for her, as Kim Bit-Na had written up a press release to sway the audience to their side. Hye-Joo, realizing something was off, asked them to elaborate on when they had learned about her past, as she recalled giving her consent to publicize the matter last night. Min-Seok and Ja-Young admitted to Joong-Do telling them about it in the afternoon.

Joong-Do arrives to see Hye-Joo, feeling betrayed by him as she realizes how calculative Joong-Do really is. She calmly asked him if he had already made up his mind before he took her consent, to which Joong-Do replied in the affirmative and explained to her further about his decision to get a head start before Kang. A hurt Hye-Joo asked him if he would have gone forward with his decision if she had said no, and Joong-Do told her that he wouldn’t have, because he respected her decision and that he knew she would give her consent. After their meeting, Hye-Joo is reeling from and contemplating the conversation as she realizes how much her husband had changed, as the tea she ordered for him had remained untouched due to his change in preferences. She then makes her way to her studio to go through the pictures of Ji-Hoon to send some of them to his maternal grandparents. She goes to the post office to send them the delivery, and before she throws the empty envelope in the bin, she keeps Soo-Bin’s picture with her. Hye-Joo returns to her studio, where she gets a call from Ki-Young, and she invites him to her studio where he insists on meeting. He tells her about his deal with Joong-Do and also apologizes to her for asking her to apologize to Yoo-Shin.

After chatting for a while, Ki-Young takes his leave. Yoo-Shin, on her trip to find a real estate agent in Seoul, spots them together. She storms over to Ki-Young to interrogate him but pauses for a moment when she recognizes Hye-Joo as she rushes over to slap her and Ki-Young. Yoo-Shin then gets in her car to inform Seung-Hee about the deal Ki-Young had proposed to Joong-do, as she had overheard them talking while she had made her way over to them. However, when she does try to tell Seung-Hee on call, as she drives down the road with Ki-Young in pursuit, she gets in an accident and has to be hospitalized. Meanwhile, Hye-Joo calls Joong-Do to inform him about the altercation between Yoo-Shin, Ki-Young, and her, and she also tells him that Yoo-Shin knew about the deal.

Meanwhile, Joong-Do had left Hye-Joo at the coffee shop to finish the arrangements for his next move back to his office. He waits later with Woo-Jae for Ki-Young’s call; however, he gets a call from Hye-Joo instead as he gets warned about the situation. Joong-Do then sends Woo-Jae to make sure Ki-Young keeps his word and provides them with evidence after they receive a call from Ki-Young saying otherwise. Woo-Jae tracks down the hospital Yoo-Shin is admitted to, and he threatens to inform Seung-Hee about the deal they had of handing the evidence against the land to Joong-Do. Ki-Young finds himself in a fix, and Joong-Do returns home to Hye-Joo to convince her to appear on television to talk about her past. Hye-Joo, still scared from her altercation, refuses Joong-Do. They have a small fight with each other and accidentally alert Yoon-Seo. This causes the family to sit down and have a conversation amongst themselves, where Hye-Joo tells Yoon-Seo about her past. Yoon-Seo urges Hye-Joo to have a press conference and tell the world about her past, as well as help Joong-Do push for the amendment to make sure others do not face the same injustice she faced. Hye-Joo, urged by her daughter and her husband, makes up her mind to finally appear on TV.

Meanwhile, Soo-Bin meets up with her pimp, who she was in a relationship with, to get her phone back. This guy had earlier met with Hye-Joo in “Trolley” Episode 10 and had lied to her about Soo-Bin to create a commotion; similarly, he had lied about the conversation he had with Hye-Joo to Soo-Bin and poisoned her mind against Hye-Joo. Soo-Bin broke up with him after getting her phone back and went back to the shelter, her current abode, with a heavy mind. As she tried to fall asleep, she was almost assaulted by an older man; however, a woman nearby noticed and immediately questioned the man. However, the earlier conversation she had with that guy and a conversation she had overheard among mother-daughter residents in the shelter about being kind to her daughter-in-law only because she was pregnant had impacted her image of Hye-Joo negatively. Soo-Bin undergoes a little personality change as she leaves the shelter. In a room, she deletes the pictures of Ji-Hoon from her phone and dumps the articles Hye-Joo had handed to her via her acquaintance, who told her the exact opposite of what Hye-Joo had asked him to say, making her look at the articles with disdain. “Trolley” Episode 11 ends with Joong-Do and Chairwoman Woo on a talk show where they discuss the numerous scandals Daehan Party members have been involved in. They discuss Assemblyman Ko and how his career was thwarted due to his wife’s scandal, and this acts as a premonition for Joong-Do. The next day, when Hye-Joo arrives at the memorial to spend some time with Ji-Hoon, she gets a call from Joong-Do informing her about the sexual assault complaint lodged by Soo-Bin against Ji-Hoon.

Final Thoughts

Soo-Bin’s acquaintance is proving to be an utter nuisance for Soo-Bin as well as Hye-Joo. He is pitching both of them against each other, although Hye-Joo still believes in Soo-Bin and thus does not really trust his words; however, Soo-Bin, due to her young age and various experiences with the people she trusted and loved, finds it harder to believe in Hye-Joo. Joong-Do’s calculative measures, on the other hand, are bringing him nothing but trouble; it is almost as if the universe is conspiring against Joong-Do to put him through an ultimate test to find out if he is suited for his position. As soon as he is handed a way out of his perils, trouble finds him yet again, ruining his chances to serve his country yet again. Yoo-Shin’s accident served as a double-edged sword for both Ki-Young and Joong-Do. She had come to know about the agreement between both of them and had been on her way to tell her daughter; however, due to her accident, she was rendered unconscious and could not inform her. Ki-Young, watching his wife break down at her mother’s condition, thought of taking a step back, which was a bad decision for Joong-Do and Woo-Jae.

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