‘True Lies’ Season 1 Ending, Explained: What Happens To Harry And Helen? Is Season 2 Canceled?


Harry and Helen had come a long way, and throughout the first season of True Lies, we saw them not only undertaking perilous missions together but also working on their relationship and overcoming all the obstacles that came their way. There was a time when Helen thought of her husband as a computer sales guy but now, she had herself become an excellent spy, and a lot of times, it was her insights that saved the day for the Omega Sector. Dana and Jake still didn’t know what their parents did in real life, and Harry and Helen liked it that way. They didn’t want their children to get worried every time they went on a mission, and there was also a possibility that the word might get out and others might come to know about the agency.

Throughout True Lies Season 1, we realized that the Omega Sector core team was quite close knit and they cared for each other like family. Luther and Maria were clearly interested in each other, but they were never able to express their feelings and tell how much they meant to each other. Maria felt a pang when she got to know that Luther had started dating Quinn, but she knew that she didn’t have a say in the matter. Trilby had given her the offer to move to South America and teach new recruits, and after the recent developments, she was actually entertaining the idea. Krypsis, the Omega Sector’s arch nemesis, was still lurking in the shadows, waiting for the opportunity to strike again with full force. So, let’s find out what happened in the two-part season finale of True Lies and whether Omega Sector was able to save the day or not.

Spoilers Alert

Why Did Kypsis Kidnap Harry?

Omega Sector had to once again enlist the help of the hacker named Max, with whom the entire team had met before and had a terrible experience. The kid was good, but he had a knack for inviting trouble, and if the Omega team didn’t know of his bona fide intentions, they would have surely thought of him as a cyber-criminal. Omega Sector’s van had been hijacked, and their computer tower had been taken over by Krypsis. Gib was stranded in the dark as he did not have access to Krypsis’ system. So he told his team members that they would have to take a different approach this time around. Krypsis had contacted a hacker named Legend to outsource his talents so that they could break into Omega Sector’s computer tower and get their hands on valuable intel. Omega Sector got to know that Max knew these hackers from before, and he could arrange for a meeting with Legend. The plan was that Gib was going to be portrayed as a hacker and ask Legend to recruit him for any jobs he had. They went to meet Legend, and Max spiked his drink, which gave Harry and Helen time to breach his system and know who he was planning to give the job to.

The Omega team got to know that Legend had contacted a hacker named Eightball for the job, and they tracked him down immediately and took him into their custody. Gib knew that in the absence of his best hacker, Legend would have to look for another option, and he would call Gib to do the job. That is exactly what happened, and Gib was taken on board. The Krypsis team arrived on a chopper led by an anonymous lady who seemed to be quite resolute in her approach. The Krypsis team killed Legend and his team of hackers because they didn’t want to leave behind any trail of evidence. They asked Gib to break into the system, and he was really petrified as he knew that they could even kill him at any moment. But before any tragedy happened, Harry and his team broke into the building and carried out a deadly assault on the Krypsis soldiers. Though Gib was saved, the Russian lady was able to get the better of Harry by injecting a liquid that made him unconscious. The lady took Harry with her and flew off from the facility in her chopper. Harry had been in a difficult situation before, but the stakes were higher this time and Gib knew that they had to find Krypsis’ secret base anyhow and rescue Harry Tasker.

How Did Dana Learn About The Omega Sector?

Harry and Helen were shocked when they got to know that their daughter’s boyfriend was none other than the hacker who had given them nightmares previously in True Lies, and they wanted to do everything in their power to make Dana break up with him. Helen couldn’t control her impulse, and she ended up creating a misunderstanding between Dana and Max, as a result of which they broke up. Dana thought that Max was lying to her, and she told him that she didn’t want to be with him. Max knew that it was all Helen’s doing, and he became very disheartened and stopped cooperating with the Omega sector. Max’s talent for hacking into devices was crucial for the mission, and Gib confronted Helen and Harry and asked them to reconcile with Max, as otherwise, it would put their mission in jeopardy. Helen once again called her daughter and told her that her boyfriend might not be lying after all and as a result Dana and Max came back together, but Dana still felt that Max was hiding something from her. Max had told her that he was going to the doctor’s clinic, but the picture he sent her made it look like he was somewhere else.

Dana read that there was a hoarding of “shaking crawfish” just behind Max, and she found the location and went there herself to see what exactly was happening. That was the location from which the entire Omega team was operating, and when Harry and Helen saw Dana coming, they got paranoid and didn’t know where to hide or what to tell her. Time was running out, and Gib was in Krypsis’ custody, so they had no other choice but to tell their daughter that they were spies. Dana got the shock of her life when she realized that all those conferences that her parents used to go to were, in fact, deadly missions. After Harry was kidnapped by the Krypsis lady at the end of True Lies episode 12, even Jake had to be told the truth, and he too couldn’t gulp down the fact that his parents were covert operatives working for a secret agency. Dana and Jake stayed back with Max at the Omega Sector headquarters while the rest of the team went to look out for Harry. Gib knew deep down that they were literally treading on thin ice this time, and even a single false step could prove to be lethal.

True Lies Ending Explained: Is Harry Able To Get Out Alive?

The Russian lady, who was using a pharmaceutical company as a front for all the illegal activities of Krypsis, injected a serum inside Harry, which first caused him a great deal of pain and then started making him hallucinate. The lady wanted to break Harry from within and make him so confused that he couldn’t separate reality from his imagination. She hypnotized him and made him face conflicts where he saw his own team and family turn against him. The lady was doing this for a reason: years ago, in 1994, her father had been killed by Omega Sector operatives. Her father was not the target, but he worked as a guard in the enemy facility that the Omega section bombed. The collateral damage sowed the seed of revenge in the Russian lady, who was just a child back then. It had taken her more than a couple of decades to find out that an agency called Omega Sector existed in reality. And now that she had one of their operatives in her custody, she was not going to leave him so easily.

The lady, after completely messing with Harry’s mind, left the building before Helen Luther and Maria arrived to rescue Harry. Harry was in a messed-up state, and he still couldn’t understand what was real and what wasn’t. He started firing at Helen and others, thinking that his mind was playing tricks on him and that they were not real. Triby gave the order to exterminate Harry, but Gib knew that he was never going to do that. Helen dropped her arms and went straight up to Harry, asking him to remember all the good times they had spent together. She made him realize that they were real and that he was not hallucinating.

At the end of the True Lies season finale, Harry and Helen were able to get out of the building together with Luther and Maria before it exploded and was reduced to rubble. Maria declined the offer to go to South America and decided to stay with her team. Harry and Helen organized a dinner at their place for their team, as the recent event had made them realize that life was unpredictable, and it was important to spend time with those who mattered. It seemed like the threat was over, but that Krypsis lady was still around, and she was waiting for the opportunity to strike back at them and finish what she had started.

Is Season 2 Canceled?

The second season of True Lies has been canceled, and rightly so, because season 1 failed to have any sort of impact, and even the strategy of following the same template in every episode became quite mundane after a point. The threats didn’t look real, the action was subpar, the moments aiming to bring light humor were also ineffective, and all in all, the entire scripting was quite weak and unimaginative. We don’t know what the intention of the makers was but they were never able to captivate our attention, and it felt like episode after episode, they were repeating the same thing in a different setting. Lighthearted spy dramas can be effective, and we have liked quite a few in the past but True Lies clearly didn’t make the cut. At times, True Lies showed some potential, but it was never able to capitalize on it and was reduced to a series that was not worth the time.

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