‘True Lies’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Was Omega Sector Able To Catch The Engineer?


In the third episode of the series, “True Lies,” the Omega sector’s top spies were given yet another mission to solve. They were going after a mastermind who had caused them a lot of trouble in the past. A terrorist organization had orchestrated an attack in Zurich in 2017, and the weapons had been purchased from an arms dealer known as the Engineer. Many city blocks were destroyed, and about 180 people were killed in the attack, and the Omega Sector has been after the Engineer ever since then.

Spoilers Ahead

In 2019, Omega Sector decided to join forces with the MI6, and together they launched a covert search to find the Engineer, who had vanished into thin air after the Zurich attack. They finally got lucky as the Engineer resurfaced in Prague for another arms deal. MI6, as well as the Omega Sector, knew that it was probably the last chance they had to catch the perpetrator. MI6’s senior operative Ian Young had come all prepared, and he was the one who was supposed to break into the building and lead the attack. It was decided that as soon as Ian confirmed that the Engineer was in possession of the nuclear weapon, Harry, Luther, and Maria would enter and arrest him. Ian was very confident that he would take Engineer by surprise and easily capture him. But a man who was selling nuclear weapons and could vanish whenever he wanted to, wasn’t going to be captured so easily. The Engineer was a step ahead of the intelligence agencies, and he somehow knew that Ian was an MI6 agent who had come to arrest him. All of a sudden, after Ian entered the building, he stopped talking over the radio. Harry and others knew that Ian was in some kind of trouble. Omega Sector agents immediately broke inside the building and found Ian lying on the floor with a note stuck on his back that said, “Nice Try.” The Engineer had killed Ian, and the agents stood there helplessly, not understanding where they went wrong in the entire mission or how the information got leaked. There was a lot of anger and frustration inside Harry, Luther, Maria, and Gib, and they desperately wanted to take revenge on the Engineer, as it had never happened that someone mocked their authority with such ruthlessness.

Once again, Gib told his team members that he had found out about the whereabouts of the Engineer who was coming to Salzburg, Austria, to make a deal with the African fascist group, The Noble Cross. Omega Sector knew that this time they would not only catch the Engineer but also make sure he repented of his actions his entire life. Meanwhile, in the Tusker household, Helen was not able to compartmentalize her professional and private lives. In addition to looking after her kids, taking lectures at the university, and attending Omega Sector training sessions, she also had some plumbing issues in the house, which she had to cater to. Her life had become chaotic, and she was feeling quite messed up in her head. Harry wanted to be there for her, but he also had a hectic work schedule and didn’t have time to lend a helping hand. Helen was trying to be understanding, but she knew that she would have to do something about it, as she wouldn’t be able to focus anywhere if she wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

‘True Lies’ Episode 3: Ending Explained: Was Omega Sector Able To Catch The Engineer? What Did Helen Realize?

The mission at Salzburg had brought quite a lot of memories back for Luther and Maria, as they were dating during that mission back in 2017. After Ian died, Maria had decided to part ways, but Luther always insisted on the fact that they worked well together, though Maria never explicitly accepted it. The Engineer was supposed to meet a representative of the Noble Cross named Pieter Voss. The research team had come to the conclusion that if they had to reach the Engineer, then they had to drive a wedge between Pieter and his people. Gib knew that they couldn’t strong-arm him or turn him to work for them as they had no leverage. Through the research team, they got to know that Pieter was a compulsive gambler, and he often had no control over his addiction. Pieter was bringing in a huge sum of money to buy the portable nukes, and Gib was of the opinion that if they somehow managed to make him spend it, then they would be able to create a rift between him and his employer and ultimately would be able to reach the Engineer.

Luther and Maria’s job was to enter the casino, hack its security system, then pretend to be dealers and, with their sleight of hand, make Pieter lose all his money. They successfully hacked the security cameras, and Gib got control of the entire system. Gib hacked into employee record data, and he got Maria and Luther on the list as dealers. Harry and Helen had to pretend to be a wealthy couple and play alongside Pieter and his partner, Tiffany Mills, to keep them engaged. Helen was awestruck when she saw those expensive clothes and accessories that were provided to them by their agency so that nobody could get suspicious of them. She asked Harry how he was acting so normal and not freaking out by looking at his clothes, but Harry told her that with time, she would also get used to all this. Harry and Helen went to play alongside Pieter and Tiffany, but they had a hard time forcing Pieter to play a big hand. Pieter played a few games, but then he decided to leave. Luckily, Helen had struck a chord with Tiffany, and she convinced her to come back again the next day so that they could hang out and play together.

Gib was quite impressed by Helen’s presence of mind, and he knew that by improvising, she might have saved their mission. Pieter came once again with Tiffany the next day and started playing. Tiffany asked him to stop when she saw that he was continuously losing, but he had reached a point where he just couldn’t stop. He wanted to win big before calling it a night, knowing what was at stake. Pieter had used money from the funds given to him by the Noble Cross. He blamed Harry for his losses, and Harry told him that he could get his money back by talking to his wife. Giving Pieter’s money back was not part of the plan, but Harry had to improvise as he saw Pieter becoming a little suspicious about him and losing his temper. It was decided that Harry and Helen would bring a bag containing three million dollars to Pieter’s room and then somehow manage to identify the Engineer and catch hold of him. But once again, the Engineer proved to be a step ahead of them, and when they reached Pieter’s room, he had already been killed. An email had been sent to the Noble Cross from the room by the Engineer saying that their representative was short on funds.

The Omega Sector agents didn’t know what to do next, and that’s when it struck Helen that the Engineer would have been someone who was seeing how much Pieter was losing throughout the night, and that is how he would have come to know that he was short on funds. She remembered that there was a man the other night who was constantly following Pieter to the cashier’s counter, and he was even present at the table where they were playing. Gib quickly ran through the CCTV footage, and he identified who the Engineer was. Gib saw that the Engineer was leaving the hotel premises, and he asked Harry and others to follow him. While on the chase, a truck hit Luther and Maria’s car, and fortunately, they didn’t suffer a lot of damage. Harry asked Helen to drive their vehicle parallel to that of the Engineer’s, and as soon as he was within reach, Harry jumped into the Engineer’s car and made him stop it. Towards the end of the third episode of the series, “True Lies,” Harry and Helen catch yet another perpetrator and avoid a disaster by not letting him give the portable nuclear weapon to the African Fascists.

Maria finally opened up to Luther in the third episode of the series, “True Lies,” and told him that after she saw Ian Young die during their mission, she was scared to be with anybody who was in the line of business where they risked their lives each and every day. Luther passed out while she was speaking, maybe because he got too overwhelmed when she acknowledged that they were a good team back in the day. Helen realized that an agent does not have the liberty to think about anything else while they are on a mission. She saw her husband risking his life and catching the Engineer, and it made her realize how focused they needed to be at all times, as otherwise, they wouldn’t come out of it alive. Harry also realized that, up until then, he had been able to do his job to perfection because everything else was managed by Helen. He appreciated how she had been there for him in the toughest of times, and he promised to be there for her and help her in her transition. He called the Omega Sector and told them to immediately look into the plumbing issue in their house, as it could damage the expensive security setup that was installed there. Harry and Helen knew that the strength of their relationship was their will to understand each other and be empathetic in their approach. Harry and Helen enjoyed their time at Salsburg, as maybe they had realized that they couldn’t let the stress of their job affect them, and amidst all the chaos, they needed to learn to savor every moment.

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