‘True Lies’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Gib And His Father Reconcile?


In the 7th episode of “True Lies,” Omega Sector had a new problem on their hands when a defense contracting company named Axe Industries, with whom they did business on a regular basis, was attacked by unknown people, and the employees were taken hostage. Something strange happened this time around, and Gib didn’t come to brief Harry and others about the ongoing situation. Instead, another Omega Sector employee named Quinn came to inform them about the issue and tell them exactly what they were supposed to do. 

The Omega Sector Research Team found out that the name of the leader was Lieutenant Victor Madsen, who was ex-Delta Force and was discharged from his service in 2016 for professional misconduct and other serious allegations. Victor had made it very clear that if he didn’t receive $100 million as reparations for the victims who had lost their lives due to the weapons made and supplied by Axe Industries to the defense forces of the nation, then he would kill all the 130 hostages that were present inside the facility. Harry and his team were given the task to infiltrate the campus, neutralize the threat, and bring out all the hostages alive.

Spoilers Ahead

Gib Has Issues With His Father

Quinn said that Gib was in a meeting with Trilby, but Harry knew his friend, and not even for a moment did he buy that lie. He went straight away to Gib to confront him and know exactly what was happening. A panic-stricken Gib told Harry that Axe Industries was once run by his father, Al Gibson, and the Omega Sector tactical unit had decided to bring him on board and get to know about the layout of the entire campus. Gib didn’t have a very good relationship with his father, and they hadn’t talked to each other for the longest time. Gib, in his defense, said that his father never accepted him for who he was and always wanted to shape personality, and make him do things according to his sensibilities. 

Al never wanted his son to join the Omega Sector, and he had expected that his successor would take over his company after he retired. But that didn’t happen, and their relationship became bitter over a period of time, so much so that they couldn’t stand the sight of each other. Harry asked Gib to assess the situation rationally by putting his personal issues aside for a moment. The FBI couldn’t find a way in, and now Omega Sector desperately needed someone who could guide them and let them know how to breach the fortress.

Though Helen and Harry tried to mitigate the situation as much as they could, Al did not leave any opportunity to take a jab at his son. He said that nothing would have happened if Gib had taken a job at Axe Industries instead of acting out of his own will and joining the Omega sector. Al informed the others that there were utility tunnels that could give them access to the entire building, but he wanted them to know that it was not going to be very easy.

Why Had Madsen Attacked Axe Industries?

Harry, Luther, and Maria went inside the tunnel, while Helen stayed back to keep things cordial between Gib and his father. Al was constantly seeing that there were quite a few architectural changes that had been made in the building. He was having a hard time helping the on-field agents navigate their way, and he knew that the change in the architecture of the place was done on purpose, and probably the management wanted something to stay out of public view. Al and Gib were constantly arguing, and they were not able to determine which passageway to follow. Harry knew that they were short on time, so he used his laser cutter to open a pipe, hoping that it would lead them to the right way, but instead, a lethal gas burst out of it. 

The gas fumes made Harry blind, and he writhed in pain, fearing that the damage done would be permanent. Gib immediately called Quinn, who informed Harry that his blindness was temporary, and the effects would subside over a period of time. Harry, Luther and Maria got stuck in the tunnel, and they realized that there was no way out of it. Al told them that all the tunnels ran parallel to each other, and if one person could enter the duct that connected them, they could come out on the other side and open the locked door. Helen decided that she would go inside the duct, as only she could fit in the space. All four of them finally reached the basement through the tunnels and saw what Madsen was after. Madsen and his men were not after money, but they had taken over the place because they wanted a lethal substance called nerve gas that Axe Industries had been producing of late. Harry couldn’t see, and they couldn’t even shoot because of the highly inflammable and volatile nature of the substance present in the basement. Helen realized that if they cut the power, even Madsen and his men wouldn’t be able to see clearly in the dark, and Harry wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. Helen became Harry’s eyes, and she told him in which direction to attack. Harry and Helen neutralized the threat, and Al and Gib stopped Madsen from escaping and took him into custody.

‘True Lies’ Episode 7 Ending Explained: How Did Gib And His Father Reconcile?

Towards the end of “True Lies,” Episode 7, Gib and his father resolved all their issues and realized that they both had made mistakes in the past and had failed to understand each other’s perspective. After Gib’s mother had passed, things had gone haywire between them. Al didn’t want Gib to risk his life and work for the Omega sector. He always loved his son, and he was proud of him, but he didn’t like that he had started calling him by his name. Gib also said that not even once did he call him his son and always referred to him as Junior. Working on the mission together helped their cause, and they were finally able to mend their relationship and end the decade-long cold war. 

Meanwhile Harry had always felt that taking help from someone was a sign of weakness. He absolutely hated it when Helen was teaching him salsa, to the point that he said that he would rather risk his life and go on a mission than struggle on the dance floor. After the mission, Harry accepted the fact that, had Helen not been there to help him, he wouldn’t have been able to stop Madsen. She had no intention of undermining his authority and Harry realized that he didn’t always have to do everything on his own and that sometimes, taking help from others could actually make his life a lot easier.

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