‘True Lies’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending, Explained: Were Arnie And Sharon Dead Or Alive?


The day Helen got recruited to Omega Sector, she knew the kind of dangers she would have to face, but in “True Lies” Episode 9, after being a part of several missions where they put their lives at risk, Helen started feeling even more scared. She was imagining the worst possible scenarios and expressed her fears to Harry. She asked him what would happen if one of them actually lost their lives. She was scared for her children and what would happen to them if they didn’t make it home after one of their missions. Helen started to feel that they didn’t have the time to enjoy the little things in life and spend some quality time alone. Helen wanted to get intimate with Harry, but because he was struggling from an injury that he had gotten while dealing with a criminal, he wasn’t able to do so.

Helen’s fears were not baseless, as at the beginning of “True Lies” Episode 9, we saw an ex-Omega agent getting reduced to ashes when a missile struck him, and his car exploded while he was sitting in it. The next morning, Harry wanted to calm Helen’s nerves and tell her that he was always going to protect her and their children no matter what, but just then, they got a briefing call from the counterintelligence unit, and they had to abandon whatever they were doing and immediately head towards Omega Sector headquarters.

A Mission To Save Ex-Agents

Somebody had been identifying Omega Sector’s retired agents and killing them in cold blood. Rex Kelly, head of the counterintelligence team, briefed Harry and others about the mission and told them that two of their ex-agents, Cal Haskin and Lance Dale, had been killed recently, and they needed to find out who was behind the attack. Kelly believed that the organization or the individual who was orchestrating these attacks had access to classified information since the identity of the agents who worked on covert operations was never revealed by the agency. The attacker knew who Cal Haskin and Lance Dale were and had figured out where they lived and how they could be killed. There was no evidence left behind by the attackers, so the Omega Sector didn’t have any potential leads from the crime scenes. Cal and Lance were part of a four-member team, and all that Omega Sector could do now was make sure that the other two members were safe. Kelly wanted the team to talk to the two surviving members, Arnie Orwig and Sharon Heinz, and ask them if they knew anything about a potential enemy that might have existed back in the day. The briefing made Helen even more paranoid, and she looked at Harry as if telling him that whatever she had been overthinking about could actually happen.

Omega Sector Meets Arnie And Sharon.

Arnie and Sharon were a couple back in the day, but they had the worst breakup, after which they never met each other. Arnie used to live in the woods, and he had taken all sorts of security measures to neutralize threats that came his way. Arnie was just about to shoot Harry and Helen when they calmed him down and told him that they had come because they believed his life was in danger. Seeing Arnie’s paranoia about his safety, Helen wondered if they were also going to become like him in their old age. It was a scary thought, but Helen knew that she couldn’t do anything about it as of now. Arnie told Harry and Helen that 15 years ago, a mission had gone wrong, and all the members of his small unit started blaming each other for the blunder that had been committed. Lance Dale, who was believed to be dead up until then in “True Lies” Episode 9, had got gravely injured in that mission, and the fact that Arnie and Sharon were in a relationship at that time with each other didn’t help the cause. Harry told Arnie that he would have to accompany them to Sharon’s house, as they just couldn’t leave him at his house because of the imminent threat to his life. Harry had to almost drag Arnie with him, as he just didn’t want to see Sharon after 15 years.

While they were on their way, Arnold got to know that Helen and Harry had been married to each other for the last 17 years, and he couldn’t help but tell them that they were doing the worst thing possible. Arnie, from his own experiences, told them that having a relationship with a colleague in the Omega sector was not possible, and things would definitely go downhill after a point in time. When the Omega Sector team reached Sharon’s doorstep, even she was a bit surprised to see Arnie after such a long time, and she didn’t waste any time before landing a punch and breaking her ex’s nose. Arnie and Sharon started fighting all over again, and Gib had to come out of his van and ask them to behave like adults as time was running out and the killer was still on the loose.

Who Was Killing The Ex-Agents?

Harry stumbled upon a detail that caught his attention. Arnie told him that Lance Dale was a field guy, but he also had a keen interest in research work. He said that Lance’s place was always filled with files and documents, and generally, there was no space to even sit anywhere. When Omega Sector searched his house after he was killed, they didn’t find any such files or documents inside. That made Harry realize that he probably had another house where he kept all his work-related documents. Sharon told Helen that Lance had this theory about a shadow organization named Krypsys, which he believed was keeping track of the Omega Sector’s movements and an account of all their missions. Sharon said they had tried to search for this organization but had never found any evidence to prove its existence.

Gib narrowed down all the places that could have been used by Lance as his hideout. Arnie and Sharon spotted a property by looking at the map, which they believed could be where Lance did all this research work in secret. They went to that house and found out that there were tons of documents pinned to the wall and scattered all over the house. The team knew that they were inching closer to solving the mystery when a gang surrounded the building and started firing at them without any sort of warning.

“True Lies” Episode 9 revealed that Lance was still alive and that he was the one who had killed his colleague, Cal Haskin, making it look like an act carried out by an alien organization. Krypsys existed in reality, and Lance, after retiring from the Omega Sector, had joined hands with them. Lance had some deep-rooted resentment towards the Omega sector, as nobody had believed him when he tried to tell them about Krypsys. Lance also felt that, in their last mission, his colleagues had left him to die. Lance felt that Omega Sector had betrayed him, and that is why he wanted to kill his colleagues and take revenge for what had happened 15 years ago.

Harry and his team decided to launch a counterattack, but they knew that they were no match because they were outnumbered, and only a miracle could save them. Arnie and Sharon, just like old days, went to the forefront and decided to end the matter once and for all. They targeted the explosives kept inside Lance’s vehicle and decided that they would make the box explode, as that was the only way to save the lives of Harry and his team. They hit the bull’s eye, and there was a huge explosion, and the entire group of Krypsys soldiers, together with Lance, were reduced to ashes. Arnie and Sharon were nowhere to be found, and Harry and others believed they must have died in the blast.

Were Arnie And Sharon Dead Or Alive?

Arnie and Sharon’s bodies weren’t found on the scene, and that is why we believe that they must have found some way to make it look like they had perished, when in reality, they escaped. Arnie and Sharon wanted to hide from Krypsys, and they must have believed that faking their deaths was the best way to achieve that. Probably, Sharon and Arnie sorted out their differences and started living together because even after not being in touch for years, they loved each other, and they made it quite evident through their gestures. Though a part of Krypsys had been destroyed, the shadow organization was still pretty much alive, and the threat had not been neutralized. Luther and Maria were evidently attracted to each other, and it mattered to them if one person felt bad about the actions of another. But Luther was dating Quinn, and Maria felt jealous about it. It was just a matter of time before they realized that they were meant for each other. Eva and Gib reconciled at the end of “True Lies” Episode 9, and the former decided to give their relationship one more chance. Harry and Helen decided to let go of the stress and paranoia, take life as it came, and savor the little moments that they could steal now and then.

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