‘True Lies’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did The Omega Sector Kill General Ochoa?


“True Lies” Episode 10 begins with us witnessing Harry and Helen undertaking a dangerous mission and making a near escape from the Venezuelan consulate in Washington, D.C. Harry was searching for some information inside a vault, and after putting his and Helen’s lives at risk, he was finally able to find it. One thing that became evident from that mission was that Helen was still not comfortable holding a gun, and she had no confidence in herself when it came to shooting people. Helen, for the first time, was guarding the door while Harry was searching for the secret information, and she felt petrified by the thought that somebody was going to walk in at any moment, and she would have to shoot at him. Luckily, nothing of the sort happened, and she escaped from there without firing a single bullet. Harry and Helen were immediately taken by Gib to Doug and Alice Dills’ house, who had no clue that their guests had just been involved in a shootout and were in possession of top-secret intel for which they could be killed. So, in this recap of “True Lies” Episode 10 we would try to find out what mission was given to Harry and his team and if they are able to accomplish it.

Spoilers Alert.

What Was Omega Sector’s Mission?

Through the data stolen by Harry and Helen, the Omega Sector came to know that agent general Hernan Alvaro Ochoa had been able to gain control of a long-range mobile missile. The general had gone rogue, and his aim was to allow staunch followers of the communist party to seize control of Cuba. Ochoa never liked the United States of America, and unlike a few members of the government, he didn’t want any treaty or pact to be signed between the two nations. It was also speculated that Ochoa was planning to attack Miami and quick action needed to be taken against him to neutralize the threat before it was too late. The problem was that spies of American origin couldn’t operate in Cuba due to the hostile environment, so it was decided that the Omega Sector wouldn’t be directly involved in the mission but would hire people whom they thought had the potential and the will to undertake the lethal task and kill General Ochoa. The thing was that convincing someone to wage a war against the leader of their nation was not easy, and to make matters even harder, Harry and Helen were told that they had only a couple of days to achieve the feat. The people whom they would have to convince were total strangers. Harry knew that for his mission to be successful, they would have to pull off a miracle, as he couldn’t understand how it was rationally possible to do what they were being asked.

Who were Valentina and Emilio Perez?

The Omega Sector team left for Panama in “True Lies” episode 10, and Harry and Helen were made to stay in the same hotel in which the Perez couple was staying. Emilio and Valentina Perez were important members of the Cuban defense department, and they wanted peaceful relations to exist between the United States and their own country. The Omega Sector team believed that they were the best possible candidates who could kill Ochoa for them. Harry and Helen were told to break into their room and find as much information about them as they could so that they could have a conversation and make the Perez couple trust them. Gib didn’t want Valentina and Emilio walking upon Harry and Helen while the latter were in their room. That is why he asked Luther and Maria to be in the restaurant and keep an eye on the couple and make a signal as soon as they left the place. Harry and Helen came to know a lot of things about the Cuban couple, like what alcohol they preferred and what kind of books they read. Helen found a novel called The Orchid Temple in their room, and she knew that she could definitely use it to bond with Valentina, as it was her all-time favorite book. Maria and Luther encountered some problems when an unknown man came to Luther’s table and started arguing that he had already reserved it. Luther and Maria got distracted, and they informed Gib at the very last moment that Emilio and Valentina were nowhere to be seen, and they must have left for their rooms. Harry and Helen were able to make a near escape without being spotted in Perez’s room.

The next day, Helen and Harry met the Cuban couple at the bar and struck up a conversation with them, making use of all the intel they had gotten the day before. The conversation was going really well when something untoward happened. Before Harry and Helen could pitch their own plan, Emilio asked them if they could help them take out General Ochoa. That’s when it dawned upon the entire team of the Omega Sector that Emilio and Valentina were also spies from their own country who were looking for assistance from their neighboring nations to conduct a coup and kill General Ochoa. Before they could clear their doubts, Ochoa’s men arrived at the scene and attacked the spies from both nations. Ochoa had somehow gotten to know that Emilio and Valentina were planning to betray him, and that is why he had decided to send his soldiers and kill them.

Was The Omega Sector Able To Save Miami And Kill General Ochoa?

Gib and Maria Luther were taken into captivity, but Harry and Helen escaped with the Perezes. The man, Raul, who had an argument with Luther the day before when he was keeping an eye on the Perezes, was also a Cuban spy, and that is why he was also taken into custody. Gib was made to call Harry and tell him to surrender, and he was also told that if he failed to adhere to the orders given by General Ochoa then he and the entire Omega Sector team would be killed. Gib was a smart man, and by coughing multiple times on the phone call intentionally, he had given Harry a lot of details. Harry knew the number of entry points that were in the building where Gib was being held hostage and also the number of soldiers present at the scene. Flor Alvarez, who was basically a part of the Cuban spy team and sold them out, had given all the intel to Ochoa.

Harry knew that they had no option but to go to the hideout where Ochoa was holding Gib, Luther, Maria, and Raul and try to attack with all their might and hope that they were able to get the better of them. Emilio knew of a place where they could get weapons, and he took them there. It was a kind of go-down where all sorts of illicit activities were taking place. Harry and Emilio took the weapons from there and reached the place Ochoa had asked them to. Meanwhile, Raul and Luther were constantly fighting like kids with each other, and Maria tried to instill some sense in them and tell them that if they didn’t do something now, they would be killed. That’s when Luther and Raul calmed down, and together opened the ropes and freed themselves. Deadly combat ensued after that, and together, the American and Cuban spies were able to take out Ochoa’s men.

Towards the end of “True Lies” episode 10, we saw that Ochoa still had Gib with him, and he asked Harry and others to drop their weapons if they wanted to see him alive. That’s when Helen came from behind, shot at Ochoa, and killed him. It was the first time Helen had killed somebody. She got over her fears at just the right time, as otherwise, Miami would have been bombed, and Gib would have been killed. Omega Sector successfully completed yet another mission, and though this time the stakes were quite high, they were able to perform under pressure and not only save the lives of all those innocent people who lived in Miami but also come back with zero casualties.

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