‘Truth Be Told’ Season 3, Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Does Poppy Find On Trey’s Laptop?


Episode 2 of “Truth Be Told” Season 3 really picked up pace since the first episode, with some truly shocking revelations that had us staring open-mouthed at the screen. This series has always had a way of letting things brew beneath a deceptively calm facade. Such a script requires good writing and actors who have mastered the art of leaving behind their public personas, no matter how famous, and becoming the characters they are portraying on the screen. Octavia Spencer always delivers, but the one to intrigue us this season is Gabrielle Union, who plays Eva. There is an ease to her presence on the screen, which makes her as charming as she feels shady. Excuse the abrupt slang, but there is no better term to be used right now. This is how the second episode plays out.

Spoilers Ahead 

The Investigation Of Drea’s Murder

In Episode 1 of “Truth Be Told” Season 3, we saw Eva at the motel where Drew’s body had been found. She was in a place she shouldn’t have been, hence she is being questioned by the police, with Poppy watching from behind the mirror. But the only answer they get from Eva is that someone had given her a tip, which is why she had come to the place. At Drea’s service, Eva confesses that there was a student in the motel. Her parents were not legal; hence, taking her name would have spelled trouble for her. It was the student who told Eva about Drea being there. As Poppy is figuring out what to do next, she comforts Charise, Drea’s mother, who says that she is tempted to use drugs again. Markus and Poppie talk her out of it and offer to arrange some support for her. Charise also gives Poppy permission to do whatever she needs to in order to find Drea’s killer.

Poppy goes through Drea’s room and finds a hidden cell phone with the downloaded app Questeur, which is apparently called “Snapchat’s dirty cousin.” There are a few chats on this app with usernames that Poppy deduces to be Drea’s pimps or clients. Poppy decides that she wants to inspect the crime scene herself, and she asks her father to accompany her. He is a part of the Capstones, and he wants to amp up their vigilante activities so that they are able to prevent further cases like Drew Spivey. He doesn’t have the needed support for it yet, but we can tell that he is going to go ahead with his plans, with or without it. He even finds some trouble with the hotel receptionist, who won’t allow them to inspect the hotel room, but some good old-fashioned intimidation and violence takes care of that, giving us a glimpse of what is to come with the Capstones. Poppy takes plenty of pictures for the room and spots a diner across the street, whose logo they had seen in Drea’s sketchbook. When they get there, they speak with some of the other prostitutes and find that one of the names in Drea’s chat history is the license plate of a client.

That day, in another scene, we discover that Eva is the owner of the other username, “Bottom2TopEnergy.” The principal of a school really couldn’t come up with a better name? Either way, the next day, Eva goes to meet Poppy to tell her that she is unable to act in the case of Drea. While she might have gone there with good intentions, when Eva spots the photographs on Poppy’s laptop, she is scared because something in them incriminates her. She asks her to go with her to interview their suspect. When Markus, Poppy, and Eva reach the place of the man, they find that he has a strong alibi, though he mentions hearing Drea get into trouble with someone named Trey. He admits not knowing that she was underage, and he acted rather insensitively when he presented his alibi. It is an uncomfortable minute to watch, but it gets over soon. Eva wants to help further, but her involvement so far has been suspicious. Poppy and Markus don’t trust her, so for the time being, Eva leaves.

Season 3, Episode 2: Ending Explained – What Does Poppy Find On Trey’s Laptop?

Poppy calls Aemes and tells him about Trey. He checks the system and tells her that someone by the name of James Benjamin goes by Trey, and he finds his last known address for her. When Poppy and Markkus reach there, they find Rochelle, one of the prostitutes that Poppy had spoken to. Poppy believes that Rochelle did not tell her the entire truth, and when she points out that she is wearing Drea’s necklace, Rochelle gets violent, though she is held back. Inside Trey’s house, Poppy goes through Trey’s laptop, and she finds lots of explicit videos of young girls. They looked like they were shot with the girls’ consent, though that still doesn’t explain their presence. One of the videos Poppy notices is that of Trini, Markus’ daughter when she is with her boyfriend. Marcus also sees that video, and he is extremely shocked.

We remember in the episode how Trini had started telling her mother how the boy had approached her and told her that he was trying to ask her out by figuring out how to not be intimidated by her. Trini mentions that she was surprised that she could have that effect on someone. In Episode 1 of “Truth Be Told” Season 3, we saw that she genuinely liked her boyfriend, but in Episode 2, we saw moments of discomfort on her face. Is it possible that this is the modus operandi of the trafficking racket? The next episode of “Truth Be Told” Season 3 will give us the answers.

What To Expect From Episode 3 Of ‘Truth Be Told’ Season 3?

We suspect that Trini will reveal some answers as to her relationship with her boyfriend and whether she has been forced into anything she did not want to. We also suspect that Eva’s secret might be revealed. Our guess would be that she started chatting with Drea, not knowing who she was, but withdrew upon finding out. That might also have placed her at the motel on the night of Drea’s death, and Eva has been hiding it all because of how it looks. But most of all, we want to see what happens with Leander. We suspect that he is going to start acting in the name of Capstones without getting the support he was speaking of. Could Trini’s boyfriend be his first target? Episode 3 of “Truth Be Told” Season 3 will bring us these answers.

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