‘Truth Be Told’ Season 3, Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Poppy Find Trini?


This week’s episode of “Truth be Told” Season 3 picks up from when Trini ran away with Aubrey in Episode 3 and unravels some of the mystery behind the trafficking ring and the murder in town. We got a look at some of the more insidious operations of such groups and the far-reaching effects of unnecessary silence. “Truth be Told” Season 3 has really got its pacing on point, which is more than we can say for a lot of shows these days, and that is keeping us engrossed. Some of our longstanding doubts were resolved, and in a way, we were glad that a character we wanted to like was actually clean. We will have more opinions after Episode 5, but for now, let us go through everything that happens in Episode 4.

Spoilers Ahead

Poppy’s Search for Trini

As the search for Trini is on, her parents believe that she might just have gone out with Aubrey without telling them since she had done something like that a few months ago. When Poppy suggests that she might be in greater danger due to Trey being a known sex trafficker, they are unable to consider that possibility out of fear for their daughter. When they go through Trini’s things, they find a lot of expensive gifts, obviously given to her by Aubrey. It starts becoming clearer to them that she was being groomed by him and that they must act accordingly now. Poppy immediately puts the Capstones to task by assigning them areas to scour for any sign of Trini.

Back with the parents, she says that while the search is on, they need more resources, as in, Trini “needs the Emily Mills treatment.” They need as much publicity about her disappearance as Emily Mills is getting. That is the only way to find her before anything bad happens. Zarina is against the idea, as she feels that such a record would interfere with Trini for the rest of her life and become something she will never be able to outrun. Poppy suggests substituting Aubrey’s name with an alias, as they suspect that he might not be completely aware of what he is caught up in. Zarina is not on board with the idea, but they have no choice at the moment. At the same time, her doctor advises her to take complete rest for the safety of her unborn child and herself.

Meanwhile, as Poppy investigates with Eva, they find a boy named Cooper in Aubrey’s social media who is wearing a chain similar to the one they found in Trini’s room. When they meet him, he tells them that he and a few other guys had been taken under Trey’s wing, and he had been very nice to them before eventually turning on them and claiming that they owed him money and must work to bring him girls, as repayment. Cooper had gotten out of it, but the others hadn’t, especially Aubrey. Cooper tells them that there is a recording studio where the boys took the girls to impress them, but he doesn’t know anymore. Later, they get a call from Aames and Markus telling Poppy and Eva that Alicia Rodriguez was the person who bought the chains. She is Eva’s date from before, and she decides to talk to her.

A lot more happens that day. Markus and Zarina get into a fight where they blame each other for Trini’s disappearance. Additionally, Poppy is visited by someone from her company’s media department, and he tells her that in case she decides to use Trini’s name, they will support it as it would get them more listeners. But it is at the fundraiser that day that an important revelation comes to light. While Shreve Scoville manages to get some attention for Trini’s case by getting on the stage uninvited, Eva shows up looking for Alicia. When she finds that she is not there, Eva texts her, asking about the gold chains, and she replies that she had bought them for Finney, who wanted them for some donors.

Eva goes to Poppy’s place that night because she needs some emotional support. As she is about to confess the identity of her trafficker, she finds that Poppy has already figured out who he is. He is Andrew Finney, and Poppy knew that because he still wore the blue scarf with orange polka dots that Eva had mentioned. She spends the night at Poppy’s place, and the next morning, she tells her that she has always suspected Andrew Finney of being behind the girls being trafficked. She had tried to contact Drea on the Questeur app, hoping she would respond. Additionally, the object she had seen in Drea’s hotel room in Poppy’s photographs was a needle and a thread, which she remembered as a tattooing technique that Finney used to brand her. That was her biggest clue about the mastermind behind it all.

Season 3, Episode 4: Ending Explained: Does Poppy Find Trini?

Trini is in a paradise of her own with Aubrey, but it all dashes to the ground when she wakes up and sees him getting roughhoused by Trey. Aubrey immediately comes out and asks her to put on a provocative dress and go with them. He claims that this is what she must do to prove that she loves him. Trini wants to go home and says that she can ask her dad for help, but Aubrey keeps insisting that she must do this. At that exact time, Trey comes out, and we can assume that he must have been violent with both of them.

Meanwhile, Poppy gets a call from her dad, who tells her that they have received intel on Aubrey and Trini. They were last seen at a gas station in West Oakland, and Poppy immediately guesses where they might be. She calls Aames, who is investigating the Emily Mills case, and asks him to help with Trini. He and his partner immediately race toward the location and spot Trey trying to escape. However, before they can find and question him, Aames’ partner shoots Trey, claiming that he had pulled a gun. Markus also reaches the location, and he is in despair as Trey is the only person to know Trini’s location, and he is now dead. Poppy does not find Trini in the fourth episode of “Truth be Told” Season 3, but we believe she is getting closer and might find her in the next one.

What To Expect From Episode 5 Of ‘Truth be Told’ Season 3?

We suspect that the officer who shot Trey must be in cahoots with Andrew Finney, who might indeed be the mastermind behind the trafficking operation. If Trini and Aubrey have not been found, it means that they must be with someone else, and looking at the new developments, Trini might be temporarily out of danger, though we believe that she must have figured out that Aubrey is being manipulative. In Episode 4 of “Truth be Told” Season 3, we saw Poppy struggling to accept the new revelations about her mother. In the next one, we might see her trying to cope further with it with the help of her family. “Truth be Told” Season 3 is getting better by the episode, and we are eagerly waiting for the next week to see what happens.

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