‘Truth Be Told’ Season 3, Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Do Poppy And Aames Find Emily Mills?


“Truth be told” Season 3 is going well, with Episode 7 keeping up the pace of the season. There are not a lot of revelations, but this episode is an example of what good investigative work seemingly looks like. Of course, there are moments that are a bit too convenient, but we suppose that dragging them out serves no purpose. At the end of Episode 6, we wondered what it could mean to not be the perfect victim. With Episode 7, we were questioning the extent of our own beliefs and struggling to fathom the scale with which we measure the rights, wrongs, and grays. However, there was one particular moment when Poppy had to make a rather difficult decision, and yet we found that we agreed with her. It just surprised us how different justice can look over time. Let us see why we feel that with Episode 7 of “Truth be told” Season 3.

Spoilers Ahead

Eva’s flashback

Eva tells Poppy how she was not just a girl who worked for Finney; she actively recruited other girls because, at the time, she was brainwashed enough to believe that she was helping them. She figured out where to recruit them on her own, and it was something that needed very little help from Finney. Once, when she was trying to get another girl named Jasmine to join their operation, she was interrupted by Vince, who was the girl’s cousin, and he told Eva to stop doing what she was doing. It was the first time she had seen someone take a stand for the girls, and it opened her eyes to the fact that this was an option for some. Poppy asked Eva whether Finney was involved in anything other than trafficking, and Eva told her that he made it a point to stay away from drugs. Yet, some of her girls still got addicted. One of them overdosed, and that is when Eva was forced to call the police. They took away all the girls, and a few of them were let go since they were underage.

Eva was one of them, and that is when she met her mother after several weeks. Eva tells Poppy that her mother was deported soon enough and was dead within the year, which is when she realized that Finney had only been using her all this time with no intention of helping her. She had left in the early hours, leaving behind everything so that Finney wouldn’t be able to track her. Vince had sent her to live with his family, and she had rebuilt her entire life. Poppy asked her why she never tried to rescue the others, but Eva tells her that she was scared that contacting anyone would pull her back into that life. Despite having full testimony of Eva, Poppy decides not to use it, as the general public would never understand how Eva was still a victim through it all. Eva was a victim, yet she was a perpetrator, as Poppy says for Aubrey.

Why Does Trini Want To Talk To Aubrey?

When Trini has a nightmare, her parents take her to the therapist, where Trini reveals that she wasn’t thinking about the assault but about how Aubrey was doing. This upsets both her parents, but it is going to take time for Trini to wash away all the gaslighting and manipulation. When Rina tries to get her to organize her day, Trini still wants to meet Aubrey, and her excuse for his actions is that ‘hurt people hurt people.’ Trini feels that since her mother gave Markus a second chance, she should do the same with Aubrey. Rina tells her that she got back with Markus after he worked to overcome his addiction, and in their time apart, she had learned to value herself. Rina wanted Trini to do the same, and she agreed. She tells her mother that she wants to go for a run, and Rina is happy that Trini is making an effort to get back into a routine. But unknown to her, Trini makes a plan to meet Conner and asks him to deliver a message to Aubrey.

Poppy And Aames’ Investigation

Detective Sun, the one suspected of being in cahoots with Finney, is arrested, and some of his papers lead Poppy and Aames to Aubrey, who is in juvenile prison. Aubrey tells them that Trey would often threaten him with Sun’s name, saying that they had the police department doing their bidding. Trey had been stressing out Aubrey because since Drea had died, they had been a girl short. Poppy understands that Trini was Drea’s replacement. They go back to the motel and find the tattooing needle and the thread. Some logic and guesswork lead them to understand that Sun might have been more than a corrupt cop; he was possibly actively working with the ring. It had never made sense for Trey to be Drea’s killer; hence, it was possible that Sun was the one to do it. When he is interrogated, he confesses as much, saying that Drea had provoked him, and he had killed her in his anger.

Meanwhile, Shreve asks Lee Hackman to get Finney’s men to back off from his pub, and he gives him his bike in exchange. But he must also deal with some family troubles, as Poppy has come to know from some of Sun’s hidden papers that her father had almost beaten to death a man named Alexander Michael Troy. When she learns that he is her mother’s boyfriend, she asks her father why he did that. Shreve tells her that Poppy’s mother made him promise that her daughter would never meet Alexander, and he had to beat him up when he insisted on taking Poppy away.

Season 3, Episode 7: Ending Explained: Do Poppy And Aames Find Emily Mills?

While Shreve is having trouble with Poppy, Markus is following Billy Ochoa, and he takes a picture of his call records. When he shows that to Poppy, she notes that he had immediately called Finney after the raid in the mixer. The thing is, Poppy and Aames are repeatedly hitting a dead end due to the privacy policy of the Questeur app; therefore, Poppy asks her father to arrange a meeting with Lee Hackman.

Lee Hackman is reluctant at first to divulge the secrets of Questeur, but seeing what is at stake, he gives access to Poppy and Aames. They find that multiple transactions have been made between Finney and Billy Ochoa, which means that he is not just a john but an active member of the ring. Poppy asks him for the records, including that of Marv Lanelle, who is the guy dealing drugs to Emily’s stepfather. Lee agrees to give it all to them in a document that cannot be traced back to Questeur. With enough evidence in hand, Aames takes out a search warrant for Marv’s house, and the moment he enters, he finds drugs and disarray. Marv tries to run, but he is apprehended by the police. However, Aames hears some noises from upstairs, and when he goes there, he finds Emily Mills in a cage. She is finally rescued and can be brought back to her family.

Final Thoughts

Now that Emily Mills has been found, will she be taken away by the child protection services the same way Trini was, or was that just some good old-fashioned racism? Additionally, Poppy’s decision to not use Eva’s interview is bound to have an effect. We are worried about Trini more than anything else, considering her fragile state of mind, where she is still vulnerable enough to be manipulated by anyone. As for Poppy and the others, they are closing in on Finney, and if he has caught wind of this, he is bound to retaliate to protect himself. The future episodes of “Truth be told” will tell us if we are right.

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