‘Tulsa King’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Dwight Find Out Who Was Behind The Shootout?


The third episode of “Tulsa King” shows us how Dwight was trying his level best to build his lost empire bit by bit. The world had changed and there were a lot of new business ideas that Dwight was unaware of, but he kept an open mind, as he wanted to expand his kingdom at all costs. We had seen in the earlier episodes that he had already made a deal on behalf of Bodhi, and slowly he was trying to establish his dominance over the area. But there were a lot of obstacles that the ex-capo still had to cross. There was Armand Truisi, who was feeling threatened by his presence in Tulsa and was waiting for an opportunity to pin him down. So, let’s see how Dwight tries to find his way in the third episode, “Tulsa King,” and if he overcomes all the challenges that life throws at him.

Spoilers Ahead

Dwight Gets Attacked 

Dwight didn’t want to make Tyler a part of his illegal activities, as he knew that it was a one-way street from where one couldn’t exit. But Tyler was adamant about learning the tricks and trade, as he had already decided the kind of future, he wanted for himself. Tyler asked Dwight, quite philosophically, what he saw him doing in the future. Dwight, before giving his views, wanted to know what Tyler had in mind. Tyler expressed his desire that, just like his employer, he also wanted to become a gangster and be something like a capo. Tyler craved that kind of power, and he aspired to be like Dwight someday. Dwight stopped him from thinking about it any further. He told him that it was not the kind of dream he should chase. He told Tyler that it was naive to think like that, and though it might all seem quite glossy and glamorous from the outside, in reality, it was a rotten pit where people put their lives at risk every day. Dwight asked him to think about joining a good college and completing his studies. Dwight went to meet Bodhi when he had another business idea. He saw a guy taking a pop of nitrous oxide and learned it was quite a popular drug among teenagers. Bodhi told Dwight that at the music festival called Ogallala-Land, a pop was sold for almost ten dollars. Dwight quickly did the math, and he realized that it could prove to be a good investment. But ordering tanks of nitrous oxide was not permitted, and he needed somebody who could do so legitimately. Dwight met Mitch and pitched the idea to him because he ran a restaurant because of which he was legally permitted to order the gas. 

The day finally arrived when Dwight had to take his driving test. Paul Cheever, an officer from the department of motor vehicles, came on board to take the test. Paul wouldn’t have imagined, in his wildest dream also, that one day he would be a part of a shootout. Armand Truisi, a.k.a. Manny had been keeping tabs on Dwight for quite some time now. He was scared that Dwight would kill him because of something that had happened in the past. He believed that Dwight had come to Tulsa only to take revenge. Armand attacked Dwight while the latter was giving his driving test. Armand couldn’t kill Dwight, but he was able to keep his identity hidden as he was wearing a mask. Dwight had taken the first four numbers of the car that Armand was driving but couldn’t get a hold of him. The police arrived at the scene and took Dwight into custody. Soon the police officers in charge realized that they were dealing with a history-sheeter, and so they kept Dwight in their custody for interrogation. Stacey Beale heard about the shooting, and she came to meet Dwight at the station. She talked to the officers and told them that Dwight had to be released as he was a part of a bigger investigation. Stacey was still not over Dwight, no matter how much she lied to herself. They had dinner together, and Stacey told Dwight about how she ended up in the ATF in Tulsa. She told him about Edward, her ex-husband, and how she had been stressed out for some time. Stacey ended up in Dwight’s hotel, The Mayo, after the dinner, and they shared some intimate moments, though Stacey said out loud that it was the last time they were doing so. Armand burned his car with all the other evidence inside it. He knew that he couldn’t afford to leave any trail, as it would put his life in jeopardy. He was obviously a bit disappointed that his plan had failed, but he decided to wait patiently until he got another opportunity to kill Dwight.

‘Tulsa King’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Did Dwight Find Out Who Was Behind The Shootout? What Did Stacey Find Out About Edgar Dumont?

At the beginning of the third episode of “Tulsa King,” we saw that ATF had surrounded the house of a felon named Edgar Dumont. Edgar didn’t surrender, and he blew himself up, destroying his entire estate too. Caolan Waltrip, head of the Black Macadam gang, had shown up at the house of Edgar Dumont during the standoff. In a cryptic manner, he told Stacey and other police officers that he had come to witness the event. Caolan Waltrip knew that Edgar was going to commit suicide. It seemed like it was a preplanned thing, and the gang had foreseen the situation. Waltrip and Dumont were cellmates back in the day, and they had started working together since then. Waltrip was involved in major armed robberies, which is why the ATF knew that something big was going to happen in the near future. Among the other recognizable members of Waltrip’s gang were Robbie Trucotte and Carson Pike, his bodyguards, and Rochelle “Roxy” Harrington, the ammunition expert.

Dwight gave Paul approximately ten grand as compensation and asked him to use his sources inside the DMV and get him the location of the car of his attacker. Dwight found the car, and because Armand had closed the window, the fire was extinguished due to a lack of oxygen. Dwight got a torn piece of paper through which he got to know that his attacker had some association with a horse ranch named Fennario. Dwight went there and met the owner, Miss Deveareaoux, who said that there were above 150 people who worked on her ranch, and she had no clue about what they did outside the ranch. Dwight didn’t get any information from her, but he waited outside the ranch in the hope that he would learn something eventually. Dwight saw Armand, and he realized that he had been wrong in thinking that Vince was behind his attack. Dwight didn’t confront Armand, though he followed him to his house and saw him meeting his children. 

What Can We Expect From ‘Tulsa King’ Episode 4?

In the mid-credit scene, we saw that Dwight would confront Armand, though probably he would not kill him. It could be possible that Armand and Dwight will join forces against their common foes. Dwight knew that a lot of money could be made by selling nitrous oxide if he was able to procure the tankers. In the mid-credit scenes, we see that Mitch had arranged for the gas tankers, and Dwight made his way into the relatively unexplored market. Waltrip will be at loggerheads with the ex-capo, as he probably had a monopoly over selling nitro in the region. Even after Dwight had suggested otherwise, Tyler had decided to join the gang. Tyler’s father had been quite worried about him since the day he started working for Dwight. He told him again and again that he would bring his own doom upon himself. But Tyler was least interested in paying any attention to the advice of his old man. It would be interesting to see in the upcoming episodes of “Tulsa King” how Dwight maintains his supremacy over the area in the presence of big guns like Caolan Waltrip, Robbie Trucotte, and Carson Pike.

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