‘Tulsa King’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – Did Dwight Get A Better Deal From Bodhi’s Supplier?


In the first episode of “Tulsa King,” we saw that Dwight Manfredi had been ordered by Pete Invernizzi, the boss of the syndicate, to make Tulsa, Oklahoma, his new base of operations. Dwight had come out of prison after 25 long years. Dwight didn’t want to go to Tulsa, but he was not given much of an option by Pete and his son Chickie. Dwight still respected Pete, even though the latter had no trust in him. Dwight was lucky enough to bump into people like Tyson, whom he could trust and with whom he instantly developed a bond. The FBI had sent a bulletin to the authorities in Tulsa, and Stacy Beale, who was an agent in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), had gotten to know that the “old” man she had met the other day was a high-level mafia capo. So, let’s see what challenges Dwight Manfredi has to face in Tulsa, and if he is able to establish his supremacy in the town or not. 

Spoilers Ahead

Dwight Manfredi Yearns To Reconnect With His Daughter

In the second episode of “Tulsa King,” we saw that Dwight was searching for his daughter Cristina. He searched the public records present online, but the portal asked for his card details to proceed further. Obviously, Dwight didn’t have one. So, he realized that in order to find his daughter, he would have to open a bank account first and get a credit card. But then there was another problem. The bank needed some kind of identification proof, and Dwight’s driving license had expired years ago, in 1998 itself. Though the world had changed, there were a few things that remained constant. There was still corruption in the system, and Dwight knew how to take advantage of it. He bribed the government official, cheated in the written exam and got his driving license, which he used to open a bank account. 

Stacey was quite curious to know more about Dwight. She called her friend to learn more about the ex-felon. Her friend told her that Dwight David Manfredi was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1947 and had been a member of the Cosa Nostra, the crime syndicate run by the Italian Mafia. Stacey got to know that Dwight had killed a man named Richard McLeevy, a.k.a. “Ripple,” and another one in the act of self-defense in prison. Stacey knew that the man she had dumped after knowing his age was no commoner. It was evident from her expressions that she was intrigued by his personality. She also tells her friend that if a man didn’t go against his allies for 25 years, it meant that he had some integrity. There is nothing more attractive than a criminal who has some principles. Stacey didn’t accept the fact, but she was smitten by Dwight. Stacey went to meet Dwight and told him that she was an ATF agent. She told him that if the authorities came after him, she wouldn’t be able to help his cause.

Dwight was still finding it hard to cope with all the technology and advancement that had seeped into every facet of human life. People called it progress, but for Dwight, the world had lost its charm. He felt like an outsider who was still residing in the past. He was strolling in the city when he saw a peculiar circular pavement and stopped to observe it. A homeless woman sitting on the side told him that people considered the pavement to be the center of the universe. She told him that when a man stood in the center and spoke, nobody could hear him. The circle was a symbolic representation of one’s conscience. It was a very metaphysical and spiritual concept that enabled a person to get to know himself, his motivation, and his inner core in a better manner. It was probably the only place in the city that attracted Dwight’s attention, and he knew that he would come back to the center of the universe when he was ready to face the truth, from which he had been running his entire life.

‘Tulsa King’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Did Dwight Get A Better Deal From Bodhi’s Supplier? Did Dwight Find His Daughter? 

Armand Truisi a.k.a Manny was a bookie at the Fennario Ranch, and he had some past conflict with Dwight, which made him believe that the ex-mafia capo had come to Tulsa to kill him. He got to know that Dwight was staying in The Mayo, though he didn’t have the courage to confront or talk to him. It was decided that Dwight would get a commission of 20 percent every week from Bodhi, whose actual name was Lawrence Geigerman. Bodhi was still confused about why he was paying a commission to Dwight. He felt that it was not a fair deal, but he wasn’t aware of what Dwight was capable of doing. Dwight, Bodhi, and Tyson went to talk to Bodhi’s supplier, Jimmy “The Creek.” Jimmy was in no mood for any negotiations. He told them that he charged 1200 dollars a unit for the buds based on a 10-unit order, which according to him, was a fair deal. But Dwight knew how to broker a good deal. Dwight told him that it was not a hidden fact that his supply chain was vertically integrated and that he used a trans-shipment method to transfer his goods. He told him that he was making loads of money from his 500 acres of cultivation and that the price he was charging was too high. He told Jimmy that he would take a total of 300 units, of which the first ten he would take at his price, i.e., 1200 dollars. Dwight said that he would take the next ten units at 1100 dollars and the third batch of 10 units at 1000 dollars. He told Jimmy that he would pay a sum of 750 dollars each, for the remaining 270 units. Jimmy agreed to the deal, and Bodhi realized that his association with Dwight was going to make his business flourish.

Dwight finally got his credit card and got the details of his daughter. He called her, and her husband, Emory, picked up the call. Cristina still held a lot of resentment within her. She was angry with her father and had still not forgiven him. She came on the call because Dwight insisted, but she didn’t talk to him properly. Dwight felt shattered. He knew he was at fault, but he desperately wanted his daughter to give him another chance. Dwight went to the “center of the universe,” where he met that old woman. Dwight confessed that he had stopped seeing her daughter because it was too hard on him. He had always told himself that he was doing it because it was hard on her. But he embraced the bitter truth, maybe for the first time in his life.

Chickie called Dwight to inform him that Vince wanted to take revenge on him. Dwight had punched him in front of everybody, and the capo felt insulted. Vince was a high-ranking member of the Cosa Nostra, and he demanded $100 thousand as a settlement. Chickie told Dwight to give him the money and end the matter once and for all. But probably Dwight had something else on his mind. He was not the kind of man who would bow down so easily. He was not scared of the newbie and expressed the same to Chickie. Probably in the third episode of “Tulsa King,” we would get to know if the matter between Vince and Dwight was resolved or not.

What We Can Expect From ‘Tulsa King’ Episode 3?

In the mid-credits’ scene, we see Dwight bonding with Mitch, the bar owner, and telling him about the perils of an association with a criminal. In the two episodes of Tulsa King, we have come to know one thing: Tyson was quite excited about working with Dwight and was looking forward to learning the tricks of the trade. But Dwight didn’t want to put the life of the young boy in danger. He cared for him, and maybe in the subsequent episodes, he would advise him to find another white-collar job for himself or maybe go to college and complete his studies. We see that somebody had planned an attack on Dwight, as was expected, but since he had a lot of enemies, he isn’t sure who could be behind it. Though Stacey didn’t want to have any sort of association with him, it is quite evident through the mid-credit scenes that she would play a crucial role in the scheme of things. As for his daughter, Cristina, we hope that she would understand his plight and his helplessness and would at least give him another chance. The subsequent episodes of Tulsa King would tell us what destiny had in store for the ex-felon, who had once again turned to his felonious talents for making a living.

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