‘Tulsa King’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Did Dwight’s Daughter Reveal To Him?


In the fifth episode of “Tulsa King,” we see that Dwight gets a chance to meet with his daughter, and he is hopeful that they will come back to talking terms, if not more. Dwight cared for his gang members, but by attacking the base of the Macadam gang, he put their lives in jeopardy. Caolan Waltrip wanted to know who these people were who had dared to sell nitrous in his territory. Dwight’s absence from Tulsa acted as a blessing in disguise for the Macadam gang, and they decided to teach the amateur gang a lesson. What the Macadam gang didn’t know was the fact that the leader of his amateur gang was not somebody who was going to get bogged down so easily.

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What Does Caolan Waltrip Do With Dwight’s Gang?

Waltrip’s ego was severely bruised, and he wanted to destroy Dwight’s gang. Had Dwight been in town, he might have still mitigated the situation to an extent, but in his absence, there was nobody to save Tyson, Bodhi, and the others. Waltrip had contacts in the police force, and he asked them to take action against Tyson. Tyson Mitchell was immediately taken into custody, on flimsy grounds. He knew that the police had nothing to charge him with and that they were just following the orders of Waltrip. His phone and other belongings were taken away from him, and he was coerced into sharing his mobile password. From his contacts, the police got to know that he had been in touch with a man named Bodhi. The police released Tyson, but they mistreated him and didn’t return his belongings. It was very frustrating for Tyson, as on one hand, Dwight wasn’t responding to his calls, and on the other, he was made to feel helpless by the police officers, as he realized that he couldn’t do anything about his unlawful arrest. The policemen found Bodhi, and they took him to the place, from where the biker gang, Macadam, operated. Caolan Waltrip intimidated Bodhi, who told him that he was not working for Dwight Manfredi out of his own free will. The police officers then escorted Bodhi back to Mitch’s cafe, as they wanted to interrogate him as well. Unlike Tyson and Bodhi, Mitch knew how to deal with the law enforcers who were acting “ultra vires.” He didn’t get intimidated by their hollow threats, as he knew that they were just trying to take advantage of people’s ignorance and fear. He shooed them off and then took Bodhi inside his cafe to ask him what had happened to him.

The real problem was that Tyson, Manny, and even Bodhi didn’t have a clue about who they were dealing with. Manny was told by a colleague that Caolan Waltrip was a dangerous man who was capable of killing people. His colleague asked him to Google Waltrip and his Macadam gang. Manny read online that Waltrip had been charged with a triple homicide and that, by some hook or crook, he had been cleared of all the charges. One article also said that Waltrip probably suffered from a God complex. We had seen in earlier episodes of “Tulsa King” that Waltrip was a self-conceited man who became enraged if someone tried to undermine his authority. If the theory of the God Complex is believed to be true, then surely Waltrip was not just going to stop after scarring Dwight’s gang. His intentions must be to destroy them and teach them a lesson so that nobody would dare encroach upon his territory in the future.

‘Tulsa King’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – What Did Dwight’s Daughter Reveal To Him?

In the fifth episode of “Tulsa King,” we saw that Dwight had gone to New York to attend the funeral of his brother, and it was an extremely emotional moment for him as he was seeing his daughter for the first time after he had been released from prison. His daughter had refused to talk to him, and he learned how she was doing from his sister, Joanna. Christina had gotten a degree in horticulture, and she had twins named Cody and Ryan. She had a loving husband, and she was doing quite well for herself in life. Pete Invernizzi was also hospitalized, and Chickie Invernizzi had asked Dwight to come and meet him since he was in town. Dwight met Vince and Nico, too, who were present there with their whole gang. He almost got into a fight with Vince, but Nico and Chickie came in between and asked them to behave.

Dwight had no clue what he should do to mend his relationship with his daughter. He had thought that once he met her in person, he would beg, plead, or do whatever it took to ensure that she forgave him. Dwight called Stacey and asked her what he should do in such a case. She told him that such deep wounds take some time to heal. She advised him to keep at it, and eventually, he would earn her forgiveness. Stacey also wanted Dwight to stay away from the Macadam gang, but at that moment, Dwight didn’t take her advice seriously as there were other things that were going on in his mind. He once again went back to ask for his daughter’s forgiveness. While expressing her anger, Christina accidentally mentioned that Nico “The Package” Bugliosi had probably molested her in Dwight’s absence. Dwight was furious, and before taking any steps, he wanted to hear from Pete himself if he knew about it. He went to the hospital and asked Pete if he knew what Nico had done, but Pete had no clue what he was talking about. Dwight knew where to find Nico, so he directly went there and confronted him in front of Chickie and other gang members. Though Dwight had promised his daughter that he wouldn’t raise a finger, he killed Nico right there in a fit of rage.

Dwight was not somebody who was going to get scared because of Waltrip’s dangerous reputation. He had spent 25 years in prison and had met all sorts of hardened criminals during that time. The murder of Nico forced Chickie to reassess his arrangement with Dwight. Chickie would have realized that in the near future, Dwight might become his greatest adversary, and that is why he wanted to do something about it before the ex-capo gained the upper hand. In the upcoming episodes of “Tulsa King,” we will get to know how Dwight retaliates and deals with the Macadam gang and whether Chickie plans to go against him or not.

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