‘Tulsa King’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Was Dwight Able To Reconcile With Caolan Waltrip?


Created by Taylor Sheridan and Terence Winter, “Tulsa King,” in its first five episodes established clearly that, though Dwight is an ex-felon, he has certain principles that make him a man of high stature, one who keeps his promises and who doesn’t resort to treacherous means and methods like his other contemporaries. Dwight had killed Nico Bugliosi in the fifth episode of “Tulsa King,” and Chickie wasn’t too pleased about it. The issue with Caolan Waltrip was still not resolved, and the Macadam gang was waiting for the opportunity to annihilate Dwight completely. So, let’s see what challenges Dwight has to face in the sixth episode of “Tulsa King” and if he is able to overcome them successfully.

Spoilers Ahead

Chickie Wants To Teach Dwight A Lesson

Roxy, who worked for the Macadam gang, was an informant for the ATF, and nobody had a clue about it. Roxy met Stacy Beale and Doug Hendricks to give them information about the prohibited weapons the Macadam gang had in their possession, but instead, she ended up telling them about Dwight Manfredi. Stacy tried her level best to cut her in between and not let her reveal any information about Dwight in front of Doug. But obviously, it had caught Doug’s attention, and he wanted to know everything about it. Though Roxy gave very basic information, it was enough for Doug to realize that the FBI had also informed the ATF about Dwight a few days earlier. Doug decided to inform the FBI about Manfredi’s presence in Tulsa. Stacy tried to dissuade him from doing so and told him that there was a chance that if the FBI came, they would take credit for all the hard work that ATF had been doing for the past few months. Dough didn’t fall for her bluff and informed the FBI. Stacy had fallen for the ex-mob capo, and she wanted to save him at all costs. She went and told Dwight that he needed to stop whatever he was doing. The FBI and the other authorities had gotten a whiff of what had transpired in New York. Though Chickie had cleared the murder scene with great precaution, the news had spread that a man named Nico had been killed in cold blood. Dwight, even after getting to know the kind of swamp he was standing in, didn’t show any intention of backing off and staying low till the time the dust had settled.

Meanwhile, in New York, Chickie wanted to teach Dwight a lesson. He told his father, Pete Invernizi, that if Dwight wasn’t controlled, he could turn into their greatest adversary. Pete shared a very long association with Dwight, and the two came from an era where, though they did bad things, they still stood by their promises and didn’t compromise on their honor at any cost. Pete made it very clear that hurting Dwight’s daughter, Tina, was off-limits. He had warned Chickie that if he even thought about doing such a dishonorable act, he would have to face the wrath of his own father. Chickie was itching to teach Dwight a lesson, and he felt frustrated when his father told him not to act. Dwight had called Goodie Carangi, a consigliere, and asked him to come to Tulsa to discuss matters face-to-face. Pete thought that it was a good idea to do that and resolve the issue once and for all. Chickie tried to create some baseless doubts in his father’s mind, but Pete knew the kind of man that Dwight was, more than anybody else. He knew that if Dwight was calling Goodie to meet him, he wouldn’t harm him in any way. But still, Chickie went ahead and assaulted Tina’s husband, crossing the line that his father had asked him not to.

‘Tulsa King’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Was Dwight Able To Reconcile With Caolan Waltrip? Did The FBI Take Bodhi’s Money?

Tina was not happy with her father, and she feared that Chickie and his men would come after her family. Dwight, on the other hand, categorized his actions as justifiable vengeance. He accepted in front of Tina that he hadn’t been there for his family when it mattered the most and that he had wasted 25 years of his life. Dwight was a pragmatic man, and he knew that no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn’t go back in time and change things. He asked Tina to give him a call, in case she received any threats from anybody. Back in Tulsa, the FBI, led by agent Oscar Ruiz, raided Bodhi’s weed store. They also took Bodhi into their custody and asked him questions about Dwight Manfredi and the kind of relationship he had with the ex-felon. Bodhi didn’t give them any information and told them that Dwight was his business partner. Bodhi was feeling devastated, as he thought that the FBI would have taken all the money that was kept inside his store. It was a huge amount of money, and Bodhi knew that without any capital, he would have to start from scratch. Bodhi had forgotten that he was with a man who was always a step ahead of others. Dwight had anticipated that the FBI might conduct a raid, and that is why he shifted all the money to Mitch’s bar. Bodhi, until that moment, always harbored a bitter feeling for Dwight, but seeing his astuteness, his perspective also started to change. Dwight proved yet again that he was not the kind of man who left his own people bleeding on the battlefield.

He finally met with Caolan Waltrip, but the meeting didn’t go as Mitch, Roxy, and others would have wanted it to. Stacy had asked Dwight to help the ATF and lay a trap for the Macadam gang, as it would do two things: give ATF an opportunity to catch the hardened criminal red-handed and make the field clear for Dwight to carry on with his business without any unnecessary trouble. But as we said earlier, the Cosa Nostra didn’t call themselves “men of honor” without reason. The offer was quite lucrative, but Dwight turned it down and told Stacy that it was against his principles. Waltrip told Dwight that it was his territory, and it was not right on his part to lay hands on it without even consulting with him once. He told Dwight that he had a monopoly on selling nitrous, and nobody else had the right to do so. Dwight told Caolan Waltrip that he was not a native American to say that it was his territory. Caolan had also come from somewhere else and established his base in Tulsa, and Dwight was trying to do exactly the same. Dwight told him in clear words that he was not going to accept his terms, and he left the scene.

Towards the end of the sixth episode of “Tulsa King,” we saw that Dwight was having a conversation with Mitch about making him his partner so that they could get his bar renovated. Dwight tells Mitch that he knows a thing or two about the restaurant business, as he owned a bar in the 80s. Just then, somebody started firing from the outside, and Dwight asked Mitch to bring his gun immediately. The attacker was Carson Pike, the Macadam Gang’s trusted member, who was sent by Caolan Waltrip to teach Dwight a lesson. Dwight and Mitch killed Carson and decided that they would team up and run the bar together. In the upcoming episodes of “Tulsa King,” we will see how Dwight reacts when he learns about Tina’s husband being attacked by Chickie. From the FBI to Caolan Waltrip, Dwight Manfredi was surrounded by danger on all sides. It would be interesting to see how he tackles all these problems and what else he gets to witness on his perilous journey.

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