‘Tulsa King’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained – Why Did Chickie Hate His Father? What Happened To Pete?


Let’s just accept the fact that the narrative of “Tulsa King” is not something that we haven’t seen before, but the performance of Sylvester Stallone as Dwight Manfredi is so immaculate that it elevates the entire series and makes it totally worth watching. In the previous episodes of “Tulsa King,” we had seen that Dwight had killed Nico when he got to know what he had done to his daughter. Tina knew that her father’s actions would have repercussions, though Dwight had told her that there was nothing to worry about. Emory, Tina’s husband, had been assaulted by Chickie, and Tina’s worst fears had come true. She was constantly getting blank calls from an anonymous caller which was making her really paranoid. She knew what these people were capable of, and that is why she was worried about the safety of her family. Chickie wanted to take revenge from Dwight, but his father, Pete Invernizzi, didn’t allow him to do so. Pete and Dwight had a lot of mutual respect and admiration for each other. Pete knew that what Nico had done with Dwight’s daughter was totally unjustified. Though Chickie’s ego was bruised when his own father insulted him in front of everybody, he gulped down the bitter pill in the hope that one day, the scales would tip in his favor.

Back in Tulsa, Dwight had refused to have any sort of agreement with Caolan Waltrip and had told him upfront that he was going to do whatever he felt like. Waltrip might have been a hardened criminal, but even Dwight was an ex-capo, and he wasn’t scared or intimidated by the leader of the Macadam gang. Towards the end of the sixth episode of “Tulsa King,” we saw that Dwight and Mitch killed Carson Pike, and the moment they did that, they realized that Waltrip was going to retaliate with full force. So, let’s witness the events that took place in the seventh episode of “Tulsa King” and how they impacted Dwight and the others associated with him.

Spoilers Ahead

Roxy’s Cover Is Blown

Dwight and Mitch buried Carson Pike’s body and destroyed all the evidence that could incriminate them. Dwight didn’t hide the fact that he had killed Carson Pike, and he sent his jacket to Waltrip as if to mock him that his plans to kill Dwight had failed. The news of Pike’s death completely shattered Roxy, and she called Stacy to confide in her. She asked Stacy if there was any possibility that Pike had survived because she was just not ready to accept the fact that her partner had died. Stacy asked Roxy to meet her and tell her the entire thing. Stacy knew that Dwight was behind it, but she still wanted to confront him and ask him herself. Stacy wanted Roxy to find some incriminating evidence that could put Caolan Waltrip behind bars. Roxy said that Waltrip had a secret account that he used to access through his laptop. She asked her to once again go back to the Macadam gang’s den and get the information that was on Waltrip’s laptop. Roxy was hesitant at first, but she agreed to take the risk and get the evidence that Stacy needed.

Roxy had made a deal with ATF, according to which she had to keep feeding the agency with valuable intel if she wanted to stay out of prison. Roxy was caught red-handed by Waltrip while she was browsing through his files on his laptop. She knew that she had signed her own doom, and there was no going back now. She was terrified, and she told Waltrip that she was ready to do anything he asked of her. Roxy told him that she had been working as an informant for the ATF and begged him to give her one last chance to prove herself. Had it been anything else, Waltrip would have given it a second thought, but betrayal was not pardonable in the mafia world. Stacy was waiting for Roxy, as they had decided to meet at the diner. She called Roxy, and when she heard Waltrip’s voice on the other end, she knew that her cover was blown. Waltrip had probably killed Roxy and, by the looks of it, had already planned what his next move would be.

‘Tulsa King’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Why Did Chickie Hate His Father? What Happened To Pete Invernizzi?

Dwight had asked Tina to move to Tulsa and stay there till the dust settled. Though Tina had told him that she was not inclined to do that, she knew that the only place where her family could be relatively safe was Oklahoma. She told her husband that she was thinking about relocating to Tulsa. Emory didn’t have any clue about what these people were capable of, and that is why he felt that it was quite absurd for Tina to ask him such a thing. Emory worked on Wall Street, and he told Tina that if he moved to Oklahoma, he would have to give up his career. She didn’t know what to do and realized that she was going to have a very hard time making Emory understand why she wanted to move near her father. For years, Emory had only heard how much Tina hated her father, and he was not able to grasp what had happened overnight, which brought about a complete change in her priorities.

Goodie Carangi had reached Tulsa, and he was surprised to see Armand working for Dwight. Pete had asked Goodie to give him intel about Dwight and what he was up to. He was basically interested in knowing how much revenue his ex-capo was making in Tulsa. Goodie got an idea of the status quo and informed Pete that Dwight was doing quite well for himself. He also told Pete that Dwight had given his pinky ring to Tyson, and that really caught Pete’s attention. That pinky ring symbolizes that the person wearing it had sworn his allegiance to the mob. By giving his ring to Tyson, Dwight had intentionally or unintentionally made a statement that he was no longer part of the clan.

Chickie had a lot of complaints from his father. He never desired to be a part of the mafia world. He had always wanted a normal life for himself. He wanted to complete his education and join the army, but his father used his education funds for his own purposes. Pete, on the other hand, always thought that Chickie took things for granted, and he didn’t respect the fact that he was going to be the head of the family and lead the mafia ring in the years to come. Pete wanted Chickie to be like Dwight, and that was one thing that made Chickie really furious. He always felt that his father was biased towards Dwight, and no matter what he did, it was never sufficient. Chickie had reached a point where he knew that until and unless his father was dead, he wouldn’t be able to do things his way. Chickie killed his father by drowning him in the bathtub and told everybody that his old man had gotten a heart attack.

In the seventh episode of “Tulsa King,” we witnessed that the landscape of the mafia world was in a state of flux. Bodhi had told Dwight that he used to steal Bitcoins from the digital wallets of people. He had secured a huge amount of money by doing that over a period of time. It could have been possible that he had stolen from Waltrip’s account also, which would probably have grave consequences in the future. After killing his own father, Chickie’s next target was Dwight Manfredi, as he had a vendetta against him. Dwight was standing on precarious ground. Caolan Waltrip was all set to wage a gang war, and after Carson Pike’s death, even the ATF was behind him. It was just a matter of time before Chickie also came after him, all guns blazing. Dwight knew that he had to look after his family and also his gang members, whom he referred to as his kids. It would be interesting to see what game plan Dwight comes up with in the upcoming episodes and if he is able to stand his ground or not.

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