‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episode 11 & 12: Ending And Recap – Is Hee Do Falling In Love With Yi Jin?


Yi Jin confessed to Hee Do that he is in love with her in episode 10 of “Twenty Five Twenty One.” Hee Do was not sure if she felt the same for Yi Jin and told him so. Yi Jin has now been promoted from a trainee journalist to an official sports journalist. Hee Do and her friends are slowly reaching the end of high school and have started thinking about their future. Episodes 11 & 12 of “Twenty Five Twenty One” depict the beginning of the change in the lives of Yi Jin, Hee Do, and her friends. 

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Will Hee Do Forgive Her Mother?

The beach trip has strengthened the bond between Yi Jin and the high schoolers. Yu Rim and Hee Do have found their real friends, and Ji Woong has started treating Yi Jin as his older brother. However, the vacation is now over, and it’s time to return to school again. Yu Rim and Hee Do have been practicing, as usual. Seung Wan has been studying, and Ji Woong has been planning how to propose to Yu Rim. Seung Wan is getting tired of studying because she has started feeling that it is meaningless. Yu Rim and Hee Do also express that they also feel like running out of school while doing sprints.

Yi Jin is taking Hee Do out on a dinner date for the first time. Hee Do has been waiting for Yi Jin outside the restaurant because she is too shy to go inside alone. Yi Jin has reserved them a table in an expensive restaurant that he used to visit with his family. He doesn’t have his family around him right now, but he has Hee Do. Taking her to a restaurant that is a special part of his life shows how important Hee Do is to Yi Jin. It truly feels like a thing done out of love. Instead of wearing high-end clothes, Yi Jin is in his office wear, and Hee Do is in her school uniform. For them, each other’s presence is just enough. They are too engaged in each other’s presence to even notice the clothes. They eat a lot of food and have deep conversations. What else would one want?

Hee Do has been waiting for her mom because she promised her that they would go and get her father’s handmade chairs fixed. Her mom texts her that she is getting off work but does not come back until late at night. She had to do an emergency news flash, but now an angry Hee Do is waiting at home for her. Hee Do shouts at her mom, saying that she is trying to eradicate the memories of her father and behaving as if he never existed. Hee Do believes so ever since the day of her father’s funeral, which her mother did not attend. However, Hee Do does not know the truth.

When Hee Do couldn’t find the chairs at home, she thought that her mom had thrown them away. The chairs were the last memories of her father. She cries out of despair, but Yi Jin comes and comforts her. Hee Do is not the one to sit back and watch. She asks a carpenter to teach her how to make chairs and, surprisingly, finds her dad’s chairs at his workshop. Her mom had given them to the carpenter for repair. A few days later, on her father’s death anniversary, Hee Do sees the side of her mom that she had kept hidden from him. Hee Do’s mom cries in front of her husband’s grave, and that is the first time Hee Do sees her mom cry. She tells Hee Do that she misses her husband every day, but she has to bear it because she doesn’t want it to affect her. On the day of his funeral, she was on the edge of losing her job. She had to prove that she was worthy of her job because she now had to raise Hee Do on her own. Hee Do understands her mom, and after years of resentment, she is finally able to forgive her.

Why Does Seung Wan Drop Out Of School?

A new trend has arisen among the youngsters in Korea. A t-shirt worn by a fugitive has become famous among young men. Ji Woong never fails to hop on the new trends. He buys the trendy t-shirt and wears it under his school uniform. While he is showing off the t-shirt, a teacher catches him and starts hitting him until Seung Wan comes and stops him. By then, Ji Woong had already started bleeding. Seung Wan has always been a model student, but not anymore. She stands up against the violence of her teacher, and when her teacher challenges her to call the police, she calls the police and reports him.

Seung Wan is young and fierce, and she has no idea what she has gotten herself into. She thought calling the police would solve the problem, but the police sided with the teacher and made a joke about Seung Wan. Upset over the injustice, Seung Wan exposes her teacher and the school on her private radio show, Wanseung. The teacher asks her to write an apology letter stating she was wrong and her teacher was right and read it in front of the entire school. Not doing so will cause her to be expelled from school. She refuses to do so and announces she would rather quit school. Seung Wan’s mom supports her and helps her leave school respectfully.

Hee Do is in Daegu supporting her fencing team for the tournament. Yi Jin was also there to cover the event. Before the tournament, they decide to meet and go on a date again. Their dates have been increasing day by day. This time, it is a comfortable and cozy local restaurant. However, they had to leave the restaurant early because Hee Do got into an argument with the old, drunken men. They walk towards Hee Do’s hotel under one umbrella while Hee Do complains about those old men. Yi Jin has been listening to her diligently.

Only after she is done nagging, does Hee Do realize how close she is to Yi Jin and gets flustered. When they reach the hotel, Hee Do makes an excuse and walks with Yi Jin to the grocery store under the umbrella, even though it has stopped raining. Hee Do had said that she did not have deep feelings for Yi Jin, but that was changing. She does not want to leave his side, and she is happy to spend time with him. Hee Do is falling in love with Yi Jin.

‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episode 12: Ending – The New Beginnings

Seung Wan was a top student, and everyone believed that she would get into a top university. She has quit school and does not know what she is going to do next. She always thought that life was boring. She is intelligent, but as she grew up, she started to lose interest in studying. She found the world, which, for her, was her school, unfair and unjust. However, she has left this world now. She has embarked on a new journey with no destination in sight yet. Hee Do and Ji Woong are going to give the CSAT as they plan to study in college. Yu Rim is planning to join a professional fencing team as she needs to make money to support her family.

The year 1999 is coming to an end, and the world is getting ready to welcome the new millennium. Hee Do and friends have barged into Yi Jin’s room to celebrate the new millennium, but they start leaving one by one after hearing the rumors about the world coming to an end. They want to spend their final moments with their families. Hee Do stays back as her mom is not home. She turns on the TV to reduce the awkwardness between her and Yi Jin. Yi Jin asks Hee Do what she wants to do before this millennium ends, and as the TV host counts down to the new millennium, Hee Do kisses Yi Jin. Without a word, Hee Do confesses her love for Yi Jin as they enter the new millennium. Will the new millennium finally make things official between Yi Jin and Hee Do? The next episodes of “Twenty Five Twenty One” will shed light on their relationship further.

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