‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episode 13 & 14: Recap And Ending – Why Does Yu Rim Change Her Nationality?


In the previous episode of “Twenty Five Twenty One,” Hee Do kissed Yi Jin on the midnight of the new millennium 2000. Seung Wan dropped out of high school, Hee Do and Ji Woong took the CSAT for college, and Yu Rim is joining a professional fencing team after graduation. Everyone is both excited and nervous about the future. Ji Woong and Yu Rim have started dating. When Yi Jin and Hee Do confess their love for each other, where will their relationship go further? Let’s find out.

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Why Did Yi Jin Refuse To Date Hee Do?

Yi Jin was stunned when Hee Do kissed him in Episode 12 of “Twenty Five Twenty One.” Yi Jin had confessed his love for Hee Do, but it turns out he isn’t sure if he wants to pursue romantic love or platonic love. He cares about Hee Do’s well-being and is ready to fight the world for her. In his eyes, Hee Do is still an innocent person whom he adores. Hee Do is disappointed and upset. She regrets kissing Yi Jin. Now, she fears that their relationship won’t be the same. She is scared of losing Yi Jin and their friendship because of a kiss. Hee Do is unable to focus on her game when a tournament is coming up. Her friends have noticed that something is going on between Yi Jin and Hee Do, and they try to trick her into revealing that she has kissed Yi Jin, but Hee Do holds her ground. Her friends are still suspicious of her.

Things have been awkward between Yi Jin and Hee Do since their kiss. They have been avoiding each other and have no idea what has been going on in each other’s lives. At the news station, Yi Jin meets Hee Do’s coach and they go out for a drink. He asks a question that he had been curious about for a long time. Hee Do’s mom and coach seemed to know each other very well, but they also didn’t look very close to each other. The coach and Hee Do’s mom first met when the coach had won her first medal and Hee Do’s mom was a new reporter. As they were both young and new in their respective fields, their friendship grew over the years. However, Hee Do’s mom’s profession came between them and their friendship of many years. She had to report on a controversial topic about the coach in which the coach was innocent. This marked the end of their close relationship. The coach asks Yi Jin what he will do if this ever happens to him and it involves Hee Do.

Coach’s story and her question to Yi Jin make him worried. His seniors have told him many times to keep a distance between him and the subject. He is already close to Hee Do, his main subject, and now Hee Do wants to take it further. She waits for him outside his room every night to persuade him. Yi Jin has been drinking every night to forget about his worries. On one such night, he drunk calls Ji Woong, mistaking him for Hee Do, and confesses that his heart also wavers for her, but he doesn’t know what to do. Ji Woong kept Yi Jin’s secret, but now he knows what is going on between Hee Do and Yi Jin. Yi Jin gets scolded by his boss for bringing emotions into their reporting when he reports the win of Hee Do and Yu Rim. On that snowy night, Hee Do waits for him as usual, but instead of ignoring her, Yi Jin kisses Hee Do and chooses to let his heart waver because he cannot bear the pain of keeping his feelings inside.

Will Yi Jin’s Greatest Fear Come True?

Hee Do has her own group of friends now, and they are with each other through thick and thin. She announces her relationship with Yi Jin to her friends as they arrive together, hands interlocked. Yu Rim thinks Hee Do is too good for Yi Jin, and Ji Woong thinks Yi Jin is too good for Hee Do. All of them are now legally allowed to drink, and they raise a toast to the only single person in their group, Seung Wan. Everyone seems happy, and the moment looks perfect. Ji Woong and Yu Rim ride a bus back home, and Ji Woong promises Yu Rim that he will love her more than her dad. While they make lovely promises to each other, Yu Rim’s father has gotten into an accident that is going to change Yu Rim’s life forever.

Yu Rim’s father got into an accident with a car. Though he only injured one of his arms, the other person involved has severe injuries and is hospitalized. Yu Rim’s father has promised to pay for medical bills, but the victim’s family threatens to put him behind bars. Yu Rim’s family is already in loads of debt, and they are not able to get more money for the victim’s treatment. Yu Rim has to stand up for her family now to take them out of this misery. She tells her coach that she can’t join the professional team because she needs more money. The coach helps her find the best solution for her situation, but that means Yu Rim has to make a big sacrifice. Russia offers Yu Rim permanent residence, a large salary, plus living benefits, and in exchange, she has to represent Russia in fencing.

Yi Jin finds out about Yu Rim’s contract through the professional team she was supposed to join. He digs more into it and finds out the entire truth. As a reporter, he has to report this exclusive news to the viewers. However, before doing so, he visits Yu Rim to ask about her well-being. Yu Rim has already got the idea of what is going to happen next. On TV, Yi Jin presents exclusive news about Yu Rim changing her nationality for money. This creates controversy around Yu Rim, and a hateful wave spreads in Korea against her. Reporters have been trying to get a statement from Yu Rim, but she has been trying to avoid them in every way possible. Hee Do has been a great help to Yu Rim as she has gone through this phase of public backlash before. Yi Jin feared that he would hurt Hee Do one day because of his profession. He never considered Yu Rim, who is also a subject close to him, getting hurt by him, but he ended up doing so.

‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episode 14: Ending – The Unpredictability Of Life

Yu Rim was a star fencer in Korea, but unlike Hee Do, fencing has always been a means of making money for her. In her own words, she has sold herself as a fencer to another country for money. People may call her a traitor, but she has done what anyone would do for their family. Her family was initially against her, but she asked them to respect her decision. Her friends support her decision as well. Life was already difficult for Yu Rim, but her destiny didn’t stop testing her. Ji Woong, her boyfriend is deeply hurt by the news but he shows unwavering support to Yu Rim. Immature Ji Woong immediately takes up a part-time job so that he can meet Yu Rim in Russia. Yu Rim does not want Ji Woong to be a part of her misery and suggests they break up, but Ji Woong denies it. Not many days ago, he promised Yu Rim he would love her more than her dad, and he is keeping his word.

Yi Jin considered himself lucky to get a job with his high school diploma when he needed it the most. However, he did not know its consequences back then. He did not know he was going to lose some of his closest friends because of his job. He has stopped hanging out with Hee Do and her friends. He couldn’t wave a final goodbye to Yu Rim. He is in pain, and his fear of hurting Hee Do has only increased because of this incident. However, in the future, Hee Do’s daughter finds out that her mom and Yi Jin were never involved in such a controversy. Instead, Yi Jin is seen congratulating Hee Do on her wedding on live television. Will the beautiful relationship between Yi Jin and Hee Do end miserably because of Yu Rim’s incident? Let’s find out in the final episodes of “Twenty Five Twenty One.”

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