‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending – How Does Hee Do & Yi Jin Meet Again?


The previous episodes of “Twenty Five Twenty One,” followed Na Hee Do as she entered the national team qualifiers, and commenced a rigorous training for it. While Hee Do keeps on getting what she wants, Baek Yi Jin still hasn’t been able to get a job. However, he still has hope, and his hope comes from Hee Do, who faces difficult situations with a smile on her face. Life is unpredictable and more so for Yi Jin as his family’s past keeps on surprising him and making him take difficult decisions.

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Why Does Yi Jin Disappear From Seoul?

In episode 5 of “Twenty Five Twenty One,” Yi Jin accompanies Hee Do from school to home at night. She had prepared her best for the qualifiers the next day. All this time, Yi Jin has been her constant support. He believes in her even when her mom doesn’t believe in her. She gives him one of his swords as a token of gratitude. Her mom has been waiting for her at home and gets angry when she sees him with Yi Jin. She scolds her for going out with a boy late at night instead of training. Hee Do retorts that she was training all day because she has an important tournament tomorrow. If Hee Do hadn’t told her, her mom would never have known. That’s how much miscommunication they have between them.

Hee Do wins every match and reaches the final match of the qualifier. She is competing with a very senior player who knows how to play tactics to distract the opponent. Hee Do falls for it first, but after the coach tells her to not get flustered, she easily beats her opponent and wins the competition. Hee Do and the coach are extremely happy, but Yu Rim, who is also watching the match with her teammates, seems not happy about it. Hee Do will be on her team from now on, and it is bothering her. Before going out to celebrate with her coach, Hee Do tries to call Yi Jin to give him the good news, but he does not pick up the call.

When Hee Do comes back to her hometown, she goes straight to visit Yi Jin in the bookstore. When the owner tells her that Yi Jin quit the job in a hurry, she goes to his house, but he is not there either. Hee Do cannot believe that Yi Jin has actually left without telling anyone and came back home disappointed. She finds the fencing sword that she gifted to Yi Jin hanging at the gate. Its handle is colored blue, as Hee Do wanted when she became a national team member, and it has “National Team Member Na Hee Do” handwritten on it. This only confirms that Yi Jin has actually left.

It was not new for Yi Jin to find his father’s creditors always looking for him, but this time, they had reached Yi Hyun, his younger brother, who is still a minor. The creditors find Yi Hyun outside his middle school and start harassing him. It turns out, there was a fake company under Yi Hyun’s name, and this could cause problems for Yi Hyun. To keep Yi Hyun away from any trouble, Yi Jin and Yi Hyun leave Seoul to go to Pohang, where their mother is living with her brother. They throw away their pagers and stop communicating with anyone in Seoul. Yu Rim doesn’t like Hee Do but shares Yi Jin’s pager number with her in case he contacts her. Hee Do sends him a message but never receives a response. However, she believes that Yi Jin made the right decision and that they will meet again when things are easier for Yi Jin.

Is Yu Rim Feeling Threatened By Hee Do?

Hee Do has joined the national team and has been giving good performances consistently. She won a bronze medal at the fencing championship and started getting recognition as Korea’s rising fencing star. Hee Do’s hard work has just begun to bear its fruits. She is performing better than her teammates, even in practice. She has defeated Yu Rim most of the time as well. Yu Rim has to hear from her coach because of that, which makes her resent Hee Do more than before. Yu Rim is a national fencing star, but her fame, status, and position are at stake now because of Hee Do.

Moreover, she is being pressured by her coach constantly to perform better than Hee Do. Hee Do and Yu Rim share a room and get into a fight when Yu Rim says to Hee Do that she should have just stayed her fan instead of becoming a player. Yu Rim thinks that Hee Do has made her life difficult, but what she won’t admit is that she sees Hee Do as competition now.

Months pass by, and Hee Do’s performance qualifies her for the Asian Games. The entire country is rooting for Yu Rim but is also eager to see if their rising star, Hee Do, can live up to expectations. However, Hee Do is not stressed about it; she just wants to enjoy playing. It is the first time for Hee Do to play at such a high level, but she is more excited than anxious. Her national team coach is supporting Yu Rim more than her, and she is aware of it. This doesn’t bother Hee Do because she believes in herself and has worked hard to get to this level. She has gotten to where she is after many failures. She is not going to let anyone take it away from her. She is aiming for a gold medal and is determined to win it.

Baek Yi Jin has been working for his uncle in Pohang, but he knows he can do better. The situation has evolved to the point where a once-serious student is now selling fish in the market. He has started smoking and listening to the same voice message by Hee Do over and over again. She says in the message that she trusts his decision and hopes that life will get less difficult for him soon. Finally, he goes back to Seoul and passes the exam for journalism. He became the first high school graduate to join the UBS news station as a journalist. He had promised Hee Do that he would meet her before the new edition of her favorite comic, Full House, was released. It has already been released, but he hasn’t been able to meet her.

While covering a public protest, Yi Jin sees Hee Do, and he follows her, shouting her name. They are overjoyed to find each other again. They have a brief talk over lunch and promise to meet each other again. The Asian Games are being held in Gyeongju, and Yi Jin has gotten a chance to cover fencing, much to his liking. However, he hasn’t met Yu Rim yet and has to face her and Hee Do’s rivalry as well. Both Yu Rim and Hee Do are competing, and Yi Jin is going to be stuck between the two of them, but he has to handle this as a reporter and not their friend.

‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episode 6: Ending – Destined To Meet

Hee Do and Yi Jin were each other’s biggest supporters when they were together. After Yi Jin leaves and Hee Do has to go live with the national team, she takes his audio recordings from her school’s broadcasting club. Whenever she feels down, she listens to him speak. Likewise, Yi Jin also keeps track of Hee Do’s progress in fencing. Every time he sees or hears her name, he gets inspired to do better. Hee Do had said in her voice message that she would keep inspiring him no matter how far apart they were, and she is keeping the promise by winning.

Hee Do reaches the final of the fencing tournament at the Asian Games, and she is up against Yu Rim. A few hours before the match, she finds out that her fencing bag has been exchanged with another player who has already left the location. With no one to support her, Hee Do contacts the player and goes by herself to get her kit back. However, her return train was delayed due to the rain. She is scared that she will fail again when she is so close to achieving her dream. Yi Jin comes to her rescue and makes sure to get her to the destination on time.

If it wasn’t for Yi Jin, Hee Do would not have made it on time and would have been disqualified. She would have lost her chance to prove herself. Hee Do wonders who would have helped her if she had never known or met Yi Jin. To which Yi Jin replies that they would have met somehow and that he would have helped her in some way. He believes that it is written in their destiny to meet each other. They are destined to be there for each other whenever needed. Hee Do and Yi Jin met when they needed support in their lives. They found each other and inspired each other to do better. It didn’t matter if they were together or far away; they kept on supporting each other, and destiny made them meet again.

Yu Rim and Hee Do have an important match coming up. It is Hee Do’s dream to become Yu Rim’s rival by winning the gold medal, and it is important for Yu Rim to win the gold if she wants to keep her position as the best fencing player in Korea. Her reputation is at stake. In the upcoming episodes of “Twenty Five Twenty One,” we will find out who takes home the gold medal and whether Hee Do’s dream is fulfilled or crushed.

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“Twenty Five Twenty One” Episodes 5 & 6 are streaming on Netflix.

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