‘Two by Two: Overboard!’ Review – Unity is Strength!

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Two by Two: Overboard, directed by Sean McCormack and Toby Genkel, is an animated adventure-comedy film and is the sequel of Two by Two (animated film). The story revolves around animals who are stuck in an ark, searching for land. After fleeing from the land because of the floods in the first part, the animals are still stuck on the ark.

Aboard Noah’s ark, which is stuck in the sea for a long time, are all kinds of animals from lions, bears, tigers to monkeys and pigs. They are sailing in search of land. Among the animals is a big, fluffy, colored creature called Nestrian, known by the name Dave. Dave is the head chef on the ark, and together with Hazel, a grymp, prepares  food for the animal kingdom on the ark. But now they are running out of food and unable to assuage their hunger with the leftover food. 

Apart from this, Dave and Hazel struggle to raise their offspring, a timid boy Nestrian, Finny, and a bold girl grymp, Leah. Finny and Leah fall off the ark and end up discovering an island, but they get separated and Finny ends up among a family of Nestrian under the water. The island is led by a battle-worn matriarch, Patch. Even after a lot of convincing, Patch is adamant about bringing ark residents to the island for the safety of fellow Nestrian. In addition to this, the island is sitting on an erupting volcano which can blow anytime and destroy the whole island. 

Will Dave and Hazel ever find their children and who will save the island from the volcano? Find all the answers today. Watch Two by Two: Overboard. 

Max Carolan has given his voice to Finny while Leah is performed by Ava Connolly. Both of the actors have done a wonderful job in bringing out the respective characters to life. Other casts include Dermot Magennis as Dave, Tara Flynn as Hazel, and Mary Murray as Patch. 

Two by Two: Overboard! (animated film) conveys the message of diversity, teamwork, and acceptance. All types of species, herbivores, and carnivores stay peacefully in the ark, united in their common search of land. The new unique creatures given by the directors, the Nestrian are adorable. They have a creative talent to build beautiful buildings and manage tough situations as Dave can be seen managing the food requirements of everyone on the ark. 

Two by Two: Overboard! (titled Ooops! The Adventure Continues) is a 2020 animated film available for Video on Demand.

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